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Thread: CWCheat 0.1.6 REV.C for POPS cheat.db

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    I think you don't have to reinstall CWC. If you hold select and CWC menu appears, it means installation is good. I think the problem is just around database format or file location.

    - When you hold select and CWC menu appears, see around the top, it should say something about current game ID. Write down that ID and match your database with that ID. If no ID appears and only say POPS, it means you have old version of CWCheat, download the latest version from

    - make sure database file name is cwcheatpops.db not cwcheatpops.db.txt. Windows normally hide .txt part of file name.

    - if /seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheatpops.db doesn't load properly, try save database as /dh/cheat.db

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    the id in the database is te same as the one on the CWC menu. and i checked all the games i have on my memstick. they all match.

    i tried copying cheat file over to the /dh/ file and renamed it. still not working. lol.

    this is weird...i used to use an older version of cwcheat with devhook and i never had any problems.
    could it be my psp? i have a fw 1.5 psp and i upgraded it with Dark_Alex's 3.02A and B fw installer thing. (so that i can play psx games)

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    Try manual load. Save database as /dh/cheat1.db . On CWC main menu go to 'Reload Cheat Database', change number to 1 and press yes. I hope it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haruyuki
    Try manual load. Save database as /dh/cheat1.db . On CWC main menu go to 'Reload Cheat Database', change number to 1 and press yes. I hope it works.
    still no luck :(

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    i think the issue lies inside the ISO/BIN file when ripping. some of my ISO loads the cheat correctly, some dont.. for example... my WildARMs ID shows this when im in CWCheat Menu

    "GAME: ID: EXE\SCUS94"

    when i hex edited to search for it. i found this

    BOOT = Cdrom:\EXE\SCUS_946.08;1

    i think if this could be removed or replaced with the correct ID by hex editing. it should work.

    EDIT: I got WildARMs to work by editing my Cheats.db and change the S ID to "EXE\SCUS94".... still IMO it would be a better to fix the S ID to the correct ID in case it would cause confusion to others

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    here's all the characters codes, i'll post the gear codes later

    _S SLUS_00664
    _C0 Xenogears: Max Money
    _L 8006EF58 967F
    _L 8006EF5A 0098
    _C0 Fei Fong Infinite HP
    _L 8006D8EC 03E7
    _C0 Fei Fong Max HP
    _L 8006D8EE 03E7
    _C0 Fei Fong Infinite EP
    _L 8006D8F0 03E7
    _C0 Fei Fong Max EP
    _L 8006D8F2 03E7
    _C0 Fei Fong Low Weight
    _L 3006D917 0000
    _C0 Fei Fong 7/7 AP
    _L 3006ED0B 0007
    _C0 Bartholomew Fatima Infinite HP
    _L 8006DAD8 03E7
    _C0 Bartholomew Fatima Max HP
    _L 8006DADA 03E7
    _C0 Bartholomew Fatima Infinite EP
    _L 8006DADC 03E7
    _C0 Bartholomew Fatima Max EP
    _L 8006DADE 03E7
    _C0 Bartholomew Fatima Low Weight
    _L 3006DB03 0000
    _C0 Bartholomew Fatima 7/7 AP
    _L 3006ED6B 0007
    _C0 Billy Lee Black Infinite HP
    _L 8006DB7C 03E7
    _C0 Billy Lee Black Max HP
    _L 8006DB7E 03E7
    _C0 Billy Lee Black Infinite EP
    _L 8006DB80 03E7
    _C0 Billy Lee Black Max EP
    _L 8006DB82 03E7
    _C0 Billy Lee Black Low Weight
    _L 3006DBA7 0000
    _C0 Billy Lee Black 7/7 AP
    _L 3006ED8B 0007
    _C0 Chu-Chu Infinite HP
    _L 8006DD68 03E7
    _C0 Chu-Chu Max HP
    _L 8006DD6A 03E7
    _C0 Chu-Chu Infinite EP
    _L 8006DD6C 03E7
    _C0 Chu-Chu Max EP
    _L 8006DD6E 03E7
    _C0 Chu-Chu Low Weight
    _L 3006DD93 0000
    _C0 Chu-Chu 7/7 AP
    _L 3006EDEB 0007
    _C0 Citan Uzuki Infinite HP
    _L 8006DA34 03E7
    _C0 Citan Uzuki Max HP
    _L 8006DA36 03E7
    _C0 Citan Uzuki Infinite EP
    _L 8006DA38 03E7
    _C0 Citan Uzuki Max EP
    _L 8006DA3A 03E7
    _C0 Citan Uzuki Low Weight
    _L 3006DA5F 0000
    _C0 Citan Uzuki 7/7 AP
    _L 3006ED4B 0007
    _C0 Citan Uzuki (2nd) Infinite HP
    _L 8006DEB0 03E7
    _C0 Citan Uzuki (2nd) Max HP
    _L 8006DEB2 03E7
    _C0 Citan Uzuki (2nd) Infinite EP
    _L 8006DEB4 03E7
    _C0 Citan Uzuki (2nd) Max EP
    _L 8006DEB6 03E7
    _C0 Citan Uzuki (2nd) Low Weight
    _L 3006DEDB 0000
    _C0 Citan Uzuki (2nd) 7/7 AP
    _L 3006EE2B 0007
    _C0 Elhaym Van Houten Infinite HP
    _L 8006D990 03E7
    _C0 Elhaym Van Houten Max HP
    _L 8006D992 03E7
    _C0 Elhaym Van Houten Infinite EP
    _L 8006D994 03E7
    _C0 Elhaym Van Houten Max EP
    _L 8006D996 03E7
    _C0 Elhaym Van Houten Low Weight
    _L 3006D9BB 0000
    _C0 Elhaym Van Houten 7/7 AP
    _L 3006ED2B 0007
    _C0 Emerelda Infinite HP
    _L 8006DCC4 03E7
    _C0 Emerelda Max HP
    _L 8006DCC6 03E7
    _C0 Emerelda Infinite EP
    _L 8006DCC8 03E7
    _C0 Emerelda Max EP
    _L 8006DCCA 03E7
    _C0 Emerelda Low Weight
    _L 3006DCEF 0000
    _C0 Emerelda 7/7 AP
    _L 3006EDCB 0007
    _C0 Emerelda (2nd) Infinite HP
    _L 8006DF54 03E7
    _C0 Emerelda (2nd) Max HP
    _L 8006DF56 03E7
    _C0 Emerelda (2nd) Infinite EP
    _L 8006DF58 03E7
    _C0 Emerelda (2nd) Max EP
    _L 8006DF5A 03E7
    _C0 Emerelda (2nd) Low Weight
    _L 3006DF7F 0000
    _C0 Emerelda (2nd) 7/7 AP
    _L 3006EE4B 0007
    _C0 Maria Balthasar Infinite HP
    _L 8006DE0C 03E7
    _C0 Maria Balthasar Max HP
    _L 8006DE0E 03E7
    _C0 Maria Balthasar Infinite EP
    _L 8006DE10 03E7
    _C0 Maria Balthasar Max EP
    _L 8006DE12 03E7
    _C0 Maria Balthasar Low Weight
    _L 3006DE37 0000
    _C0 Maria Balthasar 7/7 AP
    _L 3006EE0B 0007
    _C0 Rico Banderas Infinite HP
    _L 8006DC20 03E7
    _C0 Rico Banderas Max HP
    _L 8006DC22 03E7
    _C0 Rico Banderas Infinite EP
    _L 8006DC24 03E7
    _C0 Rico Banderas Max EP
    _L 8006DC26 03E7
    _C0 Rico Banderas Low Weight
    _L 3006DC4B 0000
    _C0 Rico Banderas 7/7 AP
    _L 3006EDAB 0007
    _C0 Battling Arena Infinite Health
    _L 800987E0 012C
    _C0 Battling Arena Never Overheat
    _L 800987E2 0000
    _C0 Gears Always In Infinity Mode
    _L 800D2C34 0804
    _C0 No Random Battles on World Map
    _L 8009D64C 0010
    _C0 Have Won Four Straight RPS Games
    _L 800C3E7A 0004
    _C0 Have All Items & Infinite Items
    _L 50009601 0001
    _L 3006F65A 0001
    _L 50009601 0000
    _L 3006F5C4 0063
    _C0 All Abilities (All Characters)
    _L 50000B20 0000
    _L 8006ECF6 FFFF
    _C0 All Deathblow Skills (All Characters)
    _L 50000B20 0000
    _L 8006ECF4 FFFF
    _L 50000B20 0000
    _L 3006ED0B 0007

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    more codes, these are for those who prefer not to use Extreme Link 1.3.0 to convert their codes or just plain dont have the time. this is a very long list and some i have tested and caused my games to crash... again.. the ?? can be found at code junkies

