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Thread: Imediate help, pleaseee

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    Default Imediate help, pleaseee

    PLEASE help me, i have a psp 1000, and i used CIPL_Flasher and it says 6.60 Pro-C, i want to get rid of this, my psp takes 20mins to start up after this and the screen keeps jumping, and when it finally loads it goes so slow, just clicking the arrow to go to music and video takes 2 mins b4 it registers, and when i click into something it sits there for a while then loads after 4mins, again the screen jumps around, when i start it up, the screen acts as if its like vibrating, HELP!!, how do i get rid of flasher and put my psp back to normal????

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    You're probably better off asking elsewhere mate, this forum seems to be dead.

    Search "wololo" on google someone can help you there.

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