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Thread: Really Annoying Level Game rev 6

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    Default Really Annoying Level Game rev 6

    Hello. This is my game that is submitted in the PSP Genesis Competition.
    The game is a skill game, is based on the idea that an level is harder and annoying that the last one.
    It have 13 levels,3 modes (normal,random,infinite),2 infinite level and achievements.
    For random levels in the options screen you have two modes:
    -"Mixing levels in 5 of 5" It mixes the first 5 levels and then the next 5
    levels so the hard levels won't be at start(eg current levels: x x x x x y y y y y
    (look at current levels) with 0<x<6 and 5<y<11).
    -"Enable" it mixes all the levels with a chance that the hard levels will come first.
    The infinite levels are on the second page from the level selection.
    The achievements are in the option screen.
    Download: Revision 6.1
    SOURCE LINK:here
    If there is a bug, or a idea for the level, here is my

    Spoiler for More Screenshots:

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    This game is so annoying...
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