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Thread: 6.35 vs 6.31

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    Default 6.35 vs 6.31

    So I have 6.31 Pro on my Psp 3000 "4g" model (Basically the Invizimals blue psp I believe)

    However, from what I've heard 6.35 Pro is better than 6.31 . That and they just released the signing tool for 6.35.

    So I was wondering,do you guys believe I should upgrade to 6.35 pro? Or stay at 6.31

    From what I've heard, 6.35 cant be downgraded so once you hit 6.35 you can't go back. And apparently a 6.31 downgrader will be released(don't know when though).

    Only thing is, with downgrading, if you mess up one thing you are pretty much screwed(since my Psp isnt compatible with the pandora battery). However, I did downgrade my Psp 1000 a few years back with the GTA Libercity city thing, and had no real problems.

    So yeah, what do you guy's believe I should do? Stay at 6.31 , wait for downgrader , risk downgrading to go to 6.20 (which apparently has more support)

    Or move onto 6.35?

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    Even if they do find a 6.31 downgrader, it may not work for your psp since yours is a 4g model.
    The way things are going , more and more home brew are becoming signed so u can run them on any official firmware. There's nothing u can't do on 6.31 that u can't do on 6.35. Ultimately what it comes down to is that u can hombre enable your psp much faster using 6.35 hen cos it's signed than u can with 6.31 hen. Just depends how much of an annoyance u find that.

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