I used a PSP 2000 with a ta-088 v3 motherboard. I mentioned in my topic that it took a few tries for me to get it to work, because I would like to share my strategies on getting the TN-A HEN to work. I followed some advice that was post on psp-hacks.com and that's what got it to work for me. I backed up my entire Memory Stick Duo and then reformatted it. Then, I only put on the essential files I needed: the Patapon 2 demo, the HBL files (including the save state hack for the Patapon 2 demo), and some homebrew to test it with. After loading half byte loader and then the custom firmware, it worked perfectly. Now what I plan to do next is to put my files back on parts at a time and I can see what works with the hack and what doesn't.

Good luck, everyone!