Long story short, Zack_PSP, PSP, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad developer needs help. I wish I could help him but I couldn't. He needs money otherwise his only laptop which he uses for programming.
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Hey all, long time no see.

I would just like to inform you all of my current status and explain why I have been very inactive of late.

So the first thing is that I am currently finishing off an iPhone game for a client. This should be completed by next week, the money which was raised for this just about saved me from bankruptcy. That money is gone now and more bills have been flooding in since. So next week I actually do have some free time, that of which I would love to be spending on Snes9X Euphoria or LuaPlayer Euphoria or both...

However, due to these recent influx of builds I have no choice but to persue either starting up a new iPhone game myself (which may or may not bring in any money) or seeking contract work. Ideally I would like to take a break from iPhone dev and show some more love to the PSP, but unless something like a donation fund is set up or something I just cannot see it being feasible.

I will lay it out in the bleak truth that it is :

I owe $1400 dollars or €1000 euro.

I have 14 days to pay it or god knows what will happen, it will probably result in the bailiffs coming round to my house and taking my Mac Mini (which i use for PSP & iPhone dev, it's my only computer) and a lot more to recoup the debt.

I can't bring myself to ask the community directly to help, and i don't want this to be a donation plea, but if you have some spare change laying around in your paypal account and would like to help (and give me some time as a result to get a new version of snes9x out), you can send a paypal donation to : zackonmac [AT] gmail.com

Thanks to any who do donate, I would honestly be flabbergasted if the overall donations reached the amount I have to pay out, but everything helps.

Also for those that don't know, I have no job and cannot get one (god knows I tried), so programming is my job, i just don't get paid for doing it most of the time (if ever :/) .

Thank you, and hopefully some of you kind folks can help, I really want to have time to update snes9x euphoria, this debt is preventing that however.