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Thread: Add signed apps right on top of the XMB ( Stickey_keyz )

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    Default Add signed apps right on top of the XMB ( Stickey_keyz )

    \/ the video will explain for itself lol but for further instructions look below \/

    after you download Comic Read , And Sensme , sign one of your homebrew applications , and replace the following EBOOT.PBP in the App folder located PSP\App\ in there are two folders , starting with NP , just deleted the eboot , Keep the SENSME.DAT , and add all the files and folders depending on you hombrew applications in that NP folder, i replaced the Sensme Application with Signed 6.35 Pro A , to show you you can run apps on the XMB without having togo to the Game Folder , the same applies for Comic Reader, Those with CTF themes can easily replace those icons and change the name to whatever App you put in its place happy App switching lol -Stickey_Keyz

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