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Thread: LEDA plugin compatibility for 6.60 Pro-C CFW?

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    Default LEDA plugin compatibility for 6.60 Pro-C CFW?

    I have a PSP 1000 series with permanent install of CFW v6.60 Pro-C and have been trying to figure out how to load older homebrew. I want to insall IR Shell or some other homebrew to take advantage of the IR port. Can anyone help me find some homebrew to control the IR port on 6.60 Pro-C CFW or tell me how to get the LEDA plugin working?

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    Ir shell has been long discontinued and I could never get it to work right lol it was always buggy for me sometimes it worked okay but nothing great lol but that's my experience. If you want it I would suggest finding the latest release and downgrade the firmware if your able to and see if it works..I couldn't get Leda to work either lol

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