    _S SCUS_94402
    _C0 Infinite Nuke Bombs P1
    _L 8012F802 0003
    _C0 Infinite Lives P1
    _L 8012F7F4 0003
    _C0 Infinite Credits
    _L 8004D5DA 0003
    _C0 Infinite Lives P2
    _L 8012F824 0003
    _C0 Infinite Nuke Bombs P2
    _L 8012F832 0003
    _C0 Max Homing Missiles P1
    _L 8012F800 0004
    _C0 Max Homing Missiles P2
    _L 8012F830 0004
    _C0 Max Vulcan P1
    _L 8012F7FA 0008
    _C0 Max Vulcan P2
    _L 8012F82A 0008
    _C0 Max Laser P1
    _L 8012F7FC 0008
    _C0 Max Laser P2
    _L 8012F82C 0008
    _C0 Max Nuke Missiles P1
    _L 8012F7FE 0004
    _C0 Max Nuke Missiles P2
    _L 8012F82E 0004
    _C0 Infinite Lives P1
    _L 800ECF40 0003
    _C0 Infinite Lives P2
    _L 800ECF80 0003
    _C0 Infinite Credits
    _L 800FFC24 0003
    _C0 Max Vulcan P1
    _L 800ECF28 0008
    _C0 Max Laser P1
    _L 800ECF2A 0008
    _C0 Max Plasma P1
    _L 800ECF2C 0008
    _C0 Max Vulcan P2
    _L 800ECF68 0008
    _C0 Max Laser P2
    _L 800ECF6A 0008
    _C0 Max Plasma P2
    _L 800ECF6C 0008
    _C0 Max Nuclear Missiles P1
    _L 800ECF30 0004
    _C0 Max Nuclear Missiles P2
    _L 800ECF70 0004
    _C0 Max Homing Missiles P1
    _L 800ECF32 0004
    _C0 Max Homing Missiles P2
    _L 800ECF72 0004
    _C0 Infinite Nuke Bombs P1
    _L 800ECF3C 0003
    _C0 Infinite Nuke Bombs P2
    _L 800ECF7C 0003
    _C0 Player 1 Infinite Thermonukes
    _L 800ECF38 0101
    _C0 Player 1 Infinite Cluster Bombs
    _L 800ECF38 0202
    _C0 Player 2 Infinite Thermonukes
    _L 800ECF78 0101
    _C0 Player 2 Infinite Cluster Bombs
    _L 800ECF78 0202
    _S SCUS_94221
    _G Final Fantasy Tactics
    _C0 Infinite Gil
    _L 800577CC FFFF
    _C0 Max Gil
    _L 800577CC FFFF
    _L 800577CE 0FFF
    _C0 Fitting Room Costs Nothing
    _L 801CD080 0000
    _C0 Hour Modifier
    _L 800459C4 00??
    _C0 Minute Modifier
    _L 800459C0 00??
    _C0 Stop Seconds
    _L 800459BC 0000
    _C0 No Dark Edges on Map Screen
    _L 800BB504 0011
    _C0 Mandalia Plains
    _L 800D41AC 0000
    _C0 Sweepy Woods
    _L 800D4214 0000
    _C0 Fovoham Plains
    _L 800D41E0 0000
    _C0 Lenalia Plateau
    _L 800D42B0 0000
    _C0 Araguay Woods
    _L 800D434C 0000
    _C0 Have Cloud
    _L 80058874 0932
    _L 80058876 0032
    _L 8005888A 0F0F
    _L 8005889E FFFF
    _L 80058932 2F0C
    _L 80058934 3832
    _L 80058936 FF27
    _C0 Have All Weapons, Books, Scrolls, Harps, Etc.
    _L 50002D02 0000
    _L 80059700 6363
    _C0 Have All Shields
    _L 50000802 0000
    _L 80059760 6363
    _C0 Have All Head Gear
    _L 50000E02 0000
    _L 80059770 6363
    _C0 Have All Body Gear
    _L 50001202 0000
    _L 8005978C 6363
    _C0 Have All Rings, Bracelets, Footwear, Etc.
    _L 50001002 0000
    _L 800597B0 6363
    _C0 Have All Items
    _L 50000702 0000
    _L 800597D0 6363
    _L 50000302 0000
    _L 8005975A 6363
    _C0 Have All Records (This verifies that Cloud is in the game!)
    _L 50000502 0000
    _L 80057942 FFFF
    _C0 Open Map
    _L 50000602 0000
    _L 8005794C FFFF
    _C0 All Places Visited
    _L 50000402 0000
    _L 80057958 FFFF
    _C0 Have Teasures Complete
    _L 50000402 0000
    _L 8005796E FFFF
    _C0 Have Unexplored Land Complete
    _L 80057976 FFFF
    _C0 Work History
    _L 50001802 0000
    _L 80057978 FFFF
    _C0 Hero Floating (Map Screen)
    _L 8009F274 0000
    _C0 Hero Invisible (Map Screen)
    _L 8009F264 0011
    _C0 World Debug Menu (Can't Hightlight Top Option)
    _L D0198090 0000
    _L 80198090 0006
    _C0 Battle Debug Menu
    _L 8016BC1C 0003
    _C0 No Random Battles on Green Dots
    _L D008E708 0036
    _L 8008E70A 1000
    _C0 Have All Equipment/Items
    _L 50007F02 0000
    _L 800596E0 3232
    _C0 Have All Records
    _L 50000502 0000
    _L 80057942 FFFF
    _C0 Have Work History Completed
    _L 50001802 0000
    _L 80057978 FFFF
    _C0 Have All People (Brave Story)
    _L 800579A8 1111
    _L 800579AA 1111
    _L 800579AC 1111
    _L 800579AE 1111
    _L 800579B0 0011
    _L 800579B2 1101
    _L 800579B4 0111
    _L 800579B6 0111
    _L 800579B8 1101
    _L 800579BA 1111
    _L 800579BC 1111
    _L 800579BE 1111
    _L 800579C0 1111
    _L 800579C2 0000
    _L 800579C4 0000
    _L 800579C6 1110
    _C0 World Debug Menu Activator
    _L D00EBE34 000B
    _L 800EBE3C 0008
    _L D00EBE34 000B
    _L 800EBE3E 2402
    _L D00EBE10 0002
    _L 800EBE18 0008
    _L D00EBE10 0002
    _L 800EBE1A 2402
    _C0 Go Into Battle: Rad, Alicia & Lavian Will Join Your Party
    _L 800577E4 0110
    _C0 Go Into Battle: Help Guests Mustadio & Ramzas Defeat A Steel Giant. The Steel Giant Will Join You After The Battle
    _L 800577E4 0123
    _C0 Class Modifier (ALL BELOW ARE HERO CODES)
    _L 80057F76 00??
    _C0 Support Job Modifier
    _L 80057F7E 01??
    _C0 Max EXP
    _L 80057F88 6363
    _C0 Max Level & Brave
    _L 80057F8A 6363
    _C0 Max Faith
    _L 80057F8C 6363
    _C0 Max HP
    _L 80057F8E FFFF
    _C0 Max MP
    _L 80057F92 FFFF
    _C0 Max Speed
    _L 80057F94 0D0D
    _C0 Max Weapon AT
    _L 80057F98 1919
    _C0 Max Magic AT
    _L 80057F9A 1919
    _C0 Character Modifiers
    _L 80057F74 00??
    _C0 Head Armor Modifier
    _L 30057F82 00??
    _C0 Body Armor Modifier
    _L 30057F83 00??
    _C0 Right Hand Modifier
    _L 30057F84 00??
    _C0 Accessories Modifier
    _L 30057F85 00??
    _C0 Left Hand Modifier
    _L 30057F87 00??
    _C0 Master All Jobs
    _L 80057F9E FFFF
    _L 80057FA0 FFFF
    _L 80057FA2 FFFF
    _L 80057FA4 FFFF
    _L 80057FA6 FFFF
    _L 80057FA8 FFFF
    _L 80057FAA FFFF
    _L 80057FAC FFFF
    _L 80057FAE FFFF
    _L 80057FB0 FFFF
    _L 80057FB2 FFFF
    _L 80057FB4 FFFF
    _L 80057FB6 FFFF
    _L 80057FB8 FFFF
    _L 80057FBA FFFF
    _L 80057FBC FFFF
    _L 80057FBE FFFF
    _L 80057FC0 FFFF
    _L 80057FC2 FFFF
    _L 80057FC4 FFFF
    _L 80057FC6 FFFF
    _L 80057FC8 FFFF
    _L 80057FCA FFFF
    _L 80057FCC FFFF
    _L 80057FCE FFFF
    _L 80057FD0 FFFF
    _L 80057FD2 FFFF
    _L 80057FD4 FFFF
    _C0 Max Job Points
    _L 80057FE2 FFFF
    _L 80057FE4 FFFF
    _L 80057FE6 FFFF
    _L 80057FE8 FFFF
    _L 80057FEA FFFF
    _L 80057FEC FFFF
    _L 80057FEE FFFF
    _L 80057FF0 FFFF
    _L 80057FF2 FFFF
    _L 80057FF4 FFFF
    _L 80057FF6 FFFF
    _L 80057FF8 FFFF
    _L 80057FFA FFFF
    _L 80057FFC FFFF
    _L 80057FFE FFFF
    _L 80058000 FFFF
    _L 80058002 FFFF
    _L 80058004 FFFF
    _L 80058006 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Jobs & Levels At 8
    _L 8005800A FFFF
    _L 8005800C FFFF
    _L 8005800E FFFF
    _L 80058010 FFFF
    _L 80058012 FFFF
    _L 80058014 FFFF
    _L 80058016 FFFF
    _L 80058018 FFFF
    _L 8005801A FFFF
    _L 8005801C FFFF
    _L 8005801E FFFF
    _L 80058020 FFFF
    _L 80058022 FFFF
    _L 80058024 FFFF
    _L 80058026 FFFF
    _L 80058028 FFFF
    _L 8005802A FFFF
    _L 8005802C FFFF
    _L 8005802E FFFF
    _L 80058030 FFFF
    _C0 Squire (Master Job Codes (Separated/Condensed))
    _L 30057F9F 00FF
    _L 80057FA0 FFFF
    _C0 Chemist
    _L 80057FA2 FFFF
    _L 30057FA4 00FF
    _C0 Knight
    _L 30057FA5 00FF
    _L 80057FA6 FFFF
    _C0 Archer
    _L 80057FA8 FFFF
    _L 30057FAA 00FF
    _C0 Monk
    _L 30057FAB 00FF
    _L 80057FAC FFFF
    _C0 Priest
    _L 80057FAE FFFF
    _L 30057FB0 00FF
    _C0 Wizard
    _L 30057FB1 00FF
    _L 80057FB2 FFFF
    _C0 Time Mage
    _L 80057FB4 FFFF
    _L 30057FB6 00FF
    _C0 Summoner
    _L 30057FB7 00FF
    _L 80057FB8 FFFF
    _C0 Thief
    _L 80057FBA FFFF
    _L 30057FBC 00FF
    _C0 Mediator
    _L 30057FBD 00FF
    _L 80057FBE FFFF
    _C0 Oracle
    _L 80057FC0 FFFF
    _L 30057FC2 00FF
    _C0 Geomancer
    _L 30057FC3 00FF
    _L 80057FC4 FFFF
    _C0 Lancer
    _L 80057FC6 FFFF
    _L 30057FC8 00FF
    _C0 Samurai
    _L 30057FC9 00FF
    _L 80057FCA FFFF
    _C0 Ninja
    _L 80057FCC FFFF
    _L 30057FCE 00FF
    _C0 Calculator
    _L 30057FCF 00FF
    _L 80057FD0 FFFF
    _C0 Bard
    _L 80057FD2 FFFF
    _L 30057FD4 00FF
    _C0 All Jobs
    _L 50001C02 0000
    _L 80057F9E FFFF
    _C0 Squire (Max Job Point Codes (Separated/Condensed))
    _L 80057FE2 FFFF
    _C0 Chemist
    _L 80057FE4 FFFF
    _C0 Knight
    _L 80057FE6 FFFF
    _C0 Archer
    _L 80057FE8 FFFF
    _C0 Monk
    _L 80057FEA FFFF
    _C0 Priest
    _L 80057FEC FFFF
    _C0 Wizard
    _L 80057FEE FFFF
    _C0 Time Mage
    _L 80057FF0 FFFF
    _C0 Summoner
    _L 80057FF2 FFFF
    _C0 Thief
    _L 80057FF4 FFFF
    _C0 Mediator
    _L 80057FF6 FFFF
    _C0 Oracle
    _L 80057FF8 FFFF
    _C0 Geomancer
    _L 80057FFA FFFF
    _C0 Lancer
    _L 80057FFC FFFF
    _C0 Samurai
    _L 80057FFE FFFF
    _C0 Ninja
    _L 80058000 FFFF
    _C0 Calculator
    _L 80058002 FFFF
    _C0 Bard
    _L 80058004 FFFF
    _C0 All Jobs
    _L 50001302 0000
    _L 80057FE2 FFFF
    _C0 Squire (Max Total Point Codes (Separated/Condensed))
    _L 8005800A FFFF
    _C0 Chemist
    _L 8005800C FFFF
    _C0 Knight
    _L 8005800E FFFF
    _C0 Archer
    _L 80058010 FFFF
    _C0 Monk
    _L 80058012 FFFF
    _C0 Priest
    _L 80058014 FFFF
    _C0 Wizard
    _L 80058016 FFFF
    _C0 Time Mage
    _L 80058018 FFFF
    _C0 Summoner
    _L 8005801A FFFF
    _C0 Thief
    _L 8005801C FFFF
    _C0 Mediator
    _L 8005801E FFFF
    _C0 Oracle
    _L 80058020 FFFF
    _C0 Geomancer
    _L 80058022 FFFF
    _C0 Lancer
    _L 80058024 FFFF
    _C0 Samurai
    _L 80058026 FFFF
    _C0 Ninja
    _L 80058028 FFFF
    _C0 Calculator
    _L 8005802A FFFF
    _C0 Bard
    _L 8005802C FFFF
    _C0 Mime
    _L 8005802E FFFF
    _C0 All Jobs
    _L 50001302 0000
    _L 8005800A FFFF
    _C0 Squire & Chemist (Max Level & Have Other Job Codes )
    _L 30057FD8 0099
    _C0 Knight & Archer
    _L 30057FD9 0099
    _C0 Monk & Priest
    _L 30057FDA 0099
    _C0 Wizard & Time Mage
    _L 30057FDB 0099
    _C0 Summoner & Thief
    _L 30057FDC 0099
    _C0 Oracle & Mediator
    _L 30057FDD 0099
    _C0 Geomancer & Lancer
    _L 30057FDE 0099
    _C0 Samurai & Ninja
    _L 30057FDF 0099
    _C0 Calculator & Bard
    _L 30057FE0 0099
    _C0 Mime
    _L 30057FE1 0099
    _C0 All Jobs
    _L 50000502 0000
    _L 80057FD8 9999
    _C0 Male Dancers & Hatching Eggs Modifier
    _L 30057F78 00??
    _C0 Character Reaction Ability Modifier
    _L 80057F7C 0???
    _C0 Character Support Ability Modifier
    _L 80057F7E 0???
    _C0 Move Ability Modifier
    _L 80057F80 0???
    _C0 Status on Formation Screen Modifier
    _L 80058044 00??
    _S SLUS_00292
    _G Suikoden
    _C0 Infinite Money (On Status Screen)
    _L 801B801C C350
    _C0 No Random Battles (Overhead Map)
    _L 8017D5F4 0000
    _C0 No Random Battles (Everywhere Else)
    _L 80199B40 0000
    _C0 No Random (Overhead Map)
    _L 8012766C 0000
    _L 8012766E 0000
    _C0 No Random (Everywhere Else)
    _L 801325C0 0000
    _L 801325C2 0000
    _C0 Time Saved as 0'00'
    _L 801B9B8C 0000
    _L 801B9B8E 0000
    _C0 Have All Items
    _L 301B8091 0063
    _L 50005602 0000
    _L 801B8092 6363
    _L 301B813E 0063
    _L 301B8141 0063
    _L 301B8142 0063
    _C0 Max Money (On Status Screen)
    _L 801B801C 967F
    _L 801B801E 0098
    _C0 HERO: Infinite HP
    _L 801B829A 03E7
    _C0 HERO: Infinite Max HP
    _L 801B8298 03E7
    _C0 HERO: Infinite MP (1)
    _L 301B829D 0009
    _C0 HERO: Infinite MP (2)
    _L 301B829E 0009
    _C0 HERO: Infinite MP (3)
    _L 301B829F 0009
    _C0 HERO: Infinite MP (4)
    _L 301B82A0 0009
    _C0 HERO: Max PWR
    _L 301B82A4 0063
    _C0 HERO: Max SKL
    _L 301B82A5 0063
    _C0 HERO: Max DEF
    _L 301B82A6 0063
    _C0 HERO: Max SPD
    _L 301B82A7 0063
    _C0 HERO: Max MGC
    _L 301B82A8 0063
    _C0 HERO: Max LUK
    _L 301B82A9 0063
    _S EXE\SCUS94
    _G WildARMs
    _C0 Infinite Money
    _L 801341DC 967F
    _L 801341DE 0098
    _C0 Infinite Items (All Positions)
    _L 800470F6 2400
    _C0 Infinite Item in 1st Position
    _L 8013404C 0163
    _C0 No Random Battles
    _L 800E1100 0000
    _L 800E1104 0000
    _C0 Instant Level up
    _L 800D2A74 FFFF
    _L 800D2A76 00FF
    _C0 Infinite Bullets (All Arms-Rudy)
    _L 8009D93A 2400
    _C0 Map Select Debug Menu
    _L 8012F8BC 0009
    _C0 Have All Items
    _L 5000FB01 0001
    _L 30133F4C 0000
    _L 5000FB01 0000
    _L 3013404C 00FF
    _C0 You Can Turn While Running
    _L E00D3018 0040
    _L 80132360 FF00
    _C0 RUDY:Infinite HP
    _L 80133DF0 270F
    _C0 RUDY:Max HP
    _L 80133DF2 270F
    _C0 RUDY:Infinite MP
    _L 80133DF4 270F
    _C0 RUDY:Max MP
    _L 80133DF6 270F
    _C0 RUDY:Experience Modifier
    _L 80133E0C ????
    _C0 RUDY:Instant Level 99
    _L 80133E0E 0FFF
    _C0 RUDY:High STR & ATF
    _L 80133DF8 03E7
    _C0 RUDY:High VIT & DEF
    _L 80133DFA 03E7
    _C0 RUDY:High SOR & MGR
    _L 80133DFC 03E7
    _C0 RUDY:High RES & FRY
    _L 80133DFE 03E7
    _C0 Jack:Infinite HP
    _L 80133E24 270F
    _C0 Jack:Max HP
    _L 80133E26 270F
    _C0 Jack:Infinite MP
    _L 80133E28 270F
    _C0 Jack:Max MP
    _L 80133E2A 270F
    _C0 Jack:Experience Modifier
    _L 80133E40 ????
    _C0 Jack:Instant Level 99
    _L 80133E42 0FFF
    _C0 Jack:High STR & ATF
    _L 80133E2C 03E7
    _C0 Jack:High VIT & DEF
    _L 80133E2E 03E7
    _C0 Jack:High SOR & MGR
    _L 80133E30 03E7
    _C0 Jack:High RES & FRY
    _L 80133E32 03E7
    _C0 Cecilia:Infinite HP
    _L 80133E58 270F
    _C0 Cecilia:Max HP
    _L 80133E5A 270F
    _C0 Cecilia:Infinite MP
    _L 80133E5C 270F
    _C0 Cecilia:Max MP
    _L 80133E5E 270F
    _C0 Cecilia:Experience Modifier
    _L 80133E74 ????
    _C0 Cecilia:Instant Level 99
    _L 80133E76 0FFF
    _C0 Cecilia:High STR & ATF
    _L 80133E60 03E7
    _C0 Cecilia:High VIT & DEF
    _L 80133E62 03E7
    _C0 Cecilia:High SOR & MGR
    _L 80133E64 03E7
    _C0 Cecilia:High RES & FRY
    _L 80133E66 03E7
    _S SLUS_00748
    _G Resident Evil 2:Leon
    _C0 Infinite Items (All Positions) [Note 8]
    _L 30064D21 0000
    _C0 The 4th Survivor Mode Main Menu [Note 9]
    _L 800C7CE4 0048
    _C0 The Tofu Survivor Mode Main Menu [Note 10]
    _L 800C7CE4 0049
    _C0 Play Bio Hazard 2 Mode [Note 11]
    _L D000E3A4 0000
    _L 300C7CE4 0000
    _C0 Start on 2nd Scenario From New Game
    _L 300C7D07 0040
    _C0 Instant Reset [Note 12]
    _L D00C646C 0900
    _L 300C7CE7 0000
    _C0 Suicide [Note 13]
    _L D00C646C 000F
    _L 300C7CE4 0045
    _C0 Infinite Health
    _L 800C7E7A 00C8
    _C0 Super Mega Rapid Fire (All Weapons) [Note 14]
    _L D00C646C 0048
    _L 800C7E70 000B
    _C0 Action Modifier
    _L 800C7E70 00??
    _C0 Sub-Machine Rocket Launcher [Note 15]
    _L D00C7E32 000F
    _L 300C7E32 0011
    _C0 Hyper Mode
    _L 800A3FE4 0000
    _C0 Slow Motion
    _L 800A3FE4 FFFF
    _C0 Quickly Beat The Game [Note 16]
    _L D00C646C 0001
    _L 8000E3A4 4AC8
    _C0 Makes Game Think You Havent Saved Before
    _L 800CC7F0 0000
    _C0 Always Have Fine Condition
    _L 800C7F3C 0000
    _C0 Ada Has Invisible Body (Except For Lower Legs & Arms)
    _L 800C7D2C 800E
    _C0 Character Modifier [Note 17]
    _L 800CC958 00??
    _C0 Walk Thru Walls [Note 18]
