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Thread: PSP Error Codes - What They Mean

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    Default PSP Error Codes - What They Mean

    There are alot of questions in the help section concerning error codes and what they mean. so i did a little research and will be compiling a list. this is what i've found so far..
    UKN9000001 - The update data is corrupt and cannot start.
    DADADA - DA Firmware update corruption error.
    80110305 - memory stick can not be acessed.
    80010013 - device / media not found
    8001B002 - unknown
    80020001 or 800244C - some sort of kernel errors
    80020001 - default kernel error (General Error)
    800200D9 - failed to allocate the memory block
    80020130 - file read error
    80020148 - PRX type unsupported
    80110482 - occurs when test of wlan infrastructure connection fails
    FFFFFED3 - unknown
    80410001 or 80410D16 = network errors
    80410D07 - unknown
    ffffffff - update failed (General Error)
    80410A0B - Internal Error
    80410410 - Cannot connect to the given acess point
    80010087 - The game could not be started =
    one of the more common errors. could be a mismatch in required FW. Corrupt or unsupported data
    0 - no error go figure :/
    80020001 - unknown
    80020002 - not implemented
    80020032 - illegal exception code
    80020033 - exception handler not used

    if anyone has anything to add feel free to do so. i'll post more as i find them.

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    IDSTORAGE key codes...

    80020148 - Unsupported PRX type | This error also seems to appear when you are running an iso with a fake mem.
    -Upgrade to a newer custom firmware, or u are using official firmware and u need to downgrade then install CF.
    -If not, it is probably a config error/bug and 99% of the time it will be fixed if u "delete flash1 and reset settings" in Recovery>Advanced.
    -Often occurs when upgrading from a older OE/SE to M33.
    -can also be bad/corrupt iso
    -can be from not having 1.5 addon installed when running some homebrew(fat only)
    -can be fake memcard.
    -also occurs with older SE/OE firmware if u have umd mode set to M33 driver(fixed by changing to sonynp9660 or put in a umd)
    -also can be fixed by upgrading to 3.52M33 from older CF.
    but most of the time it is a upgrade bug in flash1.
    80020321 - Ran a game that doesn't support NO-UMD* (DAX FW ONLY!)
    -If u get this error, change iso loader(in recovery or vsh menu) to SONY NP9660 or put a UMD in, ANY umd....but SONY NP9660 iso loader is best.
    8002014C - Ran kxploited homebrew without Homebrew enabled firmware.
    -enter recovery, enter config, set game kernal to 1.5, exit.(fat psp's only)(make sure u have 1.5 kernal addon installed for the newer 3.xxM33 CF)
    -error occurs when noobs try to run 1.5 kernal homebrew with official sony firmware...or a slim(which doesnt support 1.5 kernal either).
    -error occurs when running homebrew from wrong folder (eg. put homebrew in GAME371 folder instead of GAME or GAME150 or vice-versa)
    8001002 - putting the POPS EBOOT in the wrong folder
    -To play ps1 games, take the folder that has the ps1 eboot in it and copy that folder to GAME folder(eg. ms0:\psp\game\Resident Evil\eboot.pbp CF only)
    -make sure u have a eboot.bin along with a boot.bin in ur finished product........
    -U put the eboot.pbp in wrong folder..............
    800200D9 - failed to allocate the memory block
    -to fix, disable screenshot PRX or equivilent PRX's....
    -bad rip of game, missing eboot.bin file...
    -using a video umd instead of a game umd
    -upgrade to newer firmware and use a better iso driver(SONY NP9660 or M33)
    -device / media not found
    -bad rip of game, reaccuire a different copy...


