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Thread: Help! 6.38 Firmware, Pokemon

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    Default Help! 6.38 Firmware, Pokemon

    Is there any hope for me? I am running the new 6.38 firmware on a psp 3000. All I want to do is play Pokemon Emerald! I have never done any homebrewing or hacking before. What should I do? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    First thing you should know about psp Hacking, NEVER use the offical Sony Update. They only put updates to stop people hacking their psp's.

    Anyways, you can use this program, it allows you to play Hombrew on your psp.
    Not too sure if it works on the new 6.38, but I have heard it has. Heres a youtube video explain what to do.

    Heres the HBL Program you need to download:

    Now once you have that loaded up on your psp, you need to select the Homebrew that will allow you to play GBA Games.
    Download and put this GBA Emulator Homebrew into your PSP:

    You will need to put the UO gpSP kai 3.2 folder (open the first folder up, then use the folder you now see)
    into PSP>GAMES Folder
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