well, its been a long while since ive used my psp, hell prolly a year or two. but is back...after days of fixing/modding, oy oy. damn thing would still be sittin in dust if it werent for damn sony's fw3.6 for ps3 =/. but o well, psp is rocking with 6.35cfw, pikey(woot!!), pandora ready and time machine packed(1.50+3.40/4.00m33/5.00m33) for those pesky programs.
been having fun with good ole PSPDisp and WoW. lil hard to make 50 spells/abilities fit on 6 buttons(8 if you include right/left click).

Auto-Merge: ....stupid limited char screens. yes im postin off my psp =). i guess its a good thing i brought the psp back out for moding, you people and you ps3 mods are just to much for me. kinda good thing im locked to 3.60 as i still dont really know whee to start w modding that system lol. anyways, psp love, stay phat =3

btw, anybody tried putting psp 2k or 3k parts in a phat case? i cant stand that thin thing with my long fingers.
(get pikey 0.5 for 5.xx+ from noobz.net(.com?))