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Hi, Everybody Hope someone will be willing & able to help me, I have been digging through this site as well as a few other PSP hack sites to find a tutorial for determining, Downloading, & hacking my PSP 2000 with OFW 4.05 quite possible is a TA-088v3 motherboard so I know what hacking that can be done with it is tricky & limited however it appears as any links I do find with regards to this return a page no longer available, I do have a Pandora battery anyone that can stare me towards the resources to make it possible I would greatly appreciate their time & effort just want to do it right... Thanks
if it is the ta-88v3 mb then the pandora wouldn't work, you don't need it to 'hack' the psp anyway.

follow(steps 2-19) of http://forums.dashhacks.com/f133/5-0...-6-20-t295996/ yes it says 5.03 but its realvent to you as well as the ofw is below 6.20
1 thing tho, get the 6.20ofw from http://www.mediafire.com/?05918u1nrq16b4u as the ofw link in the tutorial doesn't have the 6.20ofw d/l any more(the ofws seem to have been removed since the 'powers that be' changed).

once on 6.20pro-b9 use pspident to find the motherboard(make sure you don't turn off/restart the psp after you install pro-b9 or the psp will revert to ofw and you'll have to reload pro-b9):

1. Download PSPident - http://psp.dashhacks.com/file/1725
2. Extract the file
3. Copy PSPIDENT folder to PSP/GAME/
4. From the xmb (main psp menu) run PSPIDENT

if its ta-88v3 then return to the tutorial for 6.20pro-b9 and follow steps 20-22 to install the permanent patch.

if its not ta-88v3 then cold boot/start the psp to revert to ofw then run network update to upgrade to 6.60ofw(if the psp is connected to the net via wifi, otherwise manual upgrade and get the ofw from the official playstation website), once on 6.60ofw install 6.60pro-b9

1. Download 6.60 PRO B-9 - http://psp.dashhacks.com/file/2123
2. Extract the file
3. Copy PROUPDATE and CIPL Flasher folders to PSP/GAME/
4. From the xmb (main psp menu) run the PROUPDATE from Game - Memory stick.
5. Press X to install CFW
6. From the xmb (main psp menu) run the CIPL Flasher from Game - Memory stick.

before you ask, there is no difference in features between the 6.20 or 6.60 version of pro-b9. its just that on a ta-88v3motherboard psp 2000 the 6.20 version has a permanent patch while there is no patch for the 6.60 version9so everytime the psp looses power it reverts to ofw and you have to reload pro-b9), on the other hand for non ta-88v3 motherboard psp 2000 there is a 'permanent patch' for the 6.60pro-b9(its the cipl flasher).

to play psp 'backups'(iso/cso) http://forums.dashhacks.com/f127/psp...st1579690.html