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Thread: PSP Go, Dual Shock 3, and remapping

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    Default PSP Go, Dual Shock 3, and remapping

    Hello, I was interested to know if there are any on going projects or exploits that could remap the Dual Shock 3 when connected via the PSP Go Bluetooth function. For example, so that the second analog stick on DS3 can be mapped to square, triangle, cross, and circle.

    Search upon Google and the search function on this forum ended fruitless. I ask in hope that perhaps those who visit here may know better.

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I was up in the toss between here, Accessories, and General Discussion.

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    That would be amazing if it could be done then i would be able to enjoy my codeded arms alot more

    My Current Psp is CFW GEN 5.50 Prometheus -4 // Ps3 "Launch 80gig"W/500Gig HDD Kmeaw CFW 3.55
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    You could try this:

    I do not know if it works on 6.20TN-C or the other HENs though.

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