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Thread: Is it fake or is it possible???

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    Talking Is it fake or is it possible???

    Hello to evryone....
    I read these 2 posts on some website i wanted to know if they actually work or will they brick my psp-3000???
    the posts are:-

    If you want to downgrade 6.20 for psp 3000 then this is what you do first take out your battery
    then leave it for 10 second then you put in your charger without the battery then where it says
    psp 6.20 press on it then it will say psp version downgrade to 5.03 BYB GUYS

    Rather good way to hack a psp 3000 with 6.20.only 100%... Which was leaked out from
    sony experiment blog ..switch on the psp ..go to security settings.put the password as 5018.
    then go to internet .go to this website the file and open it.copy it to
    the psp in memory card in the folder games-psp.donot press any button afterwards.switch it off.
    remove battery.put it and switch on..go to security enter 5018.change it to whatever you like..
    go to memorycard.choose sonygenuine will see a blank white screen for about 2 minutes,,
    afterwards it will be cracked out .....enjoy this works 100 %..don't forget to say thanks...cheers

    Plz tell me will they work???
    And thanx to all the Psp-hacks community u've been really helpfull to me...

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    Remember this:
    You can NOT downgrade a PSP 3000.
    You can NOT hack a PSP 3000 with firmware above 5.03.

    If you find some "way to do it", it's surely fake and it may brick your PSP.
    The only way to play some homebrew is HBL, but it doesn't let you play ISO and CSO games.

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    I don't know what people gain out of this?Do they enjoy making people brick their psp?
    This information is certainly bogus
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