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Thread: code freezes on load when using BUILD_PRX

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    Question code freezes on load when using BUILD_PRX

    Out of curiosity I've been building a small game - which compiles and works fine until...

    ...I add the following line to the makefile:


    at which time the EBOOT begins to execute but freezes before it actually executes anything visible.

    Q1. Any ideas why this might happen?
    Q2. Do I need to include this line?

    wrt q2 I believe I need this option in order to use psplink - and this might explain why I've not been able to get that working.

    I'm obviously missing something simple as everything is absolutely fine if I leave that one line out of the makefile - and after trying every variation I can think of I've run out of ideas.

    I'm using OSLib, if that makes a difference.

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    wow ! this forums is so dead and if anyone has searched for this question which i doubt ... you only use that line when you want to build prx modules.

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