Follow the rules here when you post for help to ensure that your question/problem is answered/solved quickly, efficiently, and using the best method possible.

1) MAKE SURE YOU GIVE YOUR TOPIC A DESCRIPTIVE NAME! Doing this will catch the attention of people who can help you faster. it'll also keep the help section neat by not flooding it with "n00b questions","halp plz", and (the most annoying:) "hhhhheeeeelllllllpppp!!"

2) GIVE AS MANY DETAILS ABOUT YOUR PROBLEM/QUESTION AS POSSIBLE IN YOUR FIRST POST. Why go through the trouble of waiting 15 minutes (most of the time it'll be longer) just for someone to ask you for information you should have given them in the first place? Now you'll have to waste more time answering them and waiting even longer for them to get back to you. Please include the following in your first post to ensure that we can help get your problem solved as quickly as possible. Nobody likes waiting :mrgreenthumbsup:
-Your Firmware Version - what upgrade version your psp has. this can be found by going into "Settings">>"System Settings">>"System Information">>"System Software". we do not need to know anything else in there (nickname/MAC Address). DONT GIVE THEM.
-What kind of PSP you have - there is a pretty BIG difference between the "slim" and the "fat" psp. it would GREATLY HELP US if you told us which one you have.
-Any Customizations your psp has - custom bootsounds, custom fonts, custom gameboots, etc. for example: custom bootsounds are known to screw with the ps1 emulator in custom firmware versions sometimes. Telling us you have a custom bootsound up front can get your problem solved in just one post.

3) BE PATIENT. Chances are your question will not be answered immediately. DO NOT continually post in your thread asking
-next post-
"is anyone there?"
-next post-
"help me please!"
-next post-
"why isnt anyone helping me? it's been 7 minutes!"
It is not unusual for posts to go for HOURS unanswered--especially during the middle of the day in the United States (where most people on this forum are). Show some patience. If nobody has answered after a day or so, then you can bump it to make sure people saw it. Keep in mind that no one may be answering because no one knows how to help. also, DO NOT double-post (multiple posts in a row from the same person). please use the "Edit" option.

4) DONT MAKE A USELESS POLL WHEN ASKING FOR HELP. The "Create New Poll" button is right under the "Post New Topic" button. Make sure you hit the right one. Useless polls will be locked immediately.

5) WE HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. It's a Help section, not a "think for you" section. Use the Search function, Look at the stickies and the Tutorials section before posting for help. Most of the time you're just gonna be linked back there anyway if your question has already been answered in a guide. Keep in mind there are other people who have bigger problems than being too lazy to help themselves.

It's common sense. If your question has absolutely nothing to do with what's going on in the topic, don't ask it there. It's perfectly fine to start a new thread if there are no active ones addressing an issue like yours. Don't PM (personal message) other members to direct them to your thread unless it was suggested that you do so. Chances are if a member hasn't replied, they can't help anyway.