I recently got a PSP 1000 version and have some questions. I will start with a little history. Years ago I had a PSP and was into this when there were only version 1000's out there. It seemed like the only custom firmware was Dark_Alex's M33 (I think that was it I could be remembering incorrectly) and now there seems to be a lot more stuff out there. So anyway here are my questions.

1.) I have installed version 6.60 CFW and am wondering if I need a HEN or any other custom firmware? I have installed some homebrews and some work and some don't.

2.) Is there a link anyone can give me that will have a break down of custom firmwares and their pros\cons and some installation instructions?

3.) Can I play ISO\CSO's on this CFW without an ISO loader or is this something I need to add on?

4.) Should I use something like DC++ to download ISO's? OR can somebody recommend something better?

5.) Can I get a list of PSP hacking websites that has helpful forums?