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Thread: What does a WEP/WPA look like?

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    djfmf is offline -Hacks Newbie
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    Nov 2005
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    i'm not looking for an actual one, i'm trying to find out where i can find it on my friends computer so i can use wireless internet through wipeout pure. could you show me where i can find it and give me an example of what a wep key would look like? i'm not sure how long the password is supposed to be. any tips would be appreciated.

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    ironmonkey is offline -Hacks Guru
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    The WEP key is whatever you set it to when you set up your wireless router.
    Its just a password of numbers and/or letters.

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    tommytwin is offline -Hacks Neophyte
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    Oct 2005
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    Well if its your friends router he should know the wep key its only a password that you put in the firmware when u install the router, or u can just look it up under security options its ususally something like or 1.1
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