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Thread: NES Emulation - Custom Palettes

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    Unhappy NES Emulation - Custom Palettes

    I've been using NesterJ for a while now, which is probably the best emulator out there! However, for a game that I wanted to play (Mario Adventure - RomHack of SMB3) I need to use a custom palette.

    Is it possible to use custom palettes? Or maybe can I edit the existing one?
    I've looked all over the web, tried different emulators, but found no solution.

    I hope someone can find a solution, the game looks really awesome and playing it on PC with a keyboard would suck!

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    Just tried to do the same, seems there isn't a way to load it. The game works, but the colors are all mixed up.
    Perhaps other members know if there's a workaround available?

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