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Thread: Guide for DCv7 using RainMMSv1.0

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    Default Guide for DCv7 using RainMMSv1.0

    Just spreading the word, hope Rain won't mind but this is such an awesome and easy guide it had to be posted asap.

    Guide for RainMMS v1.0 Making DCv7

    Items needed:

    Working PSP, any firmware. In some cases a card reader will work.

    Computer running XP or Vista.

    Memory Stick Pro DUO Magic Gate Supported, any size 256mb to 4gb(I have used an 8gb for this)

    This download RainMMS v1.0 .

    Fully charged Pandora Battery (Service Battery) - only needed for the running of the mms after completion.


    Download the above file, all firmware files and installation files are included.

    Unrar and place the Rain MMS folder on desktop.

    Connect PSP to computer via USB, and know what drive letter it was assigned.

    Double click the Rain MMS folder tha was extracted to your desktop. Next double click the RainMMS.exe file (or if running Vista right click the RainMMS.exe file and chose run as administrator). It may come up and verify your PSP drive letter, if it does accept the correct one.

    When the program opens make sure that the top drop down box has "4.01 OFW/M33-2(DCv7)" in it. Next to that is a button "Load EBOOT" click it and go to the folder Rain MMS on your desktop, inside it is a folder 4.01, double click that and select the EBOOT.PBP inside it. The button should have changed to "4.01 Loaded".

    Make sure that the Target Drive is correct for your PSP and check the box beside "Format Memory Stick". At this time if there is anything that you may need to save off of your memory stick(you will lose everything when the program formats) click the 'Backup" button, this will backup the memory stick for you.

    If you are running a Phat and wish to install the 1.50 kernel addon later check the "1.50 Kernel addon Installer". WARNING: THIS IS FOR PHATS ONLY, THE INSTALLATION OF THIS ON A SLIM WILL CAUSE A BRICK!!!

    Leave the Pandora Trigger Button on L(Default)

    You are now ready to create the MMS. Press "Make MMS". This process will take a long time, around 10 or so, do not click on the program while it is running. It will appear to be frozen on Extracting DCv7, but it is not