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Thread: Game could not be started(80020130)

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    I had 3.40 OE before now i got 3.52 m33-4 for some reason some games could never work. I downloaded like 10 different versions of the game i wanted which was GTAVC and never work i always get this messege game could not be started(80020130) why i don't understand. I have friend with 3.40 and they play liberty city and games that don't work on my psp.

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    try this hope it work:
    1. connect the usb cable to your psp and your computer.
    2. turn on psp while holding R button to go to recovery menu.
    3. go to advanced then enable flash1.
    4. delete the
    5. after deleting choose back then go to configuration
    6. in "UMD Mode" change it into 'Sony NP9660 -NO UMD-"
    7.then go back then exit recovery menu then try the game.


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