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    Default PSP Car Mod

    I posted this originally at, but this seems to be a huge project bordering on the realm of fantasy, so I think I'm going to need all the help I can get. I'm posting it in General because there's a lot of aspects in here to be covered. Here's the original post.

    Quote Originally Posted by io_RobbieRodgers View Post
    So I've had an Idea for this project for a while and I think I've finally got the time to give it a go, but I'm gonna need a little guidance from those more knowledgable than me. This is my first visit to this forum, and half-heartedly perused the forum for any similar threads, so if someone's already tried/discussed this, feel free to point me in that direction.

    Here's the project:
    One day I looked at my car radio, then at my PSP. You can see where this is going. I know most people are going to roll their eyes and say, 'Just keep using the tape adapter', but c'mon. An XMB-based media center in your car? That's pimp. And it doesn't seem to be too hard for the Do-It-Yourselfer except for a few small problems, which I'm about to go into.

    Now, most of my experience is mechanical, I know how to put a car together, I'm pretty good at metallurgy, that is transforming raw metal into functional shape, and I've got an elementary knowledge of electronics, mostly from fixing my car and refridgerator. I know about circuits, but not about the current electronics part markets as to what's possible or available.

    My plan of action would ideally be to take an old PSP-1000 apart, craft a custom chassis for it out of an old car radio deck with a faceplate for the buttons/screen/ports, and wire it into my car. I know it's going to be a bit trickier than as I've just put it, and that's where I need help.

    Problem #1 - Audio connections: Anyone who's ever installed a car radio knows that there's about 20 wires that connect the deck to the actual speakers from the car. The PSP audio-out is one wire. Where do I start to make this connection? How would one do this conversion? Also, it's a goal to keep radio functionality, and I know it's going to be abysmal to do since the PSP has no natural audio-in connection, much less a software function to interpret and playback such a signal.

    Problem #2 - Screen size: The size of the PSP screen is about a quarter-inch too tall to fit into the area of most car decks, including mine. My first thought would be to order a shorter screen from an electronic supplier, but the problem inherent in that would be the uncertainty of the connections being the same, AND that the PSP wouldn't be able to scale the size and there'd be some problem there. An alternative solution, though one I want to avoid at all costs, is to just build the chassis frame to have the screen protruding a little, with the top of the screen sticking up and out of the center console in front of my air vents just a little. I don't want to resort to that though, it'll look kinda trashy.

    Problem #3 - Storage: Less of a problem, and more of an unresolved option. I'd optimally want to be able to connect a small hard drive to the system, to store and play music. An idea I had would be to take whatever cables attach to the memory stick and mate them up to a hard drive cable, but my unfamiliarity with small electronics leaves me unsure if it's possible. Also, it'd be nice to be able to retain a functional memory stick port. Second part to this problem is if you were to find a way to connect a hard drive to the PSP, how would you get the PSP software to recognize and utilize it?

    In conclusion, I think what's needed is modified PSP firmware specifically tailored to this application. If someone could make this, I could put out instructions and schematics for the building process and we could release a DIY kit to the public.

    I know this was a long post to read, but I hope to hear some good feedback for this. Thanks!
    To update so far, after reading about other's attempts to attach hard drives to PSP, I'm going to overlook that problem for now and just have Plan A to keep the Memory stick. I have purchased a used Sony Xplod CDX-GT23W reciever to collaborate parts from. If anyone has any sort of PDF technical manual for this or for a PSP-1000, that'd be a great help.

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    i remember way back when the psp first came out, there was a guy who put his psp into car's steering wheel. let me tell you it looked AWESOME. but not very practical.

    it was very similar to this but more professional-looking:
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    you can see here:

    how other guys approched your problem, maybe you can find one that you like or it look cool and not start to hammer your car lol.

    For sound actually are 2 wires inside the 1 wire, if that make sense, for 2 speakers, I had to connect a psp 2004 to some big speakers and the way I aproached the prb was by finding and old pair of headphones, rip the jack male part, clean it from plastic and rubber and stuck in psp and tried the 2 wires from speakers and worked.
    You can do the same, find a cheap pair of headphones, rip the jack, plug into psp and try the wires from your speakers, 2 by 2, put a wire on top of the jack and one more at the base. YOu will get sound.
    One thing is to be mentioned, the sound will kinda suck, I don't know what dB power psp can emit but sucks, for proper sound you'll have to use and amplifier, when I connected the speakers, they were from a sony station/player, and what I did was to rip another pair of headphones but with some wire too, then I ripped a on half a cable with those red/yellow/white heads, mounted the wires with jack to yellow and white then plug it into player and I was able to use the player as and sound amplifier and it worked great.
    I don't know if you understaned what I wrote because my english sucks and I didn't slept too much but yeah, for sound you need to mount an amplifier somewhere in your car.

    To fit the psp I only see the solution with hammer, if it doesnt fit, make room for it lol

    A 4Gb or 8Gb and if it isn't enough get a 16Gb or 32Gb memory card, I think that is more than enough, you dont need a hdd, sell the hdd and get a bigger memory card or get 2 memory cards, I mean that's enough for music, or enough for one day, and at night when you come home replace songs. So the storage problem doesnt exists

    Another thing, you should do a cap to, something to cover at night if you don't own a garage at home or you let the car parked at work outside becuase the psp is like a magnet for thiefs so yeah, be sure to be precautioned.
    Good Luck.

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    Leave a connection available for the USB cable and then just get a 32GB memory stick. When you get tired of the music currently on the PSP take a laptop out to your car, plug in the USB cable, replace the music.

    You might also be able to park very close to your house and use multiple usb hubs and usb cables to reach the PSP in your car. It would be far easier to just make the PSP easy to remove.

    If you're going to be taking the PSP apart you'll see the little speakers on the motherboard and the wires going to them. You can just splice/solder some wires to those wires and then connect them to your amp or directly to your speaker (I've connected mine directly to the speaker but the sound quality is a little bad).

    About the screen size.... I'm not sure if you could even find another LCD screen that would fit the PSP connections if it was smaller. The screen resolution wouldn't be too hard... just have someone create a custom music player program for you that uses the modified PSP screen size. The closest thing for you would probably be a screen from a PSPGo. They are smaller than the normal PSP-1000 screen. With some soldering and splicing of ribbon cables you MIGHT be able to make it work. It would really be a shot in the dark though.

    Basically it will be a hardware problem, not a software problem when it comes to the size of the screen.

    You might post this at the Acid Mods website. They do all kinds of hard mods over there.
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