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Thread: The PSP Programming and Development Mega Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by HyperHacker View Post
    How do people recommend tracking down a slow memory leak? I don't think I can use Valgrind on a PSP app. No idea where it's leaking and it takes hours for it to actually crash.
    Obviously , you allocate *something* *somewhere*(((im a genius :-P))) that never gets deleted.

    There are 2 ways to solve this :
    1) If you don't have to allocate buffers and your using C++ , just use STL.
    2)If you have to do allocations/cleanups manually , then you need a memory tracker with the ability to dump every single entry to a log file or something.

    The tracker must hold at least : 1) The data-pointer , 2) The size , 3) The source file , 4) The line of the current source file(just take a look at __FILE__,__LINE__ directives), and must know exactly how many blocks of memory are available, preventing memory allocations out-of-the-limit.

    Suggestion before implementing this : Use linked lists to store this information. Don't use static array stacks or dynamic arrays.

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    jus noiced this but my tutorial for "How To Install MinPSPW with Code::Blocks IDE" is named "Stinkee2 - by Stinkee2" lol

    was that an accident?
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    how can i display image simple code when i press X the image will display in png or bmp file

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