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Thread: Need help on psp 2000 3.71 m33 firmware

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    Default Need help on psp 2000 3.71 m33 firmware

    Just bought used PSP 2000 online few days ago with firmware 3.71 m33-2 version. After going through some forums thread, the information that I get is:
    i) To upgrade the firmware, psp 2000 motherboard MUST NOT be TA-088v3.
    ii) to check the psp motherboard, pspident can be used
    iii) the psp 2000 can be upgraded until 6.60 version

    my question are...since my psp already using cfw (3.71 m33-2) firmware, to upgrade the firmware do I need to use pandora batery on the psp again?
    and is it possible to upgrade it directly to version 6.60 cfw by upgrade it to 6.60 ofw first?

    really need some help here...T___T

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    I got a tutorial in the tut section that can help it's stickied you shouldn't miss it. The links are dead on some of them or maybe all of them but the steps are the same

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