I recently purchased a PSP go (PSP N-1001) and have been enjoying some of my homebrew favorites on it. I currently have 6.35 Pro B2 on the PSP go and have been trying to figure what I can get running on it. I have been trying a combination of signing homebrew to play on OFW 6.35, 6.35 Pro B2, Half Byte Loader, and eLoader. I made a little spreadsheet to track which of my homebrew works and with what (eloader, HBL, CFW, etc.). I thought it would be nice to upload it to Google Docs and make it an open document that we can all edit. It is really simple right now, but I'm sure we can all edit it to a fairly usable resource.

If you are interested in contributing please give as much detail about the homebrew as possible (Game version, Firmware version, and comments on specifics errors). Again, this is something I was doing anyway so it is pretty simple, but thought it may be better for the community as an open document, hopefully it won't be abused: