raing3 is back with a new TempAR Version for 6.3X Pro HEN!

TempAR is a completely rewritten mod of NitePR/MKULTRA.

I have attached a 6.31 compatible version. Please note you must use tempar_lite.prx in game.txt as tempar.prx will just crash. It seems that 6.31 doesn't like the PSID corrupt stuff which happens at boot.

Anyways you should update to 6.35 because as far as I have heard 6.31 isn't being supported anymore by Coldbird/VFlame.

I don't know what there is to explain it is a almost completely rewritten mod of NitePR/MKULTRA. Instead of using NitePR codes you have to use CWCheat and PSPAR codes. Everything should be explained in this thread and the included readme files.

Mirror: Share-Online.biz