before i begin i did not write this guide the credit goes to all those who are involved in writing it im just posting it here so more people see it even though this is all old information but still really informative nonetheless so thank you! to all those involved in writing and contributing to this article

Info below compiled from various sources, including: adrahil, Chilly Willy, FreePlay, harleyg, jas0nuk, l_oliveira, Mathieulh, Saben, SilverSpring, Squirrel, vb_master

The following keys are backed up separately from the IdStorage, non-indexed: 4, 5, 6, F, 30-3F, 40-46, 50, 140

NOTE: Slim v1 = TA-085 baryon 22B200, Slim v1.1 = TA-085 baryon 234000, Slim v2 = TA-088, Fat v4 = TA-086

* = key is the same per model, but not necessarily the same in every PSP
* = key is unique to each PSP
* = key is partially unique (e.g. WLAN region are all similar but with a few bytes changed for different regions)

General info on each key
* 0x4 - Baryon settings/information - extra data added since Slim v1
* 0x5 - Clockgen/I2C setup commands - invalidating the first four bytes enables 1.50 to boot on TA-082+ by preventing an IPL crash due to unsupported hardware
* 0x6 - Battery, CPU frequency and general power settings - extra data added since Slim v1
* 0x7 - Unknown usage (exists since Fat v4/Slim v1) - changed in Slim v2
* 0x8 - Brightness hardware control (exists since Fat v4/Slim v1) - changed in Slim v1.1 and again in Slim v2 - if this is detected, the data in them is used to control the brightness levels. If not, the board acts as a TA-079 which causes brightness level issues with the new hardware.

* 0x10 - MagicGate
* 0x11 - MagicGate
* 0x12 - MagicGate
* 0x13 - MagicGate
* 0x40 - Contains the 0x5 bytes at 0x88 from key 0x10
All of the above are required for MagicGate to work

* 0x41 - USB (Driver type identifier) - slightly different since Slim v1
* 0x43 - USB (Device ID) - slightly different since Slim v1

* 0x44 - WLAN MAC Address (can be rebuilt using Noobz MAC Address Fixer)
* 0x45 - WLAN Region (can be rebuilt using KeyCleaner)

* 0x47 - Default parental lock level (first byte is 0x09, rest is empty)

* 0x50 - Serial number (not used since TA-082)
* 0x51 - Firmware the PSP shipped with, and unknown unique data (exists since Fat v4/Slim v1)
* 0x52 - Unused by PSP - Mostly the same per PSP except for slight variations - could be manufacturing info (exists since Slim v1)
* 0x54 - Default XMB background colour - first 3 bytes: 02 00 02 in PSP-200X IS, 02 00 00 in PSP-200X PB (exists since Slim v1)

* 0x100 - DNAS, VSH & Internet browser region, ad-hoc region (if missing, official updaters cannot run - error CTA80000025)
* 0x101 - OpenPSID (non-indexed duplicate at [location of original + 0x8000])

* 0x102 - UMD (non-indexed duplicate at [location of original + 0x8000])
* 0x103 - UMD (non-indexed duplicate at [location of original + 0x8000])
* 0x104 - UMD (non-indexed duplicate at [location of original + 0x8000])
* 0x105 - UMD (non-indexed duplicate at [location of original + 0x8000])
* 0x106 - UMD (non-indexed duplicate at [location of original + 0x8000])
102-106 is a continuous key which the UMD drive uses. Any invalid ones (missing, edited, or from another PSP) will prevent the UMD sectors being decrypted, resulting in a Disc Read Error

* 0x120-0x126 - backup of respective 0x0100-106 key

* 0x140 - Unknown unique data

More info on keys 4-8
Keys 4-8 are setup data for various devices. Their structure is as follows:


typedef struct {

u32 signature;
// "Clkg", "Bryn", etc

int type;
// always 00000001 so far

int datalen;
// length of data starting at 0x10

u32 hash;
// hash of data from 0x10 to 0x10+datalen

u8 databuf[0x1F0];
// data used for hardware init/control

} SceIdStorageLeaf;

