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Thread: PSP-2001 bricked, more info in the thread

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    Arrow PSP-2001 bricked, more info in the thread

    Okay, so here's the dealeo.

    I hacked a friends PSP (PSP-2001) using the Chicken HEN method. ( I wasn't sure on the mobo type so I went safe side. ) I was able to do this and decide to go for broke with CFW 5.50 GEN-D.

    Wasn't the best idea as now I believe I got a nice little paperweight.
    Went around to look for solutions, however, solutions through the forum are either dead posts, or links to files are dead. Youtube doesn't help either, as the people who post these don't understand the meaning of links to URL files and such.

    I can't blame the forum members though, this is all old news. We're all just biding our time, waiting for the Vita.

    I just want something that can unbrick this thing. Any links, or files will do. I can figure it out if I have the sources. >:I

    Things to take note of:
    Currently have a Phat PSP with 5.50 Prome 4 with a pandora battery.
    I have no idea what the slim's mobo is. I tried PSPident and couldn't get it going.

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    Try booting with just the charger inserted. If it doesn't boot, you have a PSP that cannot be unbricked.

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    Make a MMS on the phat and try it with the pandora on the slim. Some of the slims can be unbricked using pandora. The TA88v1, TA88v2, and TA85v2 ones can, the rest can't.

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