    _L D00C646C 0001
    _L 800C7E2A 0C0F
    _L D00C646C 0004
    _L 800C7E2A 1100
    _C0 Quick Chest Access [Note 19]
    _L D00C646C 0021
    _L 800CDC80 0001
    _C0 Quick Map Access [Note 20]
    _L D00C646C 0024
    _L 800CDC80 0003
    _C0 Quick Item Access [Note 21]
    _L D00C646C 0025
    _L 800CDC80 0002
    _L D00C646C 0025
    _L 300CC35D ????
    _C0 Quick Save Access [Note 22]
    _L D00C646C 0044
    _L 800CC5C8 E5B0
    _L D00C646C 0044
    _L 800CC5CA 8004
    _C0 Always Have Backpack Equipped [Note 23]
    _L 800CC9EC 0001
    _C0 Stop Clock When Fighting Lass Boss of The Game
    _L 800CC95E 012C
    _C0 Super Ridiculous Code [Note 24]
    _L D00C646C 0004
    _L 300C7E72 0009
    _C0 Super Ridiculous Code II [Note 25]
    _L 300C7D04 0003
    _C0 Fun With The Calico 950 [Note 26]
    _L D00C7E32 000D
    _L 300C7E32 00??
    _C0 Always Play FMV Modifier
    _L 300CC366 00??
    _C0 Location Modifier [Note 27]
    _L D00C646C 000C
    _L 300CC948 000?
    _L D00C646C 000C
    _L 300CC94A 00??
    _C0 Normal Costume Modifiers Codes
    _L 800CC958 0000
    _L 800CCB5A 0000
    _C0 1st Outfit Costume Modifiers Codes
    _L 800CC958 000A
    _L 800CCB5A 0001
    _C0 2nd Outfit Costume Modifiers Codes
    _L 800CC958 0008
    _L 800CCB5A 0400
    _C0 Costume Locker Open
    _L 800CC996 0001
    _C0 Unlock Hallside Doors
    _L 800CC98A 0200
    _C0 Raccoon City Alley Shortcut [Note 28]
    _L D00CC94A 0002
    _L 300CC94A 001D
    _C0 Have All Events Done (1 of 9)
    _L 800CC95A FFFF
    _L 800CC95C FFFF
    _L 800CC95E FFFF
    _L 800CC960 FFFF
    _L 800CC962 FFFF
    _L 800CC964 FFFF
    _L 800CC966 FFFF
    _L 800CC968 FFFF
    _L 800CC96A FFFF
    _L 800CC96C FFFF
    _L 800CC96E FFFF
    _L 800CC970 FFFF
    _L 800CC972 FFFF
    _L 800CC974 FFFF
    _L 800CC976 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (2 of 9)
    _L 800CC978 FFFF
    _L 800CC97A FFFF
    _L 800CC97C FFFF
    _L 800CC97E FFFF
    _L 800CC980 FFFF
    _L 800CC982 FFFF
    _L 800CC984 FFFF
    _L 800CC986 FFFF
    _L 800CC988 FFFF
    _L 800CC98A FFFF
    _L 800CC98C FFFF
    _L 800CC98E FFFF
    _L 800CC990 FFFF
    _L 800CC992 FFFF
    _L 800CC994 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (3 of 9)
    _L 800CC996 FFFF
    _L 800CC998 FFFF
    _L 800CC99A FFFF
    _L 800CC99C FFFF
    _L 800CC99E FFFF
    _L 800CC9A0 FFFF
    _L 800CC9A2 FFFF
    _L 800CC9A4 FFFF
    _L 800CC9A6 FFFF
    _L 800CC9A8 FFFF
    _L 800CC9AA FFFF
    _L 800CC9AC FFFF
    _L 800CC9AE FFFF
    _L 800CC9B0 FFFF
    _L 800CC9B2 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (4 of 9)
    _L 800CC9B4 FFFF
    _L 800CC9B6 FFFF
    _L 800CC9B8 FFFF
    _L 800CC9BA FFFF
    _L 800CC9BC FFFF
    _L 800CC9BE FFFF
    _L 800CC9C0 FFFF
    _L 800CC9C2 FFFF
    _L 800CC9C4 FFFF
    _L 800CC9C6 FFFF
    _L 800CC9C8 FFFF
    _L 800CC9CA FFFF
    _L 800CC9CC FFFF
    _L 800CC9CE FFFF
    _L 800CC9D0 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (5 of 9)
    _L 800CC9D2 FFFF
    _L 800CC9D4 FFFF
    _L 800CC9D6 FFFF
    _L 800CC9D8 FFFF
    _L 800CC9DA FFFF
    _L 800CC9DC FFFF
    _L 800CC9DE FFFF
    _L 800CC9E0 FFFF
    _L 800CC9E2 FFFF
    _L 800CC9E4 FFFF
    _L 800CC9E6 FFFF
    _L 800CC9E8 FFFF
    _L 800CC9EA FFFF
    _L 800CC9EC FFFF
    _L 800CC9EE FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (6 of 9)
    _L 800CC9F0 FFFF
    _L 800CC9F2 FFFF
    _L 800CC9F4 FFFF
    _L 800CC9F6 FFFF
    _L 800CC9F8 FFFF
    _L 800CC9FA FFFF
    _L 800CC9FC FFFF
    _L 800CC9FE FFFF
    _L 800CCA00 FFFF
    _L 800CCA02 FFFF
    _L 800CCA04 FFFF
    _L 800CCA06 FFFF
    _L 800CCA08 FFFF
    _L 800CCA0A FFFF
    _L 800CCA0C FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (7 of 9)
    _L 800CCA0E FFFF
    _L 800CCA10 FFFF
    _L 800CCA12 FFFF
    _L 800CCA14 FFFF
    _L 800CCA16 FFFF
    _L 800CCA18 FFFF
    _L 800CCA1A FFFF
    _L 800CCA1C FFFF
    _L 800CCA1E FFFF
    _L 800CCA20 FFFF
    _L 800CCA22 FFFF
    _L 800CCA24 FFFF
    _L 800CCA26 FFFF
    _L 800CCA28 FFFF
    _L 800CCA2A FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (8 of 9)
    _L 800CCA2C FFFF
    _L 800CCA2E FFFF
    _L 800CCA30 FFFF
    _L 800CCA32 FFFF
    _L 800CCA34 FFFF
    _L 800CCA36 FFFF
    _L 800CCA38 FFFF
    _L 800CCA3A FFFF
    _L 800CCA3C FFFF
    _L 800CCA3E FFFF
    _L 800CCA40 FFFF
    _L 800CCA42 FFFF
    _L 800CCA44 FFFF
    _L 800CCA46 FFFF
    _L 800CCA48 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (9 of 9)
    _L 800CCA4A FFFF
    _L 800CCA4C FFFF
    _L 800CCA4E FFFF
    _L 800CCA50 FFFF
    _L 800CCA52 FFFF
    _C0 Death & Resurrection (Press L1/L2)
    _L D00C646C 0001
    _L 800C7D28 0003
    _L D00C646C 0004
    _L 800C7D28 0001
    _C0 Movie Mode (Press L1/L2)
    _L D00C646C 0004
    _L 300C7D04 0010
    _L D00C646C 0001
    _L 300C7D04 0000
    _C0 No Shadow
    _L 800C6780 0000
    _C0 Earthquake Mode
    _L 800C7D04 0004
    _S SLUS_00592
    _G Resident Evil 2:CLAIRE
    _C0 Infinite Items (All Positions) [Note 8]
    _L 30064CE9 0000
    _C0 The 4th Survivor Mode Main Menu [Note 9]
    _L 800C7AAC 0048
    _C0 The Tofu Survivor Mode Main Menu [Note 10]
    _L 800C7AAC 0049
    _C0 Play Bio Hazard 2 Mode [Note 11]
    _L D000E3A4 0000
    _L 300C7AAC 0000
    _C0 Start on 2nd Scenario From New Game
    _L 300C7ACF 00C0
    _C0 Instant Reset [Note 12]
    _L D00C6234 0900
    _L 300C7AAF 0000
    _C0 Suicide [Note 13]
    _L D00C6234 000F
    _L 300C7AAC 0045
    _C0 Infinite Health
    _L 800C7C42 00C8
    _C0 Super Mega Rapid Fire (All Weapons) [Note 14]
    _L D00C6234 0048
    _L 800C7C38 000B
    _C0 Action Modifier
    _L 800C7C38 00??
    _C0 Sub-Machine Rocket Launcher [Note 15]
    _L D00C7BFA 000F
    _L 300C7BFA 0011
    _C0 Hyper Mode
    _L 800A3EAC 0000
    _C0 Slow Motion
    _L 800A3EAC FFFF
    _C0 Quickly Beat The Game [Note 16]
    _L D00C6234 0001
    _L 8000E3A4 4AC8
    _C0 Makes Game Think You Havent Saved Before
    _L 800CC5B8 0000
    _C0 Always Have Fine Condition
    _L 800C7D04 0000
    _C0 Character Modifier [Note 17]
    _L 800CC720 00??
    _C0 Walk Thru Walls [Note 18]
    _L D00C6234 0001
    _L 800C7BF2 0C0F
    _L D00C6234 0004
    _L 800C7BF2 1100
    _C0 Quick Chest Access [Note 19]
    _L D00C6234 0021
    _L 800CDA48 0001
    _C0 Quick Map Access [Note 20]
    _L D00C6234 0024
    _L 800CDA48 0003
    _C0 Quick Item Access [Note 21]
    _L D00C6234 0025
    _L 800CDA48 0002
    _L D00C6234 0025
    _L 300CC125 ????
    _C0 Quick Save Access [Note 22]
    _L D00C6234 0044
    _L 800CC390 E534
    _L D00C6234 0044
    _L 800CC392 8004
    _C0 Always Have Backpack Equipped [Note 23]
    _L 800CC7B4 0001
    _C0 Stop Clock When FIghting Lass Boss of The Game
    _L 800CC726 012C
    _C0 Super Ridiculous Code [Note 24]
    _L D00C6234 0004
    _L 300C7C3A 0009
    _C0 Super Ridiculous Code II [Note 25]
    _L 300C7ACC 0003
    _C0 Always Play FMV Modifier
    _L 300CC12E 00??
    _C0 Location Modifier [Note 26]
    _L D00C6234 000C
    _L 300CC710 000?
    _L D00C6234 000C
    _L 300CC712 00??
    _C0 Normal Costume Modifiers Codes
    _L 800CC720 0000
    _L 800CCB5A 0000
    _C0 1st Outfit Costume Modifiers Codes
    _L 800CC720 000A
    _L 800CCB5A 0001
    _C0 Raccoon City Alley Shortcut [Note 27]
    _L D00CC712 0002
    _L 300CC712 001D
    _C0 Have All Events Done (1 of 9)
    _L 800CC722 FFFF
    _L 800CC724 FFFF
    _L 800CC726 FFFF
    _L 800CC728 FFFF
    _L 800CC72A FFFF
    _L 800CC72C FFFF
    _L 800CC72E FFFF
    _L 800CC730 FFFF
    _L 800CC732 FFFF
    _L 800CC734 FFFF
    _L 800CC736 FFFF
    _L 800CC738 FFFF
    _L 800CC73A FFFF
    _L 800CC73C FFFF
    _L 800CC73E FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (2 of 9)
    _L 800CC740 FFFF
    _L 800CC742 FFFF
    _L 800CC744 FFFF
    _L 800CC746 FFFF
    _L 800CC748 FFFF
    _L 800CC74A FFFF
    _L 800CC74C FFFF
    _L 800CC74E FFFF
    _L 800CC750 FFFF
    _L 800CC752 FFFF
    _L 800CC754 FFFF
    _L 800CC756 FFFF
    _L 800CC758 FFFF
    _L 800CC75A FFFF
    _L 800CC75C FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (3 of 9)
    _L 800CC75E FFFF
    _L 800CC760 FFFF
    _L 800CC762 FFFF
    _L 800CC764 FFFF
    _L 800CC766 FFFF
    _L 800CC768 FFFF
    _L 800CC76A FFFF
    _L 800CC76C FFFF
    _L 800CC76E FFFF
    _L 800CC770 FFFF
    _L 800CC772 FFFF
    _L 800CC774 FFFF
    _L 800CC776 FFFF
    _L 800CC778 FFFF
    _L 800CC77A FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (4 of 9)
    _L 800CC77C FFFF
    _L 800CC77E FFFF
    _L 800CC780 FFFF
    _L 800CC782 FFFF
    _L 800CC784 FFFF
    _L 800CC786 FFFF
    _L 800CC788 FFFF
    _L 800CC78A FFFF
    _L 800CC78C FFFF
    _L 800CC78E FFFF
    _L 800CC790 FFFF
    _L 800CC792 FFFF
    _L 800CC794 FFFF
    _L 800CC796 FFFF
    _L 800CC798 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (5 of 9)
    _L 800CC79A FFFF
    _L 800CC79C FFFF
    _L 800CC79E FFFF
    _L 800CC7A0 FFFF
    _L 800CC7A2 FFFF
    _L 800CC7A4 FFFF
    _L 800CC7A6 FFFF
    _L 800CC7A8 FFFF
    _L 800CC7AA FFFF
    _L 800CC7AC FFFF
    _L 800CC7AE FFFF
    _L 800CC7B0 FFFF
    _L 800CC7B2 FFFF
    _L 800CC7B4 FFFF
    _L 800CC7B6 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (6 of 9)
    _L 800CC7B8 FFFF
    _L 800CC7BA FFFF
    _L 800CC7BC FFFF
    _L 800CC7BE FFFF
    _L 800CC7C0 FFFF
    _L 800CC7C2 FFFF
    _L 800CC7C4 FFFF
    _L 800CC7C6 FFFF
    _L 800CC7C8 FFFF
    _L 800CC7CA FFFF
    _L 800CC7CC FFFF
    _L 800CC7CE FFFF
    _L 800CC7D0 FFFF
    _L 800CC7D2 FFFF
    _L 800CC7D4 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (7 of 9)
    _L 800CC7D6 FFFF
    _L 800CC7D8 FFFF
    _L 800CC7DA FFFF
    _L 800CC7DC FFFF
    _L 800CC7DE FFFF
    _L 800CC7E0 FFFF
    _L 800CC7E2 FFFF
    _L 800CC7E4 FFFF
    _L 800CC7E6 FFFF
    _L 800CC7E8 FFFF
    _L 800CC7EA FFFF
    _L 800CC7EC FFFF
    _L 800CC7EE FFFF
    _L 800CC7F0 FFFF
    _L 800CC7F2 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (8 of 9)
    _L 800CC7F4 FFFF
    _L 800CC7F6 FFFF
    _L 800CC7F8 FFFF
    _L 800CC7FA FFFF
    _L 800CC7FC FFFF
    _L 800CC7FE FFFF
    _L 800CC800 FFFF
    _L 800CC802 FFFF
    _L 800CC804 FFFF
    _L 800CC806 FFFF
    _L 800CC808 FFFF
    _L 800CC80A FFFF
    _L 800CC80C FFFF
    _L 800CC80E FFFF
    _L 800CC810 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Events Done (9 of 9)
    _L 800CC812 FFFF
    _L 800CC814 FFFF
    _L 800CC816 FFFF
    _L 800CC818 FFFF
    _L 800CC81A FFFF
    _C0 Death & Resurrection (Press L1/L2)
    _L D00C6234 0004
    _L 800C7AF0 0001
    _L D00C6234 0001
    _L 800C7AF0 0003
    _C0 Movie Mode (Press L1/L2)
    _L D00C6234 0004
    _L 300C7ACC 0010
    _L D00C6234 0001
    _L 300C7ACC 0000
    _C0 Earthquake Mode
    _L 800C7ACC 0004
    _S SLUS_00603
    _G Megaman Legends
    _C0 Max Zenny
    _L 800C1B2C 423F
    _L 800C1B2E 000F
    _C0 Infinite Life
    _L 800B521E 00C4
    _C0 Time 00:00
    _L 800C1B1C 0000
    _L 800C1B1E 0000
    _C0 Have All Normal Items
    _L 800BE420 FFFF
    _L 800BE422 FFFF
    _L 800BE424 FFFF
    _L 800BE426 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Special Items
    _L 800BE41C FFFF
    _L 800BE41E FFFF
    _C0 Have All Special Weapons [Note 1]
    _L 800BE410 FFFF
    _C0 Equipped Special Weapon Modifier [Note 2]
    _L 300B5322 000?
    _C0 Equipped Special Weapon Always Active Modifier [Note 3]
    _L 300B5320 000?
    _C0 None Event Based Special Items [Note 4]
    _L 800BE41C 03F7
    _L 800BE41E FFFF
    _C0 Mega Buster Always Enabled
    _L 300BE321 0001
    _C0 Infinite Special Weapon Power
    _L 800357FC D623
    _L 800D895E 2400
    _L 800D8B5E 2400
    _L 800D8BBE 2400
    _C0 Invincible MegaMan
    _L 300B52C0 0001
    _C0 Invisible MegaMan
    _L 300B52C1 001F
    _C0 Cameleon Net Always Active
    _L 800BBD96 06BB
    _C0 Defense Shield Always Active
    _L 800BBD94 031E
    _C0 Infinite Health Boat & Airship
    _L 80100E02 2400
    _C0 Air Walker
    _L D00C0C26 4000
    _L 800B51B8 0001
    _C0 Mega Jump
    _L D00B52CC 4000
    _L 800B51D2 FA00
    _C0 Moon Jump
    _L D00B52CC 4000
    _L 300B51F7 00FE
    _C0 Walk Through Walls [Note 5]
    _L D004B464 0052
    _L 8004B466 10E0
    _L D00B51B8 0201
    _L 8004B466 1000
    _L D004B464 0052
    _L 8003C706 0441
    _L D00B51B8 0201
    _L 8003C706 1000
    _C0 Stop The Clock (Racing Mini-Games Only)
    _L 800BF520 007F
    _C0 Enable Difficulty Selection
    _L 800C1B28 423F
    _L 800C1B2A 423F
    _L 800C1B2C 423F
    _C0 Infinite Ammo-Splash Mines & Machine Buster
    _L 800B56BA 0063
    _C0 Infinite Ammo-Powered Buster
    _L 800B56C2 0063
    _C0 Infinite Ammo-Blade Arm
    _L 800B56F2 0063
    _C0 Infinite Ammo-Shield Arm
    _L 800B570A 0063
    _C0 Infinite Ammo-Grand Grenade
    _L 800B56FA 0063
    _C0 Infinite Ammo-Grenade Arm
    _L 800B56D2 0063
    _C0 Infinite Ammo-Spread Buster
    _L 800B56DA 0063
    _C0 Have Super Mega Blaster
    _L 800B56AC 0776
    _L 800B56AE 7607
    _S SLUS_01140
    _G Megaman Legends 2
    _C0 Infinite Zenny
    _L 8009C820 FFFF
    _C0 Max Zenny
    _L 8009C820 967F
    _L 8009C822 0098
    _C0 Time 0:00:00
    _L 8009C818 0000
    _L 8009C81A 0000
    _C0 Infinite Health
    _L 8008C120 0200
    _C0 Max Health
    _L 8008C122 0200
    _C0 Invincible
    _L 3008C19C 00FF
    _C0 Equipped Helmet Modifier
    _L 3008C252 00??
    _C0 Equipped Shoes Modifier
    _L 3008C253 00??
    _C0 Equipped Armor Modifier
    _L 3008C254 00??
    _C0 Equipped Buster Part 1 Modifier
    _L 3008C258 00??
    _C0 Equipped Buster Part 2 Modifier
    _L 3008C259 00??
    _C0 Have All Buster Parts (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
    _L 50001F01 0001
    _L 3008C25C 0001
    _C0 Infinite Time (Diggers Test)
    _L 8009C910 1517
    _C0 Infinite Water Pressure (To Put Out Flames)
    _L 8008C24A 0100
    _C0 Press L2+X For Moon Jump (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
    _L E009BEF9 0041
    _L 8008C0EA FF20
    _C0 Poisoned By Little Slugs Wears Off Very Quickly
    _L 8008C168 0000
    _C0 Max Attack
    _L 3008C2B4 0007
    _C0 Max Energy
    _L 3008C2B5 0007
    _C0 Max Range
    _L 3008C2B6 0007
    _C0 Max Rapid
    _L 3008C2B7 0007
    _C0 Max Upgrade-All Special Weapons (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
    _L 50006E01 0000
    _L 3008C2BC 0003
    _C0 Have All Items
    _L 800985C8 7F1F
    _L 800985CA FFF0
    _L 800985CC FFFF
    _L 800985CE F03F
    _L 800985D0 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Key Items
    _L 800985C2 07FF
    _L 800985C4 FFF2
    _L 800985C6 0F8F
    _C0 Equipped Buster Part 3 Modifier
    _L 3008C25A 00??
    _C0 Walk Thru Walls [Note 1]
    _L D009BEF8 4100
    _L 800417FE 2400
    _L D009BEF8 4100
    _L 800C4770 0000
    _L D009BEF8 4100
    _L 800B35E6 1000
    _L D009BEF8 4100
    _L 800B3606 1000
    _L D009BEF8 2100
    _L 800417FE AE02
    _L D009BEF8 2100
    _L 800C4770 0008
    _L D009BEF8 2100
    _L 800B35E6 1040
    _L D009BEF8 2100
    _L 800B3606 1040
    _C0 Rising Jump (Press X)
    _L D009BED2 BFFF
    _L 8008C0EA FD80
