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Thread: NGP petition

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    Default NGP petition

    i just wrote a petition directed to sony i made it online here is what i wrote

    To: sony computer entertainement

    the next generation playstation portable is a product
    we already love and are more than exited about it's potential.
    because of that we would love to see it a more sucessful console
    than the competition .and also a more intersting device for both
    casual and hardcore gamers.
    we sincerly can't understand why the NGP (PSP2) wich was anounced having 3g ablities
    ,a microphone,dual cameras and speakers not being able to be used as a phone.
    allowing customers to have an all-in-one device is more than welcome
    for every user.this is a feature that each of us dream about.
    it also enables the NGP to be an option for customers who would
    acquire a high-end phone so it will be able to compete in the smartphones field
    and certainly be able to gather more sales.and by the way be a more intersting
    device for game developers wich will have a larger customer base.
    the Iphone is the best example.
    we believe that the NGP(psp2) could be a better iphone and a better psp.
    and we customers would prefer spending money only once by buying
    a NGP(psp2) wich will be our smartphone too.
    the xperia play certainly isn't that is a phone with psone games
    gamers have already played 10 years it is more speaking to
    casual gamers than hardcore gamers.
    we hope that you will consider our opinion wich seems logical and natural.
    and certainly will be Beneficial to both sony and customers .


    if you want to sign it here is the link

    please don't banne me i don't own petitiononline and just want a better
    product for us

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    Oh, an internet petition, those always work.[/sarcasm]

    Ok, trying to be constructive here, I suggest cleaning up the spelling and grammar. No offense intended, especially if English is not your native language, but I find it hard to take it seriously as it is. Presentation counts.

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    The hardware is finalized get over it. It does NOT have the hardware to be a phone. 3G Data Hardware and GSM or CDMA is completely separate.

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    xperia play is the Phone

    npg is the GAMING SYSTEM

    Sony doesn't need two PlayStation phones

    npg may get skype

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    There isn't enough room in my skinnish jeans to fit a NGP. I don't think I would ever consider one as my phone. A phone is something I take everywhere I go. Unfortunately I am too manly to have a purse to carry my NGP phone around with me lol.

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    The reason Sony is make a phone and a separate gaming device is to target different users. NGP as a phone would just be weird... I already have a phone!
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