Okay so i bought a PSP 2001 a little while ago at a flea market and dood said that the screen was busted so i replaced it and
when i turn on the psp the screen comes on, but its black, and im not sure if the old screen was the same or if it is even was broken

you can tell the screen is on but its black, and went i press the dpad u can hear sounds like ur scrolling threw the menu. so unless the screen i bought was broke too its a software issue or whatever

ive only ever hacked/modded a PS2 and a Wii. but i was gonna mod this PSP too but im not sure if someone else modded it and bricked it

so my question is, what do u think is the problem, is this bricked, or is it some other type of problem, i started to think it maybe bricked but i figured u wouldnt be able to hear any sounds if it was bricked, so im confused now

i tried holding home and left & Right trigger then turning it on but that didnt do anything.

could it possibly be that the screen ribbon cord isnt inserted all the way or something i dunno,

let me know what u think and any info that u need and how to get the info u need