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Thread: Error message 800200D9 - did some troubleshooting but with no results.

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    Default Error message 800200D9 - did some troubleshooting but with no results.

    Sup guys. As what the title says, I'm getting the following error message, 800200D9, when running Monster Hunter Portable 3 (the rest of my games works fine).

    I'm using 6.60 PRO-B9 btw. PSP3000 slim

    I've read a couple of threads stating that I should disable my plugins. I tried to do so by going to the Recovery Menu > Plugins. Page shows that I do not have any plugins (none in my memory stick) but there is a folder in my mem stick that says SEPLUGINS which I tried to remove from the stick, then run the game again - and still got the same error message.

    Next, I tried to go to Advanced menu in Recovery Menu then disabled the XMB PLugin, Game Plugin, Pops Plugin, Old Plugin Support (PSP-Go only) and still got the same error message when I ran the game. Tried to disable just a few plugins but still the same.

    ISO Mode to M33 Driver, check.
    No plugins (screenshot PRX etc.), tried to disable some plugins as what has been stated above, check.

    I did what I can and what I saw in forums to no avail.

    Anyone there who has another solution or can tell me what did I miss?

    Waiting for a reply. Thanks!

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    800200D9 - failed to allocate the memory block
    -to fix, disable screenshot PRX or equivilent PRX's

    are you running a full cfw meaning every time you restart the psp you dont need to restart the cfw?

    try backing up everything on your memory stick then format it then try it should fix it

    Error 800200D9 - game could not be started
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    don’t use unsuitable language (this is a child friendly thread)
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    Do not use red for anything else.

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