    80020148 - (unsupported PRX type)?
    800201A8 - (WAIT timeout)?
    80020130 - File Read Error (ex. length is 0)
    80020001 - Generic Kernel Error - default (ex. executable is invalid) 800200D9
    - Failure to allocate memory block (ex. missing PSP)
    80410D07 - Connection error has occurred. (Ie cant find access pt)
    80020001 - error
    80020002 - not implemented
    80020032 - illegal exception code
    80020033 - exception handler not use
    80020034 - exception handler already used
    80020035 - system call table not use
    80020036 - system call table already used
    80020037 - illegal system call table
    80020038 - illegal Primary Syscall number
    80020039 - Primary Syscall number already use
    80020064 - call from interrupt handler/thread
    80020065 - illegal INTRCODE
    80020066 - CPU already interrupt disable
    80020067 - Handler already exist
    80020068 - Handler not found
    80020069 - illegal interrupt level
    8002006a - illegal address
    8002006b - illegal Intr Handler Option Param size
    8002006c - illegal stack address
    8002006d - already stack address set
    80020096 - not found free Hard Timer
    80020097 - illegal timer ID
    80020098 - illegal source
    80020099 - illegal prescale
    8002009a - Hard Timer in use
    8002009b - Hard Timer not setup
    8002009c - Hard Timer not in use
    800200a0 - unit number already used
    800200a1 - unit number not used
    800200a2 - rom directory not found
    800200c8 - id type already exist
    800200c9 - id type not exist
    800200ca - {not available}
    800200cb - unknown UID
    800200cc - unmatch UID type
    800200cd - id not exist
    800200ce - not found UID function
    800200cf - UID already holder
    x800200d0 - UID not holder
    800200d1 - illegal permission
    800200d2 - illegal argument
    800200d3 - illegal address
    800200d4 - the memory area is out of range
    800200d5 - the memory area is overlap
    800200d6 - illegal partition id
    800200d7 - partition in use
    800200d8 - illegal memory block allocation type
    800200d9 - failed to allocate memory block
    800200da - inhibited to resize this memory block
    800200db - failed to resize this memory block
    800200dc - failed to allocate heap block
    800200dd - failed to allocate heap
    800200de - illegal chunk id
    800200df - cannot find chunk name
    800200e0 - there is no free chunk
    8002012c - module link error
    8002012d - illegal object format (not PRX/PFX)
    8002012e - not found Module
    8002012f - not found Module file
    80020130 - Module file read error
    80020131 - memory in use
    80020132 - partition mismatch
    80020133 - module already started
    80020134 - module not started yet
    80020135 - module already stopped
    80020136 - module cannot stop
    80020137 - module not stopped yet
    80020138 - module cannot remove
    80020139 - exclusive load
    8002013a - Library is not linked yet
    8002013b - Library already exists
    8002013c - Library not found
    8002013d - illegal Library header
    8002013e - Library isused now
    8002013f - module already stopping
    80020140 - illegal off set value
    80020141 - illegal position code
    80020142 - illegal access code
    80020143 - module manager busy
    80020144 - illegal flag
    80020145 - cannot get module list
    80020146 - prohibit Load Module device
    80020147 - prohibit Load Exec device
    80020148 - unsupported PRX type
    80020149 - illegal permission call
    8002014a - cannot get module information
    8002014b - illegal Load Exec buffer
    8002014c - illegal Load Exec file name
    8002014d - There is no exit callback
    80020190 - no memory
    80020191 - illegal attr parameter
    80020192 - illegal thread entry address
    80020193 - illegal priority value
    80020194 - illegal stack size
    80020195 - illegal mode
    80020196 - illegal mask
    80020197 - illegal thread ID
    80020198 - not found thread
    80020199 - not found semaphore
    8002019a - not found event flag
    8002019b - not found message box
    8002019c - not found Vpool
    8002019d - not found Fpool
    8002019e - not found message pipe
    8002019f - not found alarm
    800201a0 - not found thread event handler
    800201a1 - not found callback
    800201a2 - thread already DORMANT
    800201a3 - thread already SUSPEND
    800201a4 - thread is not DORMANT
    800201a5 - thread is not SUSPEND