    _C0 Continuous Jump (Press X)
    _L D009BED2 BFFF
    _L 8008C07A 0001
    _C0 Air Walking (Press Start In The Air)
    _L D008C1BE 0008
    _L 8008C0B8 0001
    _C0 Max Charged Special Weapon
    _L 8008C242 7FFF
    _S SLUS_00594
    _G Metal Gear Solid
    _C0 Have Socom Pistol
    _L 800B7532 03E7
    _L 800B7546 03E7
    _C0 Have Famas
    _L 800B7534 03E7
    _L 800B7548 03E7
    _C0 Have Grenades
    _L 800B7536 03E7
    _L 800B754A 03E7
    _C0 Have Nikita
    _L 800B7538 03E7
    _L 800B754C 03E7
    _C0 Have Stinger
    _L 800B753A 03E7
    _L 800B754E 03E7
    _C0 Have Claymore Mines
    _L 800B753C 03E7
    _L 800B7550 03E7
    _C0 Have C4
    _L 800B753E 03E7
    _L 800B7552 03E7
    _C0 Have Stun Grenades
    _L 800B7540 03E7
    _L 800B7554 03E7
    _C0 Have Chaff Grenades
    _L 800B7542 03E7
    _L 800B7556 03E7
    _C0 Have Sniper Rifle
    _L 800B7544 03E7
    _L 800B7558 03E7
    _C0 Have Cigs
    _L 800B755A 0001
    _C0 Have Scope
    _L 800B755C 0001
    _C0 Have C.Box A
    _L 800B755E 0001
    _C0 Have C.Box B
    _L 800B7560 0001
    _C0 Have C.Box C
    _L 800B7562 0001
    _C0 Have N.V.G.
    _L 800B7564 0001
    _C0 Have Therm.G
    _L 800B7566 0001
    _C0 Have Gas Mask
    _L 800B7568 0001
    _C0 Have B.Armor
    _L 800B756A 0001
    _C0 Have Ketchup
    _L 800B756C 0001
    _C0 Have Stealth
    _L 800B756E 0001
    _C0 Have Bandana
    _L 800B7570 0001
    _C0 Have Camera
    _L 800B7572 0001
    _C0 Have 255 Rations
    _L 800B7574 03E7
    _L 800B758A 03E7
    _C0 Have 255 Medicine
    _L 800B7576 03E7
    _L 800B758C 03E7
    _C0 Have 255 Diazepam
    _L 800B7578 03E7
    _L 800B758E 03E7
    _C0 Have PAL Key
    _L 800B757A 0001
    _C0 Have Level 100 Key Card
    _L 800B757C 0064
    _C0 Never Have Time Bomb
    _L 800B757E 0000
    _C0 Have Mine Detector
    _L 800B7580 0001
    _C0 Have MO Disc
    _L 800B7582 0001
    _C0 Have Rope
    _L 800B7584 0001
    _C0 Have Handker
    _L 800B7586 0001
    _C0 Have Suppressor Active
    _L 800B7588 0000
    _C0 Infinite Life [Note 1]
    _L 800B7526 0600
    _C0 Max Life
    _L 800B7528 0600
    _C0 Invulnerability [Note 2]
    _L 800AE1CA 0080
    _C0 Snap Necks Instantly [Note 3]
    _L D00AE0C8 00C0
    _L 800AE1B8 0027
    _C0 Always Instantly Snap Necks [Note 4]
    _L D00AE1B8 0007
    _L 800AE1B8 0027
    _C0 Infinite Air
    _L 800AE1AC 0400
    _C0 Ghost Mode
    _L 800AE188 0000
    _L 800AE18A 0000
    _C0 Never Get A Cold
    _L 800B752A 0000
    _C0 Radar Not Jammed When Spotted
    _L 800AE178 0000
    _C0 All Modes VR Training
    _L 300B672B 0020
    _C0 Weapon Equipped Modifier Code
    _L 800B752C ????
    _C0 Item Equipped Modifier Code
    _L 800B752E ????
    _C0 Walk Thru Walls
    _L 80027250 9CC4
    _L 80027252 0800
    _C0 Ocelot Has 0 Bullets
    _L 80167CA8 0000
    _C0 Infinite 3:00 Fight Time
    _L 800E72BC 1475
    _C0 Infinite Time-Jeep Chase
    _L 800E1258 FFFF
    _C0 Liquid-No Health Final Fight
    _L 8017997C 0000
    _C0 Press R1 For An Easy Fight Against Ninja
    _L D00B2D58 0008
    _L 8015B59C 0000
    _C0 Press R1 For An Easy Fight Against Mantis [Note 5]
    _L D00B2D58 0008
    _L 801B8CB6 0000
    _C0 Press R1 For Meryil+Health S.Wolf
    _L D00B2D58 0008
    _L 80174A50 0080
    _C0 Press R1 For A Quick Battle With Hind D [Note 6]
    _L D00B2D58 0008
    _L 80154AB4 0000
    _C0 Press R1 For Quick S.Wolf Snow Fight [Note 7]
    _L D00B2D58 0008
    _L 8016FE78 0000
    _C0 Press R1 For A Quick Metal Gear Battle
    _L D00B2D58 0008
    _L 800B8EF6 0000
    _C0 Press R1 For Quick Battle With Raven
    _L D00B2D58 0008
    _L 80157408 0000
    _C0 Press R1 For Normal PAL Key
    _L D00B2D58 0008
    _L 800B7592 0000
    _C0 Press R2 For Hot PAL Key
    _L D00B2D58 0002
    _L 800B7592 0001
    _C0 Press L1 For Cold PAL Key
    _L D00B2D58 0004
    _L 800B7592 0002
    _C0 Never Reload
    _L 800AE164 000D
    _C0 Extra Ammo Socom Pistol
    _L 80067CD0 0001
    _C0 Extra Ammo Famas
    _L 800682EC 0001
    _C0 Extra Ammo Stinger
    _L 8006951C 0001
    _C0 Extra Ammo Claymore Mines
    _L 800698D0 0001
    _C0 Extra Ammo C-4
    _L 80069C1C 0001
    _C0 Extra Ammo PSG1 Rifle
    _L 8006A370 0001
    _C0 Extra Ammo Nikita
    _L 80068FD8 0001
    _C0 Get Big Boss Rank
    _L 300B75AC 0000
    _L 300B75AE 0000
    _L 300B75BC 0000
    _L 300B75BE 0000
    _L 300B75C0 0000
    _L 300B75C6 0000
    _L 800B75C8 0000
    _C0 Press L2+R2 For First Person Mode
    _L D00AE0C8 0013
    _L 300AE1C8 0000
    _C0 Radar Access In Hard/Extreme Mode
    _L 300B7515 0000
    _S SLUS_00707
    _G Silent Hill
    _C0 Have Max Slots
    _L 300BCADF 0028
    _C0 Infinite Health
    _L 300BA0BD 0040
    _L 800BA0BE 0006
    _C0 Infinite Ammo All Weapons/No Reload
    _L 800BA008 0001
    _C0 Have Map
    _L 800BCB98 0002
    _C0 Weapon-In-Hand Modifier
    _L 300BCADE 00??
    _C0 Walk Thru Walls [Note 1]
    _L 8006A5B8 A997
    _L 8006A5BA 0801
    _L 8006A694 A9AE
    _L 8006A696 0801
    _C0 Always First Save
    _L 800BCADA 0000
    _C0 Quick Load [Note 2]
    _L D00BC76C 0110
    _L 800BCCBC 0008
    _C0 Save Anywhere-Press L1+Circle
    _L D00BC76C 2400
    _L 800B9FC8 0009
    _C0 Maxium Brightness In Options
    _L 300BC74B 001F
    _C0 Roller Skate Mode
    _L 800BA132 3800
    _C0 Infinite All Items 1
    _L 50002804 0000
    _L 300BCA35 00FF
    _C0 Game Time 0:0:0
    _L 800BCC84 0000
    _L 800BCC86 0000
    _C0 Infinite All Items 2
    _L 8005346E 2400
    _C0 Radio Always On
    _L 800BCAE0 0001
    _C0 Completed Map
    _L 800BCC08 FFFF
    _L 800BCC0A FFFF
    _L 800BCC0C FFFF
    _L 800BCC0E FFFF
    _L 800BCC10 FFFF
    _C0 Flashlight Always On
    _L 800BC35C 0100
    _C0 Control Demo Mode [Note 3]
    _L D00BC76C 0100
    _L 800BCCB2 00E0
    _L D00BC76C 0100
    _L 800BC258 0004
    _C0 All Weapons [Note 4]
    _L 50000404 0001
    _L 300BCA34 00A0
    _L 50000304 0001
    _L 300BCA44 0080
    _L 50000404 0001
    _L 300BCA50 0084
    _L 300BCA60 00E2
    _C0 Have A Ten Star Ranking At End Of Game
    _L 300C48B5 0064
    _C0 How Many Games Cleared Modifier
    _L 300BCC7E 00??
    _C0 Power & Color Of HyperBlaster Beam Modifier
    _L 300BCC90 00??
    _C0 Press L2 To Kill Kill Mostly All Enemies Near You
    _L D00BC762 FEFF
    _L 800BA222 0FFF
    _L D00BC762 FEFF
    _L 800BA34A 0FFF
    _L D00BC762 FEFF
    _L 800BA472 0FFF
    _L D00BC762 FEFF
    _L 800BA59A 0FFF
    _L D00BC762 FEFF
    _L 800BA6C2 0FFF
    _L D00BC762 FEFF
    _L 800BA7EA 0FFF
    _C0 Most Enemies Dont Attack You
    _L 800BC24A 0002
    _C0 Most Enemies Cant Hit You (Except Bosses)
    _L 800BA1A4 FFFF
    _L 800BA2CC FFFF
    _L 800BA3F4 FFFF
    _L 800BA51C FFFF
    _L 800BA644 FFFF
    _L 800BA76C FFFF
    _C0 Never Get Tired Or Winded From Running
    _L 800BA108 0000
    _S SLUS_01251
    _G Final Fantasy IX
    _C0 Infinite Gold
    _L 8008B7B0 FFFF
    _C0 Max Gold
    _L 8008B7B0 967F
    _L 8008B7B2 0098
    _C0 Have All Items (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
    _L 5000FF02 0001
    _L 8008B7C4 6300
    _C0 Skip Published Square/EA Logo
    _L D00A7208 AAB7
    _L 800A720A 2400
    _C0 No Random Battles (Overworld Map)
    _L D00A897C 1821
    _L 800A899A 2400
    _C0 No Random Battles (Everywhere Else)
    _L D0038DD0 202A
    _L 80038DD6 1000
    _C0 Walk Thru Walls (Overworld Map)
    _L D00B0FB8 A021
    _L 800B0F06 2400
    _L D00B0FB8 A021
    _L 800B0FC2 2400
    _C0 Walk Thru Walls (Everywhere Else)
    _L D00C378C 3021
    _L 800C3792 1000
    _L D00C378C 3021
    _L 800C389A 1000
    _C0 Can Run From Boss Battles
    _L D00C1A40 3572
    _L 800C1A2C 00C2
    _L D00C1A40 3572
    _L 800C1A2E 2402
    _L D00C1A40 3572
    _L 800C1A52 2400
    _L D00BAECC 11C2
    _L 800BAED2 1000
    _C0 No Magic Stones Required [Note 1]
    _L D01EFFEA A222
    _L 801EFFEA 2400
    _C0 Infinite Item Usage
    _L 80027EB6 2400
    _C0 Enable Equip Option [Note 2]
    _L D01FBF88 0001
    _L 801FBF88 0101
    _C0 Infinite Magic Stones Everyone (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
    _L 50000990 0000
    _L 3008B2A3 0063
    _C0 Unlock Abilities Everyone (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
    _L 50000990 0000
    _L 3008B296 00FF
    _C0 Max Level Up
    _L 801F7AD0 967F
    _L 801F7AD2 0098
    _L 801F7AD4 FFFF
    _L 801F7AD8 FFFF
    _C0 Hyper Mode
    _L D00E9EF2 9043
    _L 800E9EF2 2800
    _L D00AEA0A 9044
    _L 800AEA0A 2800
    _L D00AC692 9044
    _L 800AC692 2800
    _C0 Always Win Card Game
    _L D00AFCB2 2403
    _L 800AFCB0 0000
    _L D00AFC86 2403
    _L 800AFC84 0000
    _C0 Complete Chocographs Over And Over Again
    _L 8007AFA8 0000
    _L 3007AFAA 0000
    _C0 Have All Chocographs
    _L 3007AFAB 00FF
    _L 8007AFAC FFFF
    _C0 Have All Chocographs Completed
    _L 8007AFA8 FFFF
    _L 8007AFAA FFFF
    _L 8007AFAC FFFF
    _C0 Finish With Max Time in Chocobo Hot & Cold Mini Game (Push R2 to End Game)
    _L 80076F74 0E75
    _L D0073930 0200
    _L 80076F74 0000
    _C0 Infinite Time In Chocobo Hot & Cold Mini Game [Note 3]
    _L 80076F74 0001
    _L D007BBC4 0009
    _L 80076F74 0000
    _C0 Chocobo Modifier [Note 4]
    _L 3007AFAF 00??
    _C0 Jump to Finish Line in Hippo Racing Push R2 + L2 [Note 5]
    _L D0073930 0300
    _L 80077F74 1400
    _L D0073930 0300
    _L 80077FA0 1400
    _C0 Chocobo Hot & Cold Points Modifier
    _L 8007AF68 ????
    _C0 Press R2 For 1:00 (Chocobo Hot & Hold) [Note 6]
    _L D0073930 0200
    _L 80076F74 0E2E
    _C0 Max Points (Chocobo Hot & Cold Game)
    _L 8007AF60 FFFF
    _C0 Chocobo's Beak Level 99
    _L 3007AF7B 0063
    _C0 No Key Items [Note 7]
    _L 50000902 0000
    _L 8008B9C4 0000
    _C0 No Key Items [Note 8]
    _L B0090002 0000
    _L 8008B9C4 0000
    _C0 Chocobo Can Land Anywhere [Note 9]
    _L D0073930 0800
    _L 800CCD38 0098
    _C0 Call Chocobo Anywhere On The World Map [Note 10]
    _L D0073930 0001
    _L 800CCCD8 3570
    _C0 999 AP After Battle
    _L D00F11B8 0001
    _L 801F0C84 03E7
    _L D00F11B8 0001
    _L 801F0C86 3403
    _L D00F11B8 0001
    _L 800FDF38 03E7
    _C0 65535 EXP After Battle
    _L D01F0C70 C320
    _L 801F0C6C FFFF
    _L D01F0C70 C320
    _L 801F0C6E 3404
    _C0 Level 99 After One Battle
    _L D00F11B8 0001
    _L 801F7A9C 967F
    _L D00F11B8 0001
    _L 801F7A9E 0098
    _L D00F11B8 0001
    _L 801F7AB8 967F
    _L D00F11B8 0001
    _L 801F7ABA 0098
    _L D00F11B8 0001
    _L 801F7AC4 967F
    _L D00F11B8 0001
    _L 801F7AC6 0098
    _L D00F11B8 0001
    _L 801F7AD0 967F
    _L D00F11B8 0001
    _L 801F7AD2 0098
    _L D00F11B8 0001
    _L 801F7ADC 967F
    _L D00F11B8 0001
    _L 801F7ADE 0098
    _C0 Thievery Does Max Damage
    _L 8008B7BA 1000
    _C0 Upgrade Cards (Best For Playing) [Note 11]
    _L 801FF9F0 FF00
    _L 801FF9F2 03FF
    _L 801FF9F4 FFFF
    _C0 Upgrade Cards (Best For Collecting) [Note 12]
    _L 801FF9F0 9C00
    _L 801FF9F2 03FF
    _L 801FF9F4 FFFF
    _C0 Retain Cards [Note 13]
    _L 301FFA04 0000
    _L 301FFA40 0000
    _L 301FFA7C 0000
    _L 301FFAB8 0000
    _L 301FFAF4 0000
    _C0 Have 1024 Jumps In Jump Rope Game On Disc 1 (Push L2 + R2 + Up)
    _L D0073930 FCEF
    _L 30077E8C 0004
    _C0 Have 1024 Jumps In Jump Rope Game On Disc 4 (Push L2 + R2 + Up)
    _L D0073930 FCEF
    _L 30077E9C 0004
    _C0 All Nobles Watching And Queen Impressed In Mini Game And Game Is Finished (Press L2 + R2 + Down)
    _L D0073930 FCBF
    _L 80077E7E 0C80
    _L D0073930 FCBF
    _L 80077E8A 0032
    _L D0073930 FCBF
    _L 80077E82 0032
    _C0 All Nobles Watching In Mini Game (Press L2 + R2 + Down)
    _L D0073930 FCBF
    _L 80077E7E 0C80
    _C0 Queen Is Impressed In Mini Game (Press L2 + R2 + Down)
    _L D0073930 FCBF
    _L 80077E8A 0032
    _C0 FF9 Checksum Bypass (Allows You To Load Broken/Modified Saved Games) D01F982C DEFE
    _L 801F9836 2400
    _C0 Perfect On Any Card Game (Push L2+R2+L1+R1 Before The Match Starts) 80008000 A021
    _L 80008002 0200
    _L 80008006 2415
    _L 80008008 0014
    _L 8000800A AC40
    _L 8000800C 0001
    _L 8000800E 9053
    _L 80008014 0008
    _L 80008016 03E0
    _L D0073B9A F0FF
    _L 800ABF0A 2800
    _L D0073B9A F0FF
    _L 800ABF02 2800
    _L D0073B9A F0FF
    _L 800ABF04 2000
    _L D0073B9A F0FF
    _L 800ABF06 0C00
    _C0 Best Card Stats (For Playing) (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
    _L 50006406 0001
    _L 3008324E 0000
    _L 50006406 0000
    _L 3008324F 00FF
    _L 50006406 0000
    _L 30083250 00FF
    _L 50006406 0000
    _L 30083251 0003
    _L 50006406 0000
    _L 30083252 00FF
    _L 50006406 0000
    _L 30083253 00FF
    _C0 Best Card Stats (For Collecting) (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
    _L 50006406 0001
    _L 3008324E 0000
    _L 50006406 0001
    _L 3008324F 009C
    _L 50006406 0000
    _L 30083250 00FF
    _L 50006406 0000
    _L 30083251 0003
    _L 50006406 0000
    _L 30083252 00FF
    _L 50006406 0000
    _L 30083253 00FF
    _C0 Have 98 Frogs [Note 14]
    _L 8008B7B8 0062
    _S SLUS_00628
    _G Lunar Silver Star Complete
    _C0 Instant Level Up To 99
    _L 800282CE 2400
    _C0 Infinite Health In Battle (All Characters)
    _L 80030660 0055
    _C0 Infinite Magic In Battle (All Characters)
    _L 8002E7E6 2400
    _C0 Walk Thru Walls
    _L 80066716 2400
    _C0 Infinite Money
    _L 801DC37C FFFF
    _C0 Max Money
    _L 801DC37C 967F
    _L 801DC37E 0098
    _C0 All Movies Open In Rememberizer
    _L 801DC3AC FFFF
    _L 801DC3AE FFFF
    _C0 All Towns Open To Travel To With Dragon Wings
    _L 801DC3DC FFFF
    _L 801DC3DE FFFF
    _S SLUS_01071
    _G Lunar 2 Eternal Blue
    _C0 Infinite Money
    _L 8008A7BC FFFF
    _C0 Max Money 8008A7BC 967F
    _L 8008A7BE 0098
    _C0 Can Run Infinitely (Action, Press Circle)
    _L D001A6C0 0B88
    _L 8001A6C2 2400
    _C0 Walk Thru Walls [Note 1]
    _L D008B1B8 0104
    _L 80025C82 1000
    _L D008B1B8 0104
    _L 80025DCA 1000
    _L D008B1B8 0101
    _L 80025C82 1040
    _L D008B1B8 0101
    _L 80025DCA 1040
    _C0 No Random Battles [Note 2]
    _L D008B1B8 0102
    _L 80007800 0000
    _L D008B1B8 0108
    _L 80007800 4D43
    _L D0007800 4D43
    _L 8008B288 000C
    _C0 Lucia's Pendant Travels Anywhere (Epilogue)
    _L 80175B9C FFFF
    _L 80175B9E FFFF
    _C0 Rememerizer Crystal Has All Events (Epilogue)
    _L 80175BC0 FFFF
    _L 80175BC2 FFFF
    _L 80175BC4 FFFF
    _L 80175BC6 FFFF
    _S SLUS_01337
    _G Strikers 1945
    _C0 P1 Infinite Lives
    _L 800996B4 0003
    _C0 P1 Score Modifier
    _L 800996B8 ????
    _C0 P1 Max Score
    _L 800996B8 967F
    _L 800996BA 0098
    _C0 P1 Infinite Help
    _L 800996B6 0002
    _C0 P1 Invisible
    _L 800996EE 00FF
    _C0 P1 Max Infinite Special
    _L 8009970A 7FFF
    _C0 P2 Infinite Lives
    _L 80099750 0003
    _C0 P2 Score Modifier
    _L 80099754 ????
    _C0 P2 Max Score
    _L 80099754 967F
    _L 80099756 0098
    _C0 P2 Infinite Help
    _L 80099752 0002
    _C0 P2 Invisible
    _L 8009978A 00FF
    _C0 P2 Max Infinite Special
    _L 800997A6 7FFF

