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Thread: So what did Sony change about the PS1 emulator in 6.00?

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    Question So what did Sony change about the PS1 emulator in 6.00?

    According to the Wikipedia article on PSP System Software....

    6.00 September 10, 2009

    * New colors have been added to the XMB.
    * A security patch has been added.
    * Under [System Update], you can now choose how to update the system software.
    * Games can now be grouped and displayed in folders based on their expire date under [Game].
    * Group Content under the following new folders: With Expire Date, Expired, and Without Expire Date.
    * The battery icon now animates differently while charging.
    * The PS1 emulator has been updated.
    * When highlighting a background under [Theme Settings] in [Background], the PSP automatically changes the background for a preview
    * Required version to run:
    o Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Demo
    o Gran Turismo
    o Invizimals
    I've tried googling around for more info on this but I couldn't find a sausage. It's almost as if Wikipedia is the only one to make a claim on this, so is it misleading info? Could anyone with 6.00+ and PS1 emulation experience confirm if it did get changed? Like more menu options or something? Thanks.

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    Im not sure that info is 100% correct... Im pretty sure the category thing only came in at 6.30.

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    Usually when it's been "updated", the compatibility is just increased to work with more games.

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