So i bought a PSP 2 USB Charger off ebay. It was charging on my desk. I went downstairs to eat my tea and then when i come back up my dang cat has thrown my psp 1000 off of the desk and broken the clip that holds the battery cover on.

So i've gone on ebay and found a seller selling the full original black 1000 shell. Will this come with that part? My PSP is a little scratched so i decided i would change it anyway. Hoping it does come with the battery clip too.

I bought it in Black and Metallic blue.

I then got my other PSP 1000 out. Tried the USB 2 PSP charger over night. What a load of rubbish. I came to look at it this morning and its only at 49%. Not impressed with that!

Does anyone know if the shell will come with EVERYTHING or just the front and back faceplates?

Anyone had better luck with the USB to PSP cable charger?