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Thread: Installing Firmware Side by Side

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    Default Installing Firmware Side by Side


    I was wondering. Is it possible to install Official Firmware side by side with Custom Firmware.

    I ask this because i have games i've bought off the PSN Store but cannot transfer them to my custom firmware psp 1000.

    I would like to play my PSN games on official firmware and then whenever i want to play a backup or homebrew i can then switch across to custom firmware.

    Is this possible. I suppose its like HEN?

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    The idea of this is not impossible, but the problem is actually getting it done. (Note, this is not from experience, but from what research I had done), but from what I was able to gather around, you would need to put flash 2&3(or if the CFW is same version as OFW, then just having a few extra things loaded at startup if button is held) to use with the CFW, while OFW takes use of flash 0&1 like usual. Just, to keep OFW from booting up directly, it would need to be in a form of minor CFW, as you would need a pre-boot screen to choose between them. That, or like ne0ron has with the button holding.

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