For all you fans of X5 and PXP, I am in the process of making a completely original PSP internet app! It will obviously work with 2.0+(I'm not sure about 1.0-1.52 because of the browser thing). By the name of 'kozo', I aim for it to one day be the most graphically impressive app for PSP IE by far! Right now I'm doing the graphics. Sadly, I'm not good enough at programming to make completely new scripts... so I'm adapting X5's scripts. But I promise that V1.1 will have more original layouts and even better graphics! I also added in everyone's favorite PSP site!!!! When you click on the kozo logo, a bunch of options will pop up, and one of them is a direct link to! Anyways, be on the lookout on the front page of for the link! Oh, and here's the link to the internet site for it. I can afford one, so it's just a proboards forum. You can post/join there if you want. I'll get some real webpage started soon though. :