    800201a6 - thread is not WAIT
    800201a7 - now dispatch disabled
    800201a8 - WAIT timeout
    800201a9 - WAIT canceled
    800201aa - WAIT status released
    N800201ab - WAIT status released with callback
    800201ac - thread is terminated
    800201ad - semaphore counter zero
    800201ae - semaphore counter overflow
    800201af - event flag condition not occur
    800201b0 - this event flag cannot accept waits with multiple threads
    800201b1 - illegal event flag wait pattern
    800201b2 - message box have no message
    800201b3 - message pipe is full
    800201b4 - message pipe is empty
    800201b5 - wait object deleted
    800201b6 - illegal memory block
    800201b7 - illegal memory size
    800201b8 - illegal scratchpad address
    800201b9 - scratch pad in use
    800201ba - scratchpad not in use
    800201bb - illegal type
    800201bc - illegal size
    800201bd - illegal count
    800201be - not found vtimer
    800201bf - illegal vtimer ID
    800201c0 - illegal KTLS ID
    800201c1 - KTLS is full
    800201c2 - KTLS is busy
    80020258 - invalid such priority
    80020259 - device name is invalid
    8002025a - device name is unknown
    8002025b - pm information is registered already
    8002025c - pm information is not registered
    8002025d - major state is invalid value
    8002025e - request is invalid
    8002025f - request is unknown
    80020260 - unit number is invalid
    80020261 - cannot cancel request
    80020262 - pm information is invalid
    80020263 - argument is invalid
    80020264 - already target epower state
    80020265 - failed to change system power state
    80020266 - cannot change device power state
    80020267 - device does not support such power state
    800202bc - request to the DMAC failed
    800202bd - DMA operation is less or equal one
    800202be - the operation is already queued
    800202bf - the operation is already finished or not queueud
    800202c0 - the operation is already in transfer progress
    800202c1 - the operation is not assigned yet
    800202c2 - the sync operation timed out
    800202c3 - dma operation struct is already freed
    800202c4 - dma operation is used
    800202c5 - dma operation is empty
    800202c6 - DMA operation is aborted
    800202c7 - DMA operation is error
    800202c8 - physical DMA channel is already reserved
    800202c9 - physical DMA channel is not managed by dmac manager
    800202ca - there is a privilege address in link list
    800202cb - link list buffer is not enough
    800202cc - the operation is not assigned to physical DMA channel
    800202cd - the operation is child operation
    800202ce - it is too much than transferable datasize
    800202cf - argument is invalid
    80020320 - Too many open files
    80020321 - No such device
    80020322 - Cross-device link
    80020323 - Bad file descriptor
    80020324 - Invalid argument
    80020325 - Unsupported operation
    80020326 - Alias is already used
    80020327 - Cannot mount
    80020328 - Driver deleted
    80020329 - Async operation is busy
    8002032a - No async operation
    8002032b - Device is already registered
    8002032c - No current working directory
    8002032d - Filename too long
    800203e8 - DECI3 No such device or address
    800203e9 - DECI3 I/O error
    800203ea - DECI3 Not enough core
    800203eb - STDIO not opened
    8002044c - Parameter is not cache aligned
    8002044d - End of kernel error code Never use this name

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    Wow, thanx BC. you've got alot of common fixes as well

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    sticky this shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xitherun View Post
    sticky this shit.
    yes, please do....

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    i agree... stick ee eet

    >> Has left the PSP scene. (But still visits!)

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    >> PSP-2001 running 5.00m33-6, 4GB Lexar memory stick

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    yay sticky-ed!~!

    >> Has left the PSP scene. (But still visits!)

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    0x0 = no error
    I lol'd.

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    Yeah, these error codes are used by the kernel functions too as return codes, so 0 means they succeeded.
    I found 0x8002013C (library not found) when loading your app can mean you're trying to use a kernel-mode function in usermode.
    >> PSP-2001 running 5.00m33-6, 4GB Lexar memory stick

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