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Thread: Media Go CPU Usage

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    Default Media Go CPU Usage

    Is it just me, or does Media Go use an insane amount of CPU power? Just transferring a 300MB video podcast to the PSP Go device is taking forever and costing 63 percent of my Q6600 3GHz processor speed, combined with multi-tasking makes my CPU fans go off the charts! I can't think of any other application, even iTunes transferring media to my iPod/iPad doesn't cost this much time and CPU. Is this a common problem and is there a solution, or just bad coding on Sony's part? I couldn't even imagine running this Media Go software on an old P3 machine, it would probably burst into flames. For the record I am running Media Go Version 1.6 (Build 508) on Windows 7 x64.

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    I haven't used Media Go, but video encoding, in general, is rather CPU taxing.
    I'm guessing it's encoding your videos to PSP format, so understandably, is slow and uses lots of CPU (even though it's only 63%; a good video encoder should hang around 80-95% on a quad core).

    IDK if your iTunes media is also videos, but if they are, it should be rather slow too.

    Do note that not all encoders are equal. You may not care, but with encoding, there's generally a 3 way trade off between resulting filesize, resulting quality and encode time. Slower encode is better size/quality ratio, whereas a faster encoder usually skimps more on that.

    If Media Go offers encoding settings, try experimenting a bit with them.
    Or you can use another encoder.

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