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    PART 2... continued

    _S SLUS_00553
    _G Alundra
    _C0 Infinite Health With Max Health
    _L 801AC4AC 0032
    _L 801AC4B0 0032
    _C0 Moon Jump [Note 1]
    _L D01DD7E8 0040
    _L 801AC552 0003
    _C0 Invincible
    _L 801AC664 004E
    _C0 Infinite Money (Gilder)
    _L 801DD5C4 270F
    _L C0 Have All Keys
    _L 801DD6C4 0063
    _L 801DD6F4 0001
    _L 801DD6FC 0001
    _C0 Infinite Magic
    _L 801DD5C0 0004
    _L 801DD5C2 0004
    _L C0 Have The Bow
    _L 801DD5E8 0001
    _C0 Have The Spirit Wand
    _L 801DD5EC 0001
    _C0 Have The Legendary Sword
    _L 801DD5F0 0001
    _C0 Have The Iron Flail
    _L 801DD5F4 0001
    _C0 Have The Steel Flail
    _L 801DD5F8 0001
    _C0 Have The Ice Wand
    _L 801DD608 0001
    _C0 Have The Fire Wand
    _L 801DD610 0001
    _C0 Have 99 Gilded Falcons
    _L 801DD5CA 0063
    _C0 Have Bomb
    _L 801DD65C 0001
    _C0 Infinite Herbs
    _L 801DD660 0009
    _C0 Have Strength Elixir
    _L 801DD664 0001
    _C0 Have Magic Elixir
    _L 801DD668 0001
    _C0 Have Wonder Essence
    _L 801DD66C 0001
    _C0 Have Aqua Cape
    _L 801DD670 0001
    _C0 Have Earth Scroll
    _L 801DD67C 0001
    _C0 Have Earth Book
    _L 801DD680 0001
    _C0 Have Water Scroll
    _L 801DD684 0001
    _C0 Have Water Book
    _L 801DD688 0001
    _C0 Have Fire Scroll
    _L 801DD68C 0001
    _C0 Have Fire Book
    _L 801DD690 0001
    _C0 Have Wind Scroll
    _L 801DD694 0001
    _C0 Have Wind Book
    _L 801DD698 0001
    _C0 Have Olga's Ring
    _L 801DD69C 0001
    _C0 Have Oak's Ring
    _L 801DD6A0 0001
    _C0 Have Silver Armlet
    _L 801DD6A4 0001
    _C0 Have Nava's Charm
    _L 801DD6A8 0001
    _C0 Have Recover Ring
    _L 801DD6AC 0001
    _C0 Have Refresher
    _L 801DD6B0 0001
    _C0 Have Secret Pass
    _L 801DD6B4 0001
    _C0 Have Power Glove
    _L 801DD6BC 0001
    _C0 Have Elevator Key
    _L 801DD6C0 0001
    _C0 Have Ruby Crest
    _L 801DD6C8 0001
    _C0 Have Sapphire Crest
    _L 801DD6CC 0001
    _C0 Have Topaz Crest
    _L 801DD6D0 0001
    _C0 Have Agate Crest
    _L 801DD6D4 0001
    _C0 Have Garnet Crest
    _L 801DD6D8 0001
    _C0 Have Emerald Crest
    _L 801DD6DC 0001
    _C0 Have Bouquet
    _L 801DD6F8 0001
    _C0 Have Leather Armor
    _L 801DD618 0001
    _C0 Have Ancient Armor
    _L 801DD61C 0001
    _C0 Have Silver Armor
    _L 801DD620 0001
    _C0 Have Long Boots
    _L 801DD638 0001
    _C0 Have Merman Boots
    _L 801DD63C 0001
    _C0 Have Charm Boots
    _L 801DD640 0001
    _C0 Have Spring Bean
    _L 801DD64C 0001
    _C0 Have Sand Cape
    _L 801DD650 0001
    _C0 Have Broken Armor
    _L 801DD654 0001
    _C0 Mega Jump
    _L D01DD7E8 0040
    _L 801AC5B6 0400
    _C0 Tigger Jump (WACKY CODE)
    _L 801DD7E8 0000
    _C0 Can't Jump
    _L 801DD7E8 0040
    _C0 Slow Motion
    _L 800CB2EC 0B5F
    _C0 Opens Three Doors at Imp Temple
    _L 801DD16C 0400
    _L 801DD16E 0011
    _C0 6/8 Warp Gates Open
    _L 801DD186 00FF
    _C0 Skip FMV/Intro Screens
    _L D00255CC 9FD3
    _S SLUS_00726
    _G Brave Fencer Musashi
    _C0 Infinite HP
    _L 80078EB2 0212
    _L 80078EB4 0212
    _C0 Infinite BP
    _L 80078EB6 0212
    _L 80078EB8 0212
    _C0 Infinite Cash
    _L 80078E8E 0001
    _C0 Quick Level Gain
    _L 80078F08 FFFF
    _C0 All Rescues Complete (1)
    _L 800BA1F8 0101
    _L 800BA1FA 0101
    _L 800BA1FC 0101
    _L 800BA1FE 0101
    _L 800BA200 0101
    _L 800BA202 0101
    _L 800BA204 0101
    _L 800BA206 0101
    _L 800BA208 0101
    _L 800BA20A 0101
    _L 800BA20C 0101
    _L 800BA20E 0101
    _C0 All Rescues Complete (2)
    _L 800BA210 0101
    _L 800BA212 0101
    _L 800BA214 0101
    _L 800BA216 0101
    _L 800BA218 0101
    _L 300BA21A 0001
    _C0 Time 00:00:00
    _L 80078E7C 0000
    _L 80078E7E 0000
    _C0 Tired at 0%
    _L 80078EA6 00A0
    _C0 Stop Village Rescue Timer
    _L 80078E90 BE2A
    _L 80078E92 041B
    _C0 Stop Valve Reset Timer
    _L 801204A8 0700
    _C0 All Legendary Armor Peices
    _L 300AE64B 00FF
    _L 300AE64C 00FF
    _C0 Have All Techs
    _L 800AE658 FFFF
    _C0 Invincible
    _L 30126C00 4115
    _C0 Moon Jump
    _L D0078DCA 0040
    _L 80126B8E FFF1
    _C0 Infinite Mid-Air Jumps [Note 1]
    _L 80126D98 0000
    _C0 All Rescues Complete (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
    _L 50001102 0000
    _L 800BA1F8 0101
    _L 300BA21A 0001
    _C0 Max Body
    _L 80078EE4 031B
    _C0 Body Exp Modifier
    _L 80078EE8 0???
    _C0 Max Mind
    _L 80078EEC 031B
    _C0 Mind Exp Modifier
    _L 80078EF0 0???
    _C0 Max FUS
    _L 80078EF4 031B
    _C0 FUS Exp Modifier
    _L 80078EF8 0???
    _C0 Max LUM
    _L 80078EFC 031B
    _C0 LUM Exp Modifier
    _L 80078F00 0???
    _C0 Never Lose a Log (Raft Stage)
    _L 800BA286 0400
    _S SCUS_94263
    _G Bust A Groove
    _C0 P1 Max Dance Points
    _L 80068740 FFFF
    _C0 P1 No Dance Points
    _L 80068740 0000
    _C0 P2 Max Dance Points
    _L 80068744 FFFF
    _C0 P2 No Dance Points
    _L 80068744 0000
    _C0 P1 Infinite Attacks
    _L 80068766 0002
    _C0 P1 No Attacks
    _L 80068766 0000
    _C0 P2 Infinite Attacks
    _L 8006877A 0002
    _C0 P2 No Attacks
    _L 8006877A 0000
    _C0 P1 Max Enthusiasm
    _L 80068738 FFFF
    _C0 P1 No Enthusiasm
    _L 80068738 0000
    _C0 P2 Max Enthusiasm
    _L 8006873C FFFF
    _C0 P2 No Enthusiasm
    _L 8006873C 0000
    _C0 Press Select to End Game [Note 1]
    _L D0068790 0100
    _L 8006870A 0C01
    _C0 Enable Dance View
    _L 80051AC6 0100
    _L 80051AC8 0100
    _C0 Enable Capoeira
    _L 30051AC0 0001
    _C0 Enable Robo-Z
    _L 30051AC1 0001
    _C0 Enable Burger Dog
    _L 30051AC3 0001
    _C0 Enable Columbo
    _L 30051AC2 0001
    _S SLUS_00067
    _G Castlevania SOTN
    _C0 Player Level V99
    _L 80097BEE 0FFF
    _C0 Infinite Health
    _L 80097BA0 270F
    _C0 Max Health
    _L 80097BA4 270F
    _C0 Infinite MP
    _L 80097BB0 270F
    _C0 Max MP
    _L 80097BB4 270F
    _C0 Infinite Hearts
    _L 80097BA8 00FF
    _C0 Max Hearts
    _L 80097BAC 270F
    _C0 Infinite Gold
    _L 80097BF2 0FFF
    _C0 Max +Attribute Attack (Left)
    _L 800F4BF6 1400
    _C0 Max +Attribute Guard (Left)
    _L 800F504E 1400
    _C0 Max STR
    _L 80097BB8 03E7
    _C0 Max CON
    _L 80097BBC 03E7
    _C0 Max INT
    _L 80097BC0 03E7
    _C0 Max LCK
    _L 80097BC4 03E7
    _C0 Max EXP
    _L 80097BEC 423F
    _L 80097BEE 000F
    _C0 Have All Special Items
    _L 80097982 8180
    _L 80097984 8382
    _L 80097986 8584
    _L 80097988 8786
    _L 80097964 0303
    _L 80097966 0303
    _L 80097968 0303
    _L 8009796A 0303
    _L 8009796C 0303
    _L 8009796E 0303
    _L 80097970 0303
    _L 80097972 0303
    _L 80097974 0303
    _L 80097976 0303
    _L 80097978 0303
    _L 8009797A 0303
    _L 8009797C 0303
    _L 8009797E 0303
    _L 80097980 0303
    _C0 Have Knight Shield
    _L 30097990 0010
    _C0 Have Iron Shield
    _L 30097991 0010
    _C0 Have Axelord Shield
    _L 30097992 0010
    _C0 Have Dark Shield
    _L 30097994 0010
    _C0 Have Shaman Shield
    _L 30097996 0010
    _C0 Have Skull Shield
    _L 30097998 0010
    _C0 Have Alucard Shield
    _L 3009799A 0010
    _C0 Have Basilard
    _L 3009799C 0010
    _C0 Have Short Sword
    _L 3009799D 0010
    _C0 Have Combat Knife
    _L 3009799E 0010
    _C0 Have Nunchaku
    _L 3009799F 0010
    _C0 Have Were Bane
    _L 300979A0 0010
    _C0 Have Rapier
    _L 300979A1 0010
    _C0 Have Karma Coin
    _L 300979A2 0010
    _C0 Have Magic Missile
    _L 300979A3 0010
    _C0 Have Takemitsu
    _L 300979A5 0010
    _C0 Have Shotel
    _L 300979A6 0010
    _C0 Have Orange
    _L 300979A7 0010
    _C0 Have Banana
    _L 300979A9 0010
    _C0 Have Shiitake
    _L 300979AF 0010
    _C0 Have Parfait
    _L 300979B3 0010
    _C0 Have Spaghetti
    _L 300979C1 0010
    _C0 Have Meal Ticket
    _L 300979D0 0010
    _C0 Have Power of Sire
    _L 300979D2 0010
    _C0 Have Pentagram
    _L 300979D3 0010
    _C0 Have Bat Pentagram
    _L 300979D4 0010
    _C0 Have Shuriken
    _L 300979D5 0010
    _C0 Have Cross Shuriken
    _L 300979D6 0010
    _C0 Have Buffalo Star
    _L 300979D7 0010
    _C0 Have Flame Star
    _L 300979D8 0010
    _C0 Have Tnt
    _L 300979D9 0010
    _C0 Have Bwaka Knife
    _L 300979DA 0010
    _C0 Have Boomerang
    _L 300979DB 0010
    _C0 Have Javelin
    _L 300979DC 0010
    _C0 Have Tyrfing
    _L 300979DD 0010
    _C0 Have Namakura
    _L 300979DE 0010
    _C0 Have Knuckle Duster
    _L 300979DF 0010
    _C0 Have Sword of Hador
    _L 300979F0 0010
    _C0 Have Zwei Hander
    _L 300979F1 0010
    _C0 Have Luminus
    _L 300979F3 0010
    _C0 Have Harper
    _L 300979F4 0010
    _C0 Have Obsidian Sword
    _L 300979F5 0010
    _C0 Have Gram
    _L 300979F6 0010
    _C0 Have Jewel Sword
    _L 300979F7 0010
    _C0 Have Mormagil
    _L 300979F8 0010
    _C0 Have Fire Brand
    _L 300979F9 0010
    _C0 Have Thunderbrand
    _L 300979FA 0010
    _C0 Have Ice Brand
    _L 300979FB 0010
    _C0 Have Stone Sword
    _L 300979FC 0010
    _C0 Have Holy Sword
    _L 300979FD 0010
    _C0 Have Terminus Est
    _L 300979FE 0010
    _C0 Have Dark Blade
    _L 30097A00 0010
    _C0 Have Fist of Tulkas
    _L 30097A02 0010
    _C0 Have Gurthang
    _L 30097A03 0010
    _C0 Have Mourneblade
    _L 30097A04 0010
    _C0 Have Alucard Sword
    _L 30097A05 0010
    _C0 Have Mablung Sword
    _L 30097A06 0010
    _C0 Have Badelaire
    _L 30097A07 0010
    _C0 Have Equipable Sword Familiar
    _L 30097A08 0010
    _C0 Have Great Sword
    _L 30097A09 0010
    _C0 Have Mace
    _L 30097A0A 0010
    _C0 Have Morning Star
    _L 30097A0B 0010
    _C0 Have Star Flail
    _L 30097A0D 0010
    _C0 Have Moon Rod
    _L 30097A0E 0010
    _C0 Have Chakram
    _L 30097A0F 0010
    _C0 Have Fire Boomerang
    _L 30097A10 0010
    _C0 Have Iron Ball
    _L 30097A11 0010
    _C0 Have Holbein Dagger
    _L 30097A12 0010
    _C0 Have Blue Knuckles
    _L 30097A13 0010
    _C0 Have Dynamite
    _L 30097A14 0010
    _C0 Have Osafune Katana
    _L 30097A15 0010
    _C0 Have Masasume
    _L 30097A16 0010
    _C0 Have Muramasa
    _L 30097A17 0010
    _C0 Have Heart Refresh
    _L 30097A18 0010
    _C0 Have Rune Sword
    _L 30097A19 0010
    _C0 Have Uncurse
    _L 30097A1B 0010
    _C0 Have Strength Potion
    _L 30097A1E 0010
    _C0 Have Luck Potion
    _L 30097A1F 0010
    _C0 Have Smart Potion
    _L 30097A20 0010
    _C0 Have Attack Potion
    _L 30097A21 0010
    _C0 Have Shield Potion
    _L 30097A22 0010
    _C0 Have Resist Fire
    _L 30097A23 0010
    _C0 Have Resist Thunder
    _L 30097A24 0010
    _C0 Have Resist Stone
