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Thread: List your must have CFW Homebrew!

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    Default List your must have CFW Homebrew!

    Well the point of this thread is to list your must have CFW homebrew like ISO Loaders, emulaters, and etc.

    Thought it might be a good idea because well everyone on 6.20 must be happy on there new cfw w/e version it is.

    Mine are:
    Prometheus-4 (ISO Loader)
    PSARDumper (manipulating other firmware into downgrading or upgrading)
    PSPident 0.6 (For when I forget the info. for my psp)

    Probably my top 3 would be more because I just got CFW Today.

    So go ahead and post your top CFW Homebrew you use all the time!
    (Doesn't have to be just CFW Homebrew)

    PSP|Slim|2000|6.20 TN-B>5.03>5.03GEN C>Hellcats Recovery Flash>M33 5.00 CFW>Gen-D 5.50 CFW|
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    Hellcat's Recovery Flasher - upgrade/downgrade, softmod Pandora, make and restore flash backups
    PSP Filer and XPlora - browsing the MS content
    GoTube - watch youtube videos
    Bookr - displays txt and pdf files
    NesterJ NES Emulator

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