I am new to the forums and am sorry if this post exists, but I have been searching all day with new luck. Perhaps I am using the wrong key words.

I am trying to turn my old , rarely used pspgo I to a simple arcade machine. I have custom firmware installed and have a few emulators working to test the concept. I was going to use a pspgo dock to hook up to the cabinet monitor and then mod a couple ps3 controllers to be the arcade sticks.

Through some research though, I discovered that only one PS3 controller can connect to a pspgo. I feel like I can't be the first person to want to try to do this. Does anyone know of a simple way to accomplish this? Or perhaps help me write a programs to let the pspgo accept two Bluetooth controllers?

I though maybe if I found d a Bluetooth USB hub I could use two USB controllers connected via the Bluetooth hub. But it seems nothing like that exists either.

Any ideas, help or a general direction to start would be great. Thanks