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Thread: Should I buy PSP Go?

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    Default Should I buy PSP Go?

    I found a new PSP Go priced at $120. I'm thinking of buying it since I only plan to play PSP/PSOne classics for now. Should I go for this one or should I invest in Vita? My only concern with getting a Vita is 1.) How does PSP/PSOne games look like? Does the pixel spread out due to higher resolution and it's better playing them on a PSP. 2.) How stable is TN-V CFW? Will it be able to play PSN rips and all the ISO/CSO? How is it compared to PRO-C2.

    Thanks for answering!


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    Psp would be your best bet that's just my take since ninja releases on the vita sometimes take a long time and if you don't like waiting then go psp

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