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Thread: Looking for a plugin re writter

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    Default Looking for a plugin re writter

    Hey everyone,

    Pretty much need someone to re write a plugin for me or show me how to do it myself...

    The plugin is the game categories originally done by Bubble_Tune if I remember the name right, Ive tried contacting him and it doesn't seem possible.

    Anyway, anyone familiar with his work would understand the diagram I use below to illustrate what I'm trying to do or get done.

    set in the context mode under settings his plugin operates like so

    (Category/Folder Name)-(Games/Eboots)
    (Category/Folder Name)-(Game/Eboot)

    Either way Im ending up with a list so long it defeats the point of having the plugin.

    what I want to be able to do is

    (Category Name)-(Sub Category)-(Sub Category2)-(Game/Eboot)


    (Playstation One Games)-(Resident Evil Collection)-(Resident Evil 1/2/3)-(Game/Eboot)
    (PSP Games)-(Socom)-(Fireteam Bravo 1/2/3)-(Game/Eboot)

    Basically, I want to make a tiered menu system much like a windows start bar.
    Where you start with a general Category and work you way to a specific game all the while keeping the list as minimal as possible so I don't have to scroll through 20 different psp games just to get to the one at the bottom of the list. I want to be able to have a collection of say 10 games and be able to have a category folder for each one.

    As it is right now, I have 10 PS1 games and 10 PSP games plus 4 emulators on my memory card... I wouldn't have the slightest idea as to the difficulty of what I want so I'm leaving that up to you guys to clue me in.

    It being a soft mod and easily emailed I'm assuming everyone on this forum has PayPal?
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