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Thread: my idea to hide explicit content on psp

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    Default my idea to hide explicit content on psp

    I didn't like any of the traditional methods but I just realized I have 2 memory sticks an 8gig and 32gig.

    So I loaded my 32 gig with games, music and apps

    8 gig = Hen, CFE3.7, plugins and a bunch of psp format movies, I renamed all of my explicit videos and pictuers to z, zzz, zz ect. so that they will appear on the very bottom below all my normal anime, now I can avoid embarrassment by people who I am around who don't believe in pr0n. Apps and file renames / hiders just didn't cut it for me this was a simple fast fix.

    I also do not include video thumbnails for my explicit vids

    Anyway bye for awhile all, I probably wont have internet for awhile I'm moving out to the boonies, peace.

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    Or you know ... get the homebrew that let's you hide the files >>.
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    Default found this

    this is a plugin call

    Hide my stuff
    This is a combination of plugins Hide my Pictures and Hide my videos. Using this plugin you can either hide your videos, as well as your images by it the R-trigger, which pushes the O button and joypad unte n.

    The video gives a little insight.
    + —Hacks YouTube Video Player
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    how to Install:
    1)extract the hidemystuff rar,
    2)connect your psp.
    3)put Hidemystuff.prx in to seplugins folder( seplugins/Hidemystuff.prx )
    4)put ms0:/seplugins/Hidemystuff.prx 1 in vsh.txt ( ms0:/seplugins/vshtxt/ms0:/seplugins/Hidemystuff.prx 1

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