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Thread: 6.20/6.35 PRO-B4 released!

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    Post 6.20/6.35 PRO-B4 released!

    hello psp-hacks
    Today coldbird and vf have released the new rev of the 6.35PRO
    in theory both versions are the same the only diference for me
    is that the 6.20 can be permanent and the 6.35 don't
    i have downgraded to 6.20 (downgrade by your own risk ;])

    well here is the info and change log obtained from the coldbird blog:
    Dear Users!

    I’m sorry for the delays, but it’s finally over…

    PRO-B4 is released and out in the public now, as you might have seen from the Background Images, we are going to hand it in as a Genesis Competition Entry.

    For the Changelog…

    Added 6.20 OFW Kernel Support
    Added 6.20 Type 2 PRX Permanent Bootloader
    Improved NID Resolver (Including 6.20 <-> 6.35 NIDs)
    Improved Game Compatiblity via Anti-NBGI Fixes
    Added Inferno OSS ISO Driver (Improves Compatiblity and Speed)
    Fixed BGM Playback Bug in Recovery Menu
    Improved Satellite Permission Detection
    Fixed Skype Crash Bugs
    Added Custom PSX Manual Support
    Added version.txt Display Support
    Added Parental Level Check for ISO / CSO
    Some small fixes we probably forgot about…
    As always you can grab it from our PRO File Storage at !

    Informations for Permanent Flash Users:

    Pressing R while booting loads the recovery.
    Pressing Select while booting loads OFW.
    When applying the Permanent Patch, choose X on first question and O on second to install, two times X only tests whether your device is compatible with our Permanent Bootloader.
    Should you manage to brick yourself, try pressing O+X+Select+Start while turning your PSP on. It will trigger a emergency uninstall.
    Model Generation Compatiblity:

    6.20 Version works for 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g and 5g models.
    6.35 Version works on all models up to 9g.

    the download in mediafire
    6.20 PRO-B4

    6.35 PRO-B4

    that links are for a quick download
    here is the source of the information:

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