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Thread: How To Change The Cintro & Text In An Existing CTF?

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    Default How To Change The Cintro & Text In An Existing CTF?

    I've searched quite a bit for this, and the information and number of programs related to this is a bit overwhelming (plus outdated)! So as the thread title states, I wanna take a CTF I have, and swap out the cintro with another one I have. The cintro file I have is in .pmf format. I also need to edit the length of it. It's currently 17 seconds long, and I wanna make it about 12 or 13 seconds in length. I also wanna edit the text in the existing CTF. Any and all help will be much appreciated!


    I guess I need the opening_plugin.rco to go along with the .pmf. for the cold boot. I don't have it. What up? Please advise!

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    You have to extract the ctf.
    CTFGui can help you with that.

    As for the .pmf file, you can use highboy's Gboot Extractor to extract either the
    video or the sound (or both) out of the .pmf and then edit the video.

    The text?
    You mean the coldboot text...?

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