Since official updater 3.30, every updater has a hidden module called sceChkDegeneration which checks the signatures of these keys and produces an error if the signature is incorrect:

DRNFFFFFFD8 = key 0x4 missing
DRNFFFFFFD7 = key 0x4 header is not "n y r B" (in hex: 6E 79 72 42)
DRNFFFFFFCE = key 0x5 missing
DRNFFFFFFCD = key 0x5 header is not "g k l C" (in hex: 67 6B 6C 43)
DRNFFFFFFC4 = key 0x6 missing
DRNFFFFFFC3 = key 0x6 header is not "r d D M" (in hex: 72 64 44 4D)

Additional checks in TA-086:
DRNFFFFFFB9 = key 0x7 header is not "D a P A" (in hex: 44 61 50 41)
DRNFFFFFFB0 = key 0x8 missing
DRNFFFFFFAF = key 0x8 header is not "p D C L" (in hex: 70 44 43 4C) - for this error, creating a fake key 8 is not enough as this will result in the brightness not working at all, a real key must be used.

KIRK commands
IdStorage keys are created by one of the KIRK commands, so we need to get as much information as we can about KIRK (aka semaphore hardware decryption)

0x01 - PRX decryption
0x02 - ???
0x03 - ???
0x04 - Scramble, savedata (chnnlsv) [paired with 0x7]
0x05 - Unsigcheck, savedata (chnnlsv) [paired with 0x8]
0x06 - ??? [paired with 0x9]
0x07 - Descramble [paired with 0x4]
0x08 - Sigcheck, savedata (chnnlsv) [paired with 0x5]
0x09 - ??? [paired with 0x6]
0x0A - ???
0x0B - SHA-1
0x0C - ??? (memab)
0x0D - ??? (memab)
0x0E - savedata (chnnlsv), memab, semawm, DbsvrGetData
0x0F - ???
0x10 - ??? (memab)
0x11 - ??? (memab)
0x12 - IdStorage checks

GetPsCode (0x100 region key) return codes
List compiled by harleyg/Slash

Region code is returned from sceChkregGetPsCode, in the format 01 00 XX 00 01

Model Country Region GetPsCode Comments
PSP-1000 Japan 2 0x03 Standard Pack

PSP-1000CW Japan 2 0x03 White Giga Pack

PSP-1000K Japan 2 0x03 Value Pack

PSP-1000KCW Japan 2 0x03 White Value Pack

PSP-1000G1 Japan 2 0x03 Giga Pack

PSP-1000G1CW Japan 2 0x03 White Giga Pack

PSP-1001K North America 1 0x04 Value Pack

PSP-1001G1 North America 1 0x04 Giga Pack

PSP-1002K Australia/New Zealand 4 0x09 Value Pack

PSP-1002G1 Australia/New Zealand 4 0x09 Giga Pack

PSP-1003K UK 2 0x05 Value Pack

PSP-1003G1 UK 2 0x05 Giga Pack

PSP-1004K Europe 2 0x05 Value Pack

PSP-1004G1 Europe 2 0x05 Giga Pack

PSP-1005K Korea 5 0x06 Value Pack

PSP-1005G1 Korea 5 0x06 Giga Pack

PSP-1006CW Hong Kong/Singapore 5 0x0A White Giga Pack

PSP-1006K Hong Kong/Singapore 3 0x0A Value Pack

PSP-1006G1 Hong Kong/Singapore 3 0x0A Giga Pack

PSP-1007K Taiwan 3 0x0B Value Pack

PSP-1007G1 Taiwan 3 0x0B Giga Pack

PSP-1008K Russia 5 0x0C Value Pack

PSP-1008G1 Russia 5 0x0C Giga Pack

PSP-1009K China 6 0x0D Value Pack

PSP-1009G1 China 6 0x0D Giga Pack