    _L 30097A26 0010
    _C0 Have Resist Holy
    _L 30097A27 0010
    _C0 Have Resist Dark
    _L 30097A28 0010
    _C0 Have Elixir
    _L 30097A2B 0010
    _C0 Have Vorpal Blade
    _L 30097A2D 0010
    _C0 Have Yasutsuna
    _L 30097A2F 0010
    _C0 Have Library Card
    _L 30097A30 0010
    _C0 Have Alucard Shield
    _L 30097A31 0010
    _C0 Have Silver Plate
    _L 30097A39 0010
    _C0 Have Platinum Mail
    _L 30097A3B 0010
    _C0 Have Fire Mail
    _L 30097A3D 0010
    _C0 Have Ice Mail
    _L 30097A3F 0010
    _C0 Have Spike Breaker
    _L 30097A41 0010
    _C0 Have Dark Armor
    _L 30097A43 0010
    _C0 Have Holy Mail
    _L 30097A45 0010
    _C0 Have Brilliant Mail
    _L 30097A47 0010
    _C0 Have Fury Plate
    _L 30097A49 0010
    _C0 Have God's Garb
    _L 30097A4B 0010
    _C0 Have Ballroom Mask
    _L 30097A4F 0010
    _C0 Have Felt Hat
    _L 30097A51 0010
    _C0 Have Goggles
    _L 30097A53 0010
    _C0 Have Holy Glasses
    _L 30097A55 0010
    _C0 Have Stone Mask
    _L 30097A57 0010
    _C0 Have Gold Circlet
    _L 30097A59 0010
    _C0 Have Opal Circlet
    _L 30097A5B 0010
    _C0 Have Beryl Circlet
    _L 30097A5D 0010
    _C0 Have Coral Circlet
    _L 30097A5F 0010
    _C0 Have Slver Crown
    _L 30097A61 0010
    _C0 Have Reverse Cloak
    _L 30097A65 0010
    _C0 Have Elven Cloak
    _L 30097A66 0010
    _C0 Have Crystal Cloak
    _L 30097A67 0010
    _C0 Have Royal Cloak
    _L 30097A68 0010
    _C0 Have Blood Cloak
    _L 30097A69 0010
    _C0 Have Joseph's Cloak
    _L 30097A6A 0010
    _C0 Have Twilight Cloak
    _L 30097A6B 0010
    _C0 Have Moonstone
    _L 30097A6D 0010
    _C0 Have Sunstone
    _L 30097A6E 0010
    _C0 Have Bloodstone
    _L 30097A6F 0010
    _C0 Have Staurolite
    _L 30097A70 0010
    _C0 Have Ring of Pales
    _L 30097A71 0010
    _C0 Have Zircon
    _L 30097A72 0010
    _C0 Have Aquamarine
    _L 30097A73 0010
    _C0 Have Turquoise Ring
    _L 30097A74 0010
    _C0 Have Onyx
    _L 30097A75 0010
    _C0 Have Garnet Ring
    _L 30097A76 0010
    _C0 Have Opal
    _L 30097A77 0010
    _C0 Have Diamond Ring
    _L 30097A78 0010
    _C0 Have Lapis Lazuli
    _L 30097A79 0010
    _C0 Have Ring of Ares
    _L 30097A7A 0010
    _C0 Have Gold Ring
    _L 30097A7B 0010
    _C0 Have Silver Ring
    _L 30097A7C 0010
    _C0 Have Ring of Varda
    _L 30097A7D 0010
    _C0 Have Ring of Arcana
    _L 30097A7E 0010
    _C0 Have Mystic Pendant
    _L 30097A7F 0010
    _C0 Have Heart Broach
    _L 30097A80 0010
    _C0 Have Necklace of J
    _L 30097A81 0010
    _C0 Have Gauntlet
    _L 30097A82 0010
    _C0 Have Ankh of Life
    _L 30097A83 0010
    _C0 Have Ring of Feanor
    _L 30097A84 0010
    _C0 Have Medal
    _L 30097A85 0010
    _C0 Have Talisman
    _L 30097A86 0010
    _C0 Have Duplicator
    _L 30097A87 0010
    _C0 Have King's Stone
    _L 30097A88 0010
    _C0 Have Covenant Stone
    _L 30097A89 0010
    _C0 Have Nauglamir
    _L 30097A8A 0010
    _C0 Have Secret Boots
    _L 30097A8B 0010
    _C0 Weapon Modifier
    _L 80097BFC 00??
    _C0 Have Over 200% Completion Value
    _L 8003C760 0787
    _C0 Right Hand Item Modifier
    _L 80097C00 00??
    _C0 Left Hand Item Modifier
    _L 80097C04 00??
    _C0 Head Garb Modifier
    _L 80097C08 00??
    _C0 Armor Modifier
    _L 80097C0C 00??
    _C0 Cloak Modifier
    _L 80097C10 00??
    _C0 Other 1 Modifier
    _L 80097C14 00??
    _C0 Other 2 Modifier
    _L 80097C18 00??
    _C0 Super jump
    _L 80097448 0090
    _C0 Sword Familiar Max Level
    _L 80097C74 FFFF
    _C0 Faerie 1 Familiar Max Level
    _L 80097C5C C3FF
    _C0 Bat Familiar Max Level
    _L 80097C44 C3FF
    _C0 Ghost Familiar Max Level
    _L 80097C50 C3FF
    _C0 Slow Motion
    _L 8002D374 3275
    _C0 Have Heaven Sword
    _L 30097A01 0010
    _C0 Have Crissaegrim
    _L 30097A2E 0010
    _C0 Have Wizard Hat
    _L 30097A62 0010
    _C0 Devil 2 Familiar Max Level
    _L 80097C8C 03E7
    _C0 Faerie 2 Familiar Max Level
    _L 80097C80 03E7
    _C0 Quick Level Up Bat Familiar
    _L 80097C48 FFFF
    _C0 Quick Level Up Demon Familiar
    _L 80097C6C FFFF
    _C0 Quick Level Up Fairie Familiar
    _L 80097C60 FFFF
    _C0 Quick Level Up Ghost Familiar
    _L 80097C54 FFFF
    _C0 Quick Level Up Sword Familiar
    _L 80097C78 FFFF
    _C0 Money Bag You Collect Is 65535 Gold
    _L 80097BF0 FFFF
    _C0 Increase Kills By 65535
    _L 80097BF4 FFFF
    _C0 Every Room You Enter Increases Total 65535 8
    _L 003C760 FFFF
    _C0 Game Time 00:00:00
    _L 80097C38 0000
    _C0 Super Jump (Press X+L1)
    _L D0097490 0044
    _L 800733E4 0000
    _C0 Hyper Hydrostorm (Richter ONLY) [Note 1]
    _L 80074CFC FFFF
    _C0 Character Modifier
    _L 3003C9A0 00??
    _C0 Demon Familiar Max Level
    _L 80097C68 0063
    _C0 Save Almost Anywhere (Press And Hold Triangle) [Note 2]
    _L D0097490 0010
    _L 3003C708 0020
    _C0 Max Attack (Alucard)
    _L 800A6408 03E7
    _C0 Have All Items
    _L 50008202 0000
    _L 8009798A 1010
    _C0 Hyper Mode [Note 3]
    _L D0097490 1010
    _L 80015340 0000
    _L D0097490 4010
    _L 80015340 0005
    _C0 All Special Items
    _L 50000402 0202
    _L 80097982 8180
    _L 50000F02 0000
    _L 80097978 0303
    _C0 HP Damage Modifier While Facing The Enemy (000-3E7)
    _L 8007420C 0???
    _C0 HP Damage Modifier While Behind Enemy (000-3E7)
    _L 80073FD8 0???
    _C0 HP Damage Modifier While Jumping At Enemy (000-3E7)
    _L 800744FC 0???
    _C0 Each Hit Damage Modifier (000-3E7)
    _L D01B2450 2821
    _L 801B2454 0???
    _L D01B2450 2821
    _L 801B2456 2414
    _L D01BA228 2821
    _L 801BA22C 0???
    _L D01BA228 2821
    _L 801BA22E 2415
    _C0 1-Hit Boss Death (1st Level)
    _L D01B2664 003E
    _L 801B2666 A640
    _L D01BA490 003E
    _L 801BA492 A660
    _S SLUS_00493
    _G Dragon Ball GT Final Bout
    _C0 Infinite Life Meter P1
    _L 80072840 0180
    _C0 Infinite Life Meter P2
    _L 800728BC 0180
    _C0 Infinite Power Meter P1
    _L 80073270 0000
    _C0 Infinite Power Meter P2
    _L 80073272 0000
    _C0 Enable All Blocks (Build-Up Mode)
    _L 8003BC7C 0107
    _C0 Have All Characters [Note 1]
    _L 8003BCC4 FFFF
    _L 8003BCC6 FFFF
    _L D005686C 0180
    _L 8003BCA4 0011
    _L D005686C 0180
    _L 8003BCA6 0011
    _C0 Quick Level Up
    _L 8003B860 0001
    _L 8003B864 0400
    _C0 Character Modifier P1
    _L 8003BCA4 00??
    _C0 Max Level P1 (Build-Up Mode)
    _L 8003BC84 03E7
    _C0 Use Bebi Vegeta [Note 2]
    _L 3003B85C 0011
    _L 3003BCA4 0004
    _L 30064718 0011
    _C0 Max BP (Build-Up Mode)
    _L 8003BC94 FFFF
    _S SLUS_00597
    _G Granstream Saga
    _C0 Infinite GP
    _L 801C915C 869F
    _L 801C915E 0001
    _C0 Have Wind Orb
    _L 301C9100 0001
    _C0 Have Moon Stone
    _L 301C9101 0001
    _C0 Have Star Stone
    _L 301C9102 0001
    _C0 Have Tea Set
    _L 301C9103 0001
    _C0 Have Broken Sword
    _L 301C9104 0001
    _C0 Have Ocarina Book
    _L 301C9105 0001
    _C0 Have Amulet
    _L 301C9106 0001
    _C0 Have Magic Rock
    _L 301C9107 0001
    _C0 Have Wedding Ring
    _L 301C9108 0001
    _C0 Have Youth Troop Emblem
    _L 301C9109 0001
    _C0 Have Prison Key
    _L 301C910A 0001
    _C0 Have Ziruas's Potion
    _L 301C910B 0001
    _C0 Have Geinta's Stones
    _L 301C910C 0001
    _C0 Have Neutralizing Solution
    _L 301C910D 0001
    _C0 Have Acid Solution
    _L 301C910E 0001
    _C0 Have Gandor's Dagger
    _L 301C910F 0001
    _C0 Have Stone Tablet
    _L 301C9110 0001
    _C0 Have Fishing Equipment
    _L 301C9111 0001
    _C0 Have Gold Piece
    _L 301C9112 0001
    _C0 Have Silver Piece
    _L 301C9113 0001
    _C0 Have Bronze Piece
    _L 301C9114 0001
    _C0 Have Coral Necklace
    _L 301C9115 0001
    _C0 Have Level 1 ID Card
    _L 301C9116 0001
    _C0 Have Level 2 ID Card
    _L 301C9117 0001
    _C0 Have Sulfuric Acid
    _L 301C9118 0001
    _C0 Have Fake Treasure
    _L 301C9119 0001
    _C0 Have Card of Wind God
    _L 301C911A 0001
    _C0 Have Card of Water God
    _L 301C911B 0001
    _C0 Have Card of Fire God
    _L 301C911C 0001
    _C0 Have Card of Earth God
    _L 301C911D 0001
    _C0 Have Card of Giant God
    _L 301C911E 0001
    _C0 Have Card of Dragon God
    _L 301C911F 0001
    _C0 Have Soldier's Diary
    _L 301C9120 0001
    _C0 Have Key Card
    _L 301C9121 0001
    _C0 Have System Card
    _L 301C9122 0001
    _C0 Have Cell Key
    _L 301C9123 0001
    _C0 Have Piece of Metal
    _L 301C9124 0001
    _C0 Have Silver Comb
    _L 301C9125 0001
    _C0 Have Decayed Crest
    _L 301C9126 0001
    _C0 Have Burnt Sword
    _L 301C912A 0001
    _C0 Have Gem
    _L 301C912C 0001
    _C0 Have Source of Power
    _L 301C912D 0001
    _C0 Have 99 Elixirs
    _L 301C912E 0063
    _C0 Have 99 Anicent Mystery Stones
    _L 301C912F 0063
    _C0 Have 99 Dried Herbs
    _L 301C9130 0063
    _C0 Have 99 Fresh Herbs
    _L 301C9131 0063
    _C0 Have 99 Special Herbs
    _L 301C9132 0063
    _C0 Have 99 Low Potions
    _L 301C9133 0063
    _C0 Have 99 High Potions
    _L 301C9134 0063
    _C0 Have 99 Rare Potions
    _L 301C9135 0063
    _C0 Have 99 Life Elements
    _L 301C9136 0063
    _C0 Have 99 Miracle Fruits
    _L 301C9137 0063
    _C0 Have 99 Life Stones
    _L 301C9138 0063
    _C0 Have 99 Angel Feathers
    _L 301C9139 0063
    _C0 Have 99 Panther Eyes
    _L 301C913A 0063
    _C0 Have 99 Fruit of Venatawas
    _L 301C913B 0063
    _C0 Have 99 White Crystals
    _L 301C913C 0063
    _C0 Have 99 Black Crystals
    _L 301C913D 0063
    _C0 Have All Weapons
    _L 801C9140 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Shields
    _L 801C9144 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Armor
    _L 801C9148 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Magic
    _L 801C914C FFFF
    _L 801C914E FFFF
    _L 801C9150 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Scepters
    _L 801C9154 FFFF
    _L 801C9156 FFFF
    _C0 Enemy Cant Move
    _L 800BAE34 0000
    _L 800BDE46 0000
    _C0 Infinite Health In Battle
    _L 800C0F04 001E
    _C0 Level 99
    _L 801C9820 0063
    _C0 Max MP
    _L 801C981E 03E7
    _C0 Max HP
    _L 80094380 00FF
    _L 801C981C 00FF
    _C0 Max AT
    _L 80094386 00FF
    _C0 Max DF
    _L 80094388 00FF
    _C0 Max LP
    _L 8009437E 0011
    _C0 Weapon Equipped Modifier
    _L 80088494 000?
    _C0 Shield Equipped Modifier
    _L 80088492 000?
    _C0 Armor Equipped Modifier
    _L 80088490 000?
    _C0 Battle Magic Equipped Modifier
    _L 80088496 000?
    _C0 Infinite Magic In Battle
    _L 800C0F06 03E7
    _C0 Have All Items
    _L 50003E01 0000
    _L 301C9100 0001
    _C0 Infinite MP
    _L 801C981E 03E7

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    PART 3 continued....

    _S SLUS_01013
    _G Legend of Mana
    _C0 Walk Thru Walls
    _L D005C244 0034
    _L 8005C246 2400
    _L D005C308 0003
    _L 8005C30A 2400
    _L D008E5B0 0007
    _L 8008E5B2 2400
    _C0 Debug Menu (Select Quick Continue At Title Screen)
    _L D0102672 0101
    _L 30102674 0001
    _C0 Infinite Items
    _L 5000FF01 0000
    _L 300455B8 00FF
    _C0 Max Lucre
    _L 80043004 9680
    _L 80043006 0098
    _C0 Unlock Items, Equipment & World History Encyclopedias
    _L 30043145 0007
    _C0 All Characters In Encyclopedia
    _L 50000702 0000
    _L 800460B8 FFFF
    _C0 All Lands In Encyclopedia
    _L 50000302 0000
    _L 800460EC FFFF
    _C0 All Artifacts In Encyclopedia
    _L 50000302 0000
    _L 800460F4 FFFF
    _C0 All Techniques In Encyclopedia
    _L 50001802 0000
    _L 80046100 FFFF
    _S SCUS_94254
    _G Legend of Legaia
    _C0 Game Time 0:00:00
    _L 80084570 0000
    _C0 Infinite Items All Slots
    _L 8004309E 2400
    _C0 Infinite Use of Items In Battle
    _L 800423CE 2400
    _C0 Infinite Gold
    _L 8008459C E0FF
    _L 8008459E 05F5
    _C0 Save Anywhere (Press Select+X)
    _L D007B7C0 0140
    _L 8007B6A8 0001
    _C0 No Random Battles
    _L 8007B5FC 0377
    _C0 Infinite Coins
    _L 800845A4 E0FF
    _L 800845A6 05F5
    _C0 Character Activator
    _L 80084594 0003
    _C0 Noa Activator
    _L 30084599 0001
    _C0 Gala Activator
    _L 3008459A 0002
    _C0 Access All Towns When You Use Door of Wind
    _L 8008575C F77F
    _L 8008575E F8FF
    _C0 Walk Thru Walls
    _L D01D078C 0006
    _L 801D078C 0006
    _L D01D071C 0028
    _L 801D071C 0006
    _L D01D065C 0028
    _L 801D065C 0006
    _L D01D06BC 000D
    _L 801D06BC 0006
    _C0 65535 Fishing Points
    _L 8008444C FFFF
    _C0 Enable Access to The Punch Mode on The Wild Card Slot Machine [Note 1]
    _L 801D3CAC 0001
    _C0 Infinite Chances Bonus Game
    _L 801D3CB00003
    _C0 Slow Motion
    _L 8007A894 68FB
    _C0 Press Select+R1+R2+L1+L2 For Debug Menu
    _L D007B7C0 010F
    _L E007B83C 0003
    _L 3007B83C 0000
    _C0 Status Modifier Menu (Push Select To Enter Menu, L2 To Exit Menu)
    _L D007B7C0 0100
    _L 8007B450 0001
    _L D007B7C0 0001
    _L 8007B450 0000
    _C0 View Credits
    _L 80084540 030C
    _C0 Max Dance Points (Dancing Mini Game)
    _L 801D53CC FFFF
    _C0 Infinate Life (Baka Fighter Mini Game)
    _L 801DBFC4 0C80
    _C0 Computer Has No Life (Baka Fighter Mini Game)
    _L 801DC06C 0000
    _C0 100% Casting Power (Fishing Mini Game)
    _L 801D9274 100F
    _C0 No Tension (Fishing Mini Game)
    _L 801D9168 0000
    _C0 No Life (Fishing Mini Game)
    _L 801D9298 0000
    _C0 Fish Modifier (Fishing Mini Game) (Press Select When The Screen Says CATCH)
    _L D007B7C0 0100
    _L 801D91CC 00??
    _C0 Control camera (L2-up/R2-down/L2+R2-zoom)
    _L D007B7C0 0001
    _L 1007B790 0005
    _L D007B7C0 0002
    _L 1107B790 0005
    _L D007B7C0 0003
    _L 8007B6F4 00A0
    _L D007B7C0 0000
    _L 8007B6F4 0230
    _C0 Press R2 For Debug Menu
    _L D007B7C0 0002
    _L D007B83C 0003
    _L 8007B83C 0000
    _C0 Remove Vahn's Chest
    _L 8004390E 2400
    _S SLUS_00561
    _G Megaman X4
    _C0 Infinite Energy
    _L 80141924 3023
    _L 80172206 3030
    _C0 Infinite Lives
    _L 80172204 0909
    _C0 Infinite Lightning Web, Nova Strike & Rakuhouha
    _L 80141970 3030
    _C0 Infinite Leg Jets [Note 1]
    _L 8014199C 9D00
    _C0 Special Costume
    _L 801721F6 0100
    _C0 Old Costume
    _L 801721F6 0000
    _C0 Floater Code [Note 2]
    _L D0166C08 0040
    _L 801418EE 0000
    _C0 Air X Code [Note 3]
    _L 801418EC 6E00
    _C0 Death Touch [Note 4]
    _L D0166C08 0080
    _L 8013BF2C 0000
    _C0 Sky Masters [Note 5]
    _L 8014194E 0000
    _C0 Lethal Ordinance [Note 6]
    _L 3014196E 0404
    _C0 Super Jump For Mega (Air X Variation) [Note 7]
    _L D0166C08 0040
    _L 801418EC 9000
    _L D0166C08 2040
    _L 801418EC 9000
    _C0 Invincible
    _L 80141928 0100
    _C0 Infinite Weapons (GS 2,2 Or Higher Needed!)
    _L 50000502 0000
    _L 80141970 3030
    _C0 Infinite Frost Tower & Infinite Soul Body
    _L 80141972 3030
    _C0 Infinite Rising Fire & Infinite Ground Hunter
    _L 80141974 3030
    _C0 Infinite Aiming Laser & Infinite Double Cyclone
    _L 80141976 3030
    _C0 Infinite Twin Slasher
    _L 80141978 3030
    _C0 Have All Weapons (Can't Advace To Spaceport)
    _L 30141981 00FF
    _C0 Have All Enhancement Parts
    _L 3014196F 00FF
    _C0 X-Buster With Weapon Always Charged
    _L 30141963 0002
    _C0 X-Buster Always Charged (Other Fire Button)
    _L 30141964 0002
    _C0 Arm Enhancement Type 1, Plasma Blast (Other Fire Button)
    _L 30141980 0002
    _L 30141964 0002
    _C0 Arm Enhancemen Type 2, Quadra Blast
    _L 30141980 0001
    _L 3014196E 0004
    _C0 Infinite Leg Jets (Press X Button To Turn Jets Off)
    _L 8014199C 9D00
    _C0 Death Touch 2 (Especially For Magma Dragoon) [Note 8]
    _L D0166C08 0080
    _L 8013C19C 0000
    _C0 Death Touch 3 (Especially For Iris & Double) [Note 9]
    _L D0166C08 0080
    _L 8013BFC8 0000
    _C0 Slow Motion
    _L 8011DC50 0000
    _C0 Always Have Shadows
    _L 80141954 0001
    _C0 Infinite Dash (No Dash Jump)
    _L 8014194C 0000
    _C0 Infinite Dash (Easy Dash Jump)
    _L 8014194C 0001
    _S SLUS_01334
    _G Megaman X5
    _C0 Infinite Health
    _L 8009A0FC 2020
    _C0 Ultra Buster Shot
    _L 8009A13C FFFF
    _C0 Infinite C-Shot
    _L 8009A14A 0121
    _C0 Infinite Lives
    _L 300D1C45 0004
    _C0 Have All Weapons
    _L 3009A169 00FF
    _C0 Allow You To Walk On Spikes
    _L D0074634 72E8
    _L 80074634 5F90
    _L D0038B9C 0012
    _L 80038B9E 1000
    _L D0038BF0 0018
    _L 80038BF2 1000
    _C0 Infinite C-Shot/Dark Hold (Xero)
    _L 8009A14A 0120
    _C0 Infinite Dark Hold/CFlasher (Xero)
    _L 8009A14C 0120
    _C0 Infinite Goo Shaver/Twin Dream (Xero)
    _L 8009A14E 0120
    _C0 Infinite Ground Fire
    _L 8009A150 0120
    _C0 Infinite Tri-Thunder
    _L 8009A152 0120
    _C0 Infinite F-Laser
    _L 8009A154 0120
    _C0 Infinite Spike Ball
    _L 8009A156 0120
    _C0 Infinite Wing Spiral
    _L 8009A158 0120
    _C0 Infinite All Ammo
    _L D003F82C 1823
    _L 8003F832 2400
    _C0 Infinite Hours To Collision
    _L 800D1CAE 0040
    _C0 Enable X-Buster
    _L 300D4F56 0001
    _C0 Enable Wing Spiral
    _L 300D4F57 0001
    _C0 Enable C-Shot
    _L 300D4F58 0001
    _C0 Enable Spike Ball
    _L 300D4F59 0001
    _C0 Enable Tri-Thunder
    _L 300D4F5A 0001
    _C0 Enable Dark Hold
    _L 300D4F5B 0001
    _C0 Enable F-Laser
    _L 300D4F5C 0001
    _C0 Enable Ground Fire
    _L 300D4F5D 0001
    _C0 Enable Goo Shaver
    _L 300D4F5E 0001
    _C0 Enable Giga Attack
    _L 300D4F5F 0001
    _C0 Enable Restore Life Gauge
    _L 300D4F60 0001
    _C0 Enable Life Gauge
    _L 300D4F61 0001
    _C0 Enable Restore Weapon Energy Gauge
    _L 300D4F62 0001
    _C0 Enable Exit A Level
    _L 300D4F63 0001
    _C0 Enable Change Button Configuration
    _L 300D4F64 0001
    _C0 Enable Return To The Game
    _L 300D4F65 0001
    _C0 Enable Change Screen Configuration
    _L 300D4F66 0001
    _C0 Enable EX
    _L 300D4F67 0001
    _C0 Enable Powerup Modifier 1
    _L 300D4F68 00??
    _C0 Enable Powerup Modifier 2
    _L 300D4F69 00??
    _C0 Enable Powerup Modifier 3
    _L 300D4F6A 00??
    _C0 Enable Powerup Modifier 4
    _L 300D4F6B 00??
    _C0 Infinite All Ammo (Xero)
    _L D0041D8C 00AC
    _L 80041D8E 2400
    _L D0043C44 00AE
    _L 80043C46 2400
    _L D0046E84 2023
    _L 80046E8A 2400
    _S SLUS_01395
    _G Megaman X6
    _C0 Infinite Health
    _L 800970FC 2020
    _C0 HP Gauge Full
    _L 300CCF2B 0040
    _C0 Infinite Lives
    _L 800CCF08 0900
    _C0 Have All Weapons
    _L 30097169 00FF
    _C0 No Level Time
    _L 800CCF60 0000
    _C0 Infinite Yamming Option
    _L 8009714A 0168
    _C0 Infinite Ice Burst
    _L 8009714C 0168
    _C0 Infinite Magna Blade
    _L 8009714E 0168
    _C0 Infinite Metal Anchor
    _L 80097150 0168
    _C0 Infinite Ground Dash
    _L 80097152 0168
    _C0 Infinite Meteor Rain
    _L 80097154 0168
    _C0 Infinite Guard Shell
    _L 80097156 0168
    _C0 Infinite Ray Arrow
    _L 80097158 0168
    _C0 Infinite All Weapons (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
    _L 50000802 0000
    _L 8009714A 0168
    _C0 Moon Jump [Note 1]
    _L 300970C5 00A0
    _L D00C456C 0001
    _L 800970C6 FFFF
    _C0 Infinite In-Air Moves
    _L 80097126 0000
    _C0 Max Mavericks Destroyed
    _L 800CCF64 037E
    _C0 Have All Souls (HU Ranking)
    _L 800CCFA2 270F
    _C0 Have All Arrmor Parts
    _L 800CCF38 FF01
    _C0 Enable Subtank & Weapon Tank
    _L 300CCF3B 00FF
    _L 300CCF3D 00FF
    _C0 SubTank & W Tank Always Full
    _L 300CCF33 00A0
    _L 800CCF34 A0A0
    _C0 Enable All Power Ups For Armor
    _L 800CCF40 FFFC
    _L 800CCF42 03FF
    _C0 In-Game Armor/Charater Modifier
    _L 300CCF2E 00??
    _C0 Have All Souls (HU Ranking) X
    _L 800CCFA2 270F
    _C0 Have All Souls (HU Ranking) Zero
    _L 800CCFA4 270F
    _C0 Have All Armor Parts
    _L 800CCF38 FF01
    _C0 Enable All Power Ups For Armor
    _L 800CCF40 FFFC
    _L 800CCF42 03FF
    _C0 Have All Armors & Enable Zero In Black Armor
    _L 300CCF2F 003F
    _C0 Enable Final Level
    _L 800CCF36 0005
    _C0 All Reploids Rescued (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
    _L 50002002 0000
    _L 800CCFA8 2222
    _S SLUS_00402
    _G Tekken 3
    _C0 Infinite Health P1
    _L 300A961E 008C
    _C0 Infinite Health P2
    _L 300AAEAA 008C
    _C0 Absolutely Everything Unlocked [Note 1]
    _L 80097EF0 FFFF
    _L 30097EF2 001F
    _L 80097EF4 0382
    _L 30097EF6 0005
    _L 80097EF8 FFFF
    _L 30097EFA 001F
    _L 30097EFD 0009
    _L 30097EFE 0001
    _L 80097F26 0101
    _S SLUS_01206
    _G Dragon Warrior VII
    _C0 Infinite Gold
    _L 80011368 FFFF
    _C0 Max Gold
    _L 80011368 967F
    _L 8001136A 0098
    _C0 Infinite Coins
    _L 80011370 FFFF
    _C0 Max Coins
    _L 80011370 967F
    _L 80011372 0098
    _C0 All Items
    _L 5000FF04 0001
    _L 80010424 0001
    _L 5000FF04 0000
    _L 80010426 0063
    _L 5000FF04 0001
    _L 80010820 0100
    _L 5000FF04 0000
    _L 80010822 0063
    _L 50000404 0001
    _L 80010C1C 01FF
    _L 50000404 0000
    _L 80010C1E 0063
    _C0 Hero Level 99
    _L 30010C94 0063
    _C0 Hero Quick Exp Gain
    _L 80010C98 FFFF
    _C0 Hero Max Exp
    _L 80010C98 967F
    _L 30010C9A 0098
    _C0 Hero Max Everything
    _L 80010CA4 A3E7
    _L 80010CA6 7F3F
    _L 80010CA8 A3E7
    _L 80010CAA 7FAF
    _L 80010CAC E7E7
    _L 80010CAE FFFF
    _C0 Hero Have ALL Spells
    _L 50001002 0000
    _L 80010D30 FFFF
    _S SCUS_94194
    _G Gran Turismo
    _C0 A
    _L 30081788 0004
    _C0 B
    _L 30081789 0004
    _C0 C
    _L 3008178A 0004
    _C0 Trial Mountain Codes A
    _L 3008178C 0004
    _C0 Trial Mountain Codes B
    _L 3008178D 0004
    _C0 Trial Mountain Codes C
    _L 3008178E 0004
    _C0 Grand Valley Codes A
    _L 30081790 0004
    _C0 Grand Valley Codes B
    _L 30081791 0004
    _C0 Grand Valley Codes C
    _L 30081792 0004
    _C0 Clubman Stage 5 Codes A
    _L 30081794 0004
    _C0 Clubman Stage 5 Codes B
    _L 30081795 0004
    _C0 Clubman Stage 5 Codes C
    _L 30081796 0004
    _C0 Autumn Ring CodesA
    _L 30081798 0004
    _C0 Autumn Ring CodesB
    _L 30081799 0004
    _C0 Autumn Ring CodesC
    _L 3008179A 0004
    _C0 Deep Forest Codes A
    _L 3008179C 0004
    _C0 Deep Forest Codes B
    _L 3008179D 0004
    _C0 Deep Forest Codes C
    _L 3008179E 0004
    _C0 SS R5 Codes A
    _L 300817A0 0004
    _C0 SS R5 Codes B
    _L 300817A1 0004
    _C0 SS R5 Codes C
    _L 300817A2 0004
    _C0 Grand Valley Speedway Codes A
    _L 300817A4 0004
    _C0 Grand Valley Speedway Codes B
    _L 300817A5 0004
    _C0 Grand Valley Speedway Codes C
    _L 300817A6 0004
    _C0 1 Billion Dollars
    _L D0011840 FFE8
    _L 8009B8F4 CA00
    _L D0011840 FFE8
    _L 8009B8F6 3B9A
    _C0 B-Class License Gold Codes Test 1
    _L 3009E444 0003
    _C0 B-Class License Gold Codes Test 2
    _L 3009E445 0003
    _C0 B-Class License Gold Codes Test 3
    _L 3009E446 0003
    _C0 B-Class License Gold Codes Test 4
    _L 3009E447 0003
    _C0 B-Class License Gold Codes Test 5
    _L 3009E448 0003
    _C0 B-Class License Gold Codes Test 6
    _L 3009E449 0003
    _C0 B-Class License Gold Codes Test 7
    _L 3009E44A 0003
    _C0 B-Class License Gold Codes Test 8
    _L 3009E44B 0003
    _C0 A-Class License Gold Codes Test 1
    _L 3009E44C 0003
    _C0 A-Class License Gold Codes Test 2
    _L 3009E44D 0003
    _C0 A-Class License Gold Codes Test 3
    _L 3009E44E 0003
    _C0 A-Class License Gold Codes Test 4
    _L 3009E44F 0003
    _C0 A-Class License Gold Codes Test 5
    _L 3009E450 0003
    _C0 A-Class License Gold Codes Test 6
    _L 3009E451 0003
    _C0 A-Class License Gold Codes Test 7
    _L 3009E452 0003
    _C0 A-Class License Gold Codes Test 8
    _L 3009E453 0003
    _C0 International A-Class License Gold Test 1
    _L 3009E454 0003
    _C0 International A-Class License Gold Test 2
    _L 3009E455 0003
    _C0 International A-Class License Gold Test 3
    _L 3009E456 0003
    _C0 International A-Class License Gold Test 4
    _L 3009E457 0003
    _C0 International A-Class License Gold Test 5
    _L 3009E458 0003
    _C0 International A-Class License Gold Test 6
    _L 3009E459 0003
    _C0 International A-Class License Gold Test 7
    _L 3009E45A 0003
    _C0 International A-Class License Gold Test 8
    _L 3009E45B 0003
    _C0 Cruise Control [Note 2]
    _L D00B6F48 0600
    _L 300B6F48 0001
    _L D00B6F48 0100
    _L 300B6F48 0001
    _C0 Extra Spot Race Money [Note 5]
    _L D0091100 01F4
    _L 80091100 03E8
    _L D0091104 03E8
    _L 80091104 1388
    _L D0091124 01F4
    _L 80091124 03E8
    _L D0091128 03E8
    _L 80091128 1388
    _L D0091148 01F4
    _L 80091148 03E8
    _L D009114C 03E8
    _L 8009114C 1388
    _L D009116C 01F4
    _L 8009116C 03E8
    _L D0091170 03E8
    _L 80091170 1388
    _L D0091190 01F4
    _L 80091190 03E8
    _L D0091194 03E8
    _L 80091194 1388
    _C0 Reset Timer Instantly
    _L D0093DBC 3A98
    _L 80093DBC 0000
    _C0 Start With $999,000,000+
    _L D0011840 FFE8
    _L 80011844 3B9A
    _L D0011840 FFE8
    _L 80011846 3C04
    _S SCUS_94488
    _G Gran Turismo 2
    _C0 A Ton Of Cash
    _L 801D0FC8 E0FF
    _L 801D0FCA 05F5
    _C0 Stop Race Timer (Really Helpful In License Tests)
    _L 8002F810 0000
    _L 80046E84 0000
    _C0 Gold Licenses B
    _L 801CC760 0400
    _L 801CC804 0400
    _L 801CC8A8 0400
    _L 801CC94C 0400
    _L 801CC9F0 0400
    _L 801CCA94 0400
    _L 801CCB38 0400
    _L 801CCBDC 0400
    _L 801CCC80 0400
    _L 801CCD24 0400
    _C0 Gold Licenses A
    _L 801CC0F8 0400
    _L 801CC19C 0400
    _L 801CC240 0400
    _L 801CC2E4 0400
    _L 801CC388 0400
    _L 801CC42C 0400
    _L 801CC4D0 0400
    _L 801CC574 0400
    _L 801CC618 0400
    _L 801CC6BC 0400
    _C0 Gold Licenses I-C
    _L 801CBB34 0400
    _L 801CBBD8 0400
    _L 801CBC7C 0400
    _L 801CBD20 0400
    _L 801CBDC4 0400
    _L 801CBE68 0400
    _L 801CBF0C 0400
    _L 801CBFB0 0400
    _L 801CC054 0400
    _C0 Gold Licenses I-B
    _L 801CB428 0400
    _L 801CB4CC 0400
    _L 801CB570 0400
    _L 801CB614 0400
    _L 801CB6B8 0400
    _L 801CB75C 0400
    _L 801CB800 0400
    _L 801CB8A4 0400
    _L 801CB948 0400
    _L 801CB9EC 0400
    _L 801CBA90 0400
    _C0 Gold Licenses I-A
    _L 801CADC0 0400
    _L 801CAE64 0400
    _L 801CAF08 0400
    _L 801CAFAC 0400
    _L 801CB050 0400
    _L 801CB0F4 0400
    _L 801CB198 0400
    _L 801CB23C 0400
    _L 801CB2E0 0400
    _L 801CB384 0400
    _C0 Gold Super License
    _L 801CA758 0400
    _L 801CA7FC 0400
    _L 801CA8A0 0400
    _L 801CA944 0400
    _L 801CA9E8 0400
    _L 801CAA8C 0400
    _L 801CAB30 0400
    _L 801CABD4 0400
    _L 801CAC78 0400
    _L 801CAD1C 0400
    _C0 Any Car Can Play Any Circuit [Note 1]
    _L D00148E0 000C
    _L 800148E2 1000
    _C0 Have All Gold Licenses
    _L 50003CA4 0000
    _L 801CA758 0400
    _C0 Max Cash After One Race
    _L 8005E6DA 2400
    _C0 Money Never Decreases
    _L 80017A42 2400
    _L 80017D4A 2400
    _C0 Day Modifier
    _L 801C9438 ????
    _C0 Start With $99,000,000+
    _L 800107A0 05F5
    _L 800107A2 3C02
    _C0 Start With All Gold Licenses (Alternate)
    _L 8005DDBA A270
    _C0 All Races Completed/Sim Credits Unlocked [Note 2]
    _L 50004402 0000
    _L 801C9458 1111
    _C0 Arcade Disc Codes
    _L Road Tracks Complete/Unlock Arcade Credits/Unlock Extra Cars
    _L 50000A02 0000
    _L 801C93F8 0505
    _L 301C940C 0005
    _C0 Unlock All Road Tracks-1P Mode
    _L 800F364E 0083
    _C0 Unlock All Rally Tracks-1P Mode
    _L 800F3656 0027
    _C0 Unlock All Road Tracks-2P Mode
    _L 800F3658 0015
    _C0 Unlock All Rally Tracks-2P Mode
    _L 800F365A 0006
    _C0 Unlock All Tracks-Time Trial
    _L 800F3652 0017
    _C0 Unlock Ending Credits (Press Select at Credit Screen)
    _L D01F068A FFFE
    _L 80052580 0001
    _L D01F068A FFFE
    _L 80052594 0001
    _C0 Quick Win
    _L D00A99AC 0000
    _L 800A99AC 0002
    _L 801D52CA 0200
    _C0 P1 Nitrous Boost
    _L D00A9228 4000
    _L 800A99DE 0020
    _L D00A9228 4000
    _L 800A99DA 0020
    _C0 P1 Auto-Pilot (Press L1+R1/L2+R2)
    _L D00A9228 1010
    _L 80000002 4D43
    _L D00A9228 2020
    _L 80000002 0000
    _L D0000002 4D43
    _L 800A9B2A 0004
    _C0 P2 Auto-Pilot (Press R1+R2/L1+L2)
    _L D00A9228 3000
    _L 80000004 4D43
    _L D00A9228 0030
    _L 80000004 0000
    _L D0000004 4D43
    _L 800AA66A 0004
    _C0 2-Player View Toggle
    _L D00A9228 0001
    _L 801FFA86 0000
    _L D00A9228 0002
    _L 801FFA86 0100
    _C0 Solid Ghost In Rally
    _L D01D5476 0002
    _L 801D5476 0001
    _C0 Replay Screen Clear (Simulation Disc)
    _L D01FFA82 0200
    _L 801FFA82 0300
    _C0 Replay Screen Clear (Arcade Disc)
    _L D01FFA8A 0200
    _L 801FFA8A 0300
    _C0 Start In 1st Position
    _L 801D53A4 0001
    _L 801D57B4 0500
    _C0 All Cars Are Free (Simulation Disc)
    _L 801C2DA0 0000
    _L 801C2DA2 0000
    _C0 Total Laps Modifier
    _L 801D52CA ??00
    _C0 Buy CLK Race Car [Note 3]
    _L 800B9320 E0DC
    _L 800B9322 115C
    _S SCUS_94457
    _G Grandia
    _C0 Infinite Money
    _L 80010164 FFFF
    _C0 Time is 0:00:00
    _L 8003D684 0000
    _L 8003D686 0000
    _C0 Infinite Time To Swab Deck
    _L 80192E50 0000
    _C0 Infinite Mana Eggs In Shop
    _L 801A9588 0063
    _C0 Max Money
    _L 80010164 967F
    _L 80010166 0098
    _C0 Infinite Money
    _L 80010164 FFFF
    _C0 Have All Magic (All Characters)
    _L 50003201 0000
    _L 3001066C 00FF
    _L 800106CE FFFF
    _S SCUS_94491
    _G Legend of Dragoon
    _C0 Enable Code (Must Be On-Version 1)
    _L D01BF6F4 023A
    _L 801BF6F6 1000
    _L D00FC08C 023A
    _L 800FC08E 1000
    _C0 Enable Code (Must Be On-Version 2)
    _L D01BF664 FF52
    _L 801BF66E 1000
    _L D00FBFFC FF52
    _L 800FC006 1000
    _C0 Max Gold
    _L 800BAC5C E0FF
    _L 800BAC5E 05F5
    _C0 Infinite Gold
    _L 800BAC5C FFFF
    _C0 Infinite Items (All Slots)
    _L 80023346 2400
    _L 8002336E 2400
    _L 80023372 2400
    _C0 Save Anywhere
    _L 8005A368 0001
    _C0 All Armed Items
    _L 5000FF01 0001
    _L 300BADB0 0000
    _C0 Have All Dragoon Spirits
    _L 300BAD64 00FF
    _C0 Have All Goods (Except Temporary Items)
    _L 800BAD64 FFFF
    _L 800BAD66 FFFF
    _L 300BAD68 001F
    _C0 Have All Goods Slots 1-8
    _L 300BAD64 00FF
    _C0 Have All Goods Slots 9-16
    _L 300BAD65 00FF
    _C0 Have All Goods Slots 17-24
    _L 300BAD66 00FF
    _C0 Have All Goods Slots 25-32
    _L 300BAD67 00FF
    _C0 Have All Goods Slots 33-40
    _L 300BAD68 00FF
    _C0 Have All Goods Slots 41-48
    _L 300BAD69 00FF
    _C0 Have All Goods Slots 49-56
    _L 300BAD6A 00FF
    _C0 Have All Goods Slots 57-64
    _L 300BAD6B 001F
    _C0 Time Always 000:00:00
    _L 800BAC68 0000
    _L 800BAC6A 0000
    _C0 Armed Item Slot Activator Code (01-FF)
    _L 300BADAC 00??
    _C0 Used Item Slot Activator Code (01-32)
    _L 300BADAE 00??
    _C0 No Random Battles
    _L 800C6AE8 0000
    _C0 Continue Game On CD Modifier (01-03)
    _L D005347E 0000
    _L 80052C30 ??00
    _C0 Debug Room [Note 1]
    _L 80052C30 0000
    _C0 Activate Shop From Menu (Hold R2 As You Select An Option)
    _L D007A39C 0022
    _L 300BDC30 0013
    _C0 Infinite Tickets In Lohan
    _L 800BAC3C FFFF
    _C0 Hold L1 For Soul-Eater Sword Does No Damage To You
    _L D007A39C 0001
    _L 80184D1C 0000
    _L 801A2214 0000
    _S SLUS_00453
    _G Megaman 8
    _C0 Infinite Energy
    _L 8015E282 2800
    _C0 Invincible
    _L 8015E2AA 2D00
    _C0 Always Have Mega Ball
    _L 801B1EB0 0001
    _C0 Infinite Mega Balls
    _L 801B1EB2 2D00
    _C0 Always Have Flash Bomb
    _L 801B1EB4 0001
    _C0 Infinite Flash Bombs
    _L 801B1EB6 2D00
    _C0 Always Have Thunder Claw
    _L 801B1EB8 0001
    _C0 Infinite Thunder Claws
    _L 801B1EBA 2D00
    _C0 Always Have Ice Wave
    _L 801B1EBC 0001
    _C0 Infinite Ice Waves
    _L 801B1EBE 2D00
    _C0 Always Have Tornado Hold
    _L 801B1EC0 0001
    _C0 Infinite Tornado Holds
    _L 801B1EC2 2D00
    _C0 Always Have Water Balloon
    _L 801B1EC4 0001
    _C0 Infinite Water Balloons
    _L 801B1EC6 2D00
    _C0 Always Have Flame Sword
    _L 801B1EC8 0001
    _C0 Infinite Flame Swords
    _L 801B1ECA 2D00
    _C0 Always Have Homing Sniper
    _L 801B1ECC 0001
    _C0 Infinite Homing Snipers
    _L 801B1ECE 2D00
    _C0 Always Have Astro Crush
    _L 801B1ED0 0001
    _C0 Infinite Astro Crushes
    _L 801B1ED2 2D00
    _C0 Infinite Lives
    _L 301C3370 0005
    _C0 Infinite Rush Energy
    _L 8016D2F0 0009
    _C0 Have All Weapons
    _L 50000904 0000
    _L 801B1EB0 0001
    _C0 Infinite Weapons
    _L 50000904 0000
    _L 801B1EB2 2800
    _C0 Infinite Rush Bikes
    _L 301C3352 0001
    _C0 Infinite Rush Questions
    _L 301C3353 0001
    _C0 Infinite Rush Bombs
    _L 301C3354 0001
    _C0 Infinite Rush Charges
    _L 301C3355 0001
    _C0 Have Ex
    _L 301C3344 0001
    _C0 Bolts Worth 10
    _L D0129788 0001
    _L 80129788 000A
    _C0 Infinite Bolts
    _L 3016D2F0 00FF
    _C0 Rapid Fire (Mega Buster)
    _L 301B2948 0000
    _C0 Rapid Fire (Mega Ball)
    _L 301B2949 0000
    _C0 Rapid Fire (Flash Bomb)
    _L 301B294A 0000
    _C0 Rapid Fire (Thunder Claw)
    _L 301B294B 0001
    _C0 Rapid Fire (Ice Wave)
    _L 301B294C 0000
    _C0 Rapid Fire (Tornado Hold)
    _L 301B294D 0000
    _C0 Rapid Fire (Water Ballon)
    _L 301B294E 0000
    _C0 Rapid Fire (Flame Sword)
    _L 301B294F 0000
    _C0 Rapid Fire (Homing Sniper)
    _L 301B2950 0000
    _C0 Rapid Fire (Astro Crush)
    _L 301B2951 0000
    _C0 Burst Fire [Note 1]
    _L 8015E294 0000
    _C0 1-Hit Death To Bosses
    _L 8015B1BA 0100
    _C0 Warp To Last Stage
    _L D00FFC8C 0840
    _L 800FFC98 000A
    _L D00FFC8C 0840
    _L 800FFC9A 2403
    _L D00FFC8C 0840
    _L 800FFCC0 0000
    _L D00FFC8C 0840
    _L 800FFCC2 2402
    _C0 Mega Jump
    _L D01B2954 0040
    _L 8015E254 4000
    _L D01B2954 2040
    _L 8015E254 4000
    _L D01B2954 8040
    _L 8015E254 4000
    _L D01B2954 20C0
    _L 8015E254 4000
    _L D01B2954 80C0
    _L 8015E254 4000
    _L D01B2954 00C0
    _L 8015E254 4000
    _S SLUS_00896
    _G Misadventures of Tronn Bonne
    _C0 Infinite Zenny/Money
    _L 800C85CC FFFF
    _C0 Infinite Health
    _L 800C8620 10F0
    _C0 Max Health
    _L 800C8622 10F0
    _C0 Time Always 0:00:00
    _L 800C85C0 0000
    _C0 Max Zenny/Money
    _L 800C85CC 967F
    _L 800C85CE 0098
    _C0 Max Score in Training (Press Select)
    _L D00C8146 0001
    _L 300F2A9A 0063
    _C0 Mission 1 Complete
    _L 300A6095 0003
    _C0 Mission 2 Complete
    _L 300A6096 0003
    _C0 Mission 3 Complete
    _L 300A6097 0003
    _C0 Mission 4 Complete
    _L 300A6098 0003
    _C0 Mission 5 Complete
    _L 300A6099 0003
    _C0 Mission 6 Complete
    _L 300A609A 0003
    _C0 All Missions Complete
    _L 50000601 0000
    _L 300A6095 0003
    _C0 Infinite Lifts
    _L 30167000 0006
    _C0 Infinite Moves
    _L 30167001 000A
    _C0 Unlock Torture Room
    _L 300A60AC 0001
    _C0 Unlock Tron's Room
    _L 300A60AD 0001
    _C0 Unlock Teisel's Room
    _L 300A60AE 0001
    _C0 Max Attack-ServBots [Note 1]
    _L 50002808 0000
    _L 300CB540 00FF
    _C0 Max Brains-ServBots [Note 2]
    _L 50002808 0000
    _L 300CB541 00FF
    _C0 Max Speed-ServBots [Note 3]
    _L 50002808 0000
    _L 300CB542 00FF
    _C0 No Sloth-ServBots [Note 4]
    _L 50002808 0000
    _L 300CB544 0000
    _C0 Infinite Time-Mission 1
    _L 800C85E4 0000
    _C0 Infinite Steps Jump (Press X)
    _L D00C8148 4000
    _L 800B9BC0 0301
    _C0 1-Hit Defeats Glyde Intro Mission
    _L D00C9346 0180
    _L 800C9346 0000
    _C0 1-Hit Defeats Cop Missions 1-2
    _L D00C9346 0060
    _L 800C9346 0000
    _C0 1-Hit Defeats BIG Reaverbot Missions 3-1
    _L D00C9346 0040
    _L 800C9346 0000
    _C0 1-Hit Defeats Reaverbot Nest Missions 3-2
    _L D009F78E 0018
    _L 8009F78E 0000
    _C0 1-Hit Defeats Last Gaurdian Mission 3
    _L D00C9346 00A0
    _L 800C9346 0000
    _C0 Infinite Cows & Truck Energy Missions 5-2
    _L D009F78E 0021
    _L 8009F78E 0030
    _L D009F78E 0012
    _L 8009F78E 0030
    _L D009F78E 0003
    _L 8009F78E 0030
    _C0 1-Hit Defeats Glyde Final Mission
    _L D00C990E 0400
    _L 800C990E 0001
    _C0 1-Hit Defeats Colossus Last Battle
    _L D00C9346 1200
    _L 800C9346 0000
    _S SCUS_94183
    _G Parappa the Rapper
    _C0 Rappin Cool
    _L 801C368E 0000
    _C0 Always Score 999 Points
    _L 801C3670 03E7
    _S SLUS_00626
    _G Tales of Destiny
    _C0 Infinite Gald
    _L 801CE76C 967F
    _L 801CE76E 0098
    _C0 Infinite Food
    _L 801CE770 FFFF
    _C0 Time Always 0:00
    _L 801CE774 0000
    _L 801CE776 0000
    _C0 Have No Encounters
    _L 801CE778 0000
    _C0 Infinite Lens
    _L 801CE77C 967F
    _L 801CE77E 0098
    _C0 Gain Lots of Lens & Exp After Battle
    _L 801F21D0 FFFF
    _L 801F21D4 FFFF
    _L 801F1B6C FFFF
    _C0 No Random Battles
    _L 801CE982 00FF
    _C0 Have All Items
    _L 301CE781 0001
    _L 301CE948 0001
    _L 5000E202 0000
    _L 801CE782 0101
    _C0 Debug Menu
    _L 801B3B28 0004
    Unlock Lilith Aileron's Anime Picture
    _L 301CE70D 000A
    _S SCUS_94484
    _G WildARMs 2
    _C0 Infinite Gimel Coin (Continues)
    _L 30125688 00FF
    _C0 Infinite Money
    _L 8011AEEC FFFF
    _C0 Max Money
    _L 8011AEEC 967F
    _L 8011AEEE 0098
    _C0 All Items
    _L 5000FF02 0001
    _L 8011ABE8 FE00
    _L 50008102 0001
    _L 8011ADE8 FEFF
    _C0 1 Fight For Level 99
    _L 800FB620 967F
    _L 800FB622 0098
    _C0 1 Fight For Max Money
    _L 800FB61C 967F
    _L 800FB61E 0098
    _C0 Infinite Items (All Positions)
    _L 80037302 2400
    _C0 Save Anywhere (Press L2+X)
    _L D00F5F9C 0001
    _L 3011AB28 0080
    _L 8011A4DC 5390
    _L 8011A4DE 8014
    _L 8011A4E8 5000
    _L 8011A4EC BC00
    _L 8011A4EE FFFF
    _L 8011A4F0 F000
    _L 8011A4FA 0003
    _L 8011A502 1400
    _L 8011A504 1428
    _L 8011A510 0006
    _L 8011A512 FFFF
    _L 8011A524 004F
    _L 8011A526 0006
    _L 8011A52C 8000
    _C0 No Random Battles
    _L 8011E010 0000
    _C0 Infinite PS Points
    _L D017A22C 1823
    _L 8017A22E 0060
    _C0 Infinite ARMS Bullets
    _L 8009AD3E 0040
    _C0 Can Always Upgrade ARMS [Note 1]
    _L 8009AA30 0000
    _C0 Infinite HP (All Allies)
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A72C 270F
    _C0 Max HP (All Allies)
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A730 270F
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A734 270F
    _C0 Infinite FP (All Allies)
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A73A 03EE
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A73C 03EE
    _C0 Max Str (All Allies)
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A73E 03E7
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A740 03E7
    _C0 Max Vitality (All Allies)
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A746 03E7
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A748 03E7
    _C0 Max Sorcery (All Allies)
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A74E 03E7
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A750 03E7
    _C0 Max Response (All Allies)
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A756 03E7
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A758 03E7
    _C0 Max Luck (All Allies)
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 3011A77E 0004
    _C0 100 PS Points (All Allies)
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 3011A795 0064
    _C0 Have All Personal Skills (All Allies)
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A798 FFFF
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A79A FFFF
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 8011A79C FFFF
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 3011A79E 00FF
    _C0 Have All Force Abilities (All Allies)
    _L 5000087C 0000
    _L 3011A79F 00F0

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    i downloaded the new cwcheats. RevE version. cwc still doesn't want to access my cheats database. i tried different ways of labeling it.
    blarg. maybe i installed it wrong?
    but it's just draggin the seplugins folder over to the mem stick and then enabling 2 things in the recovery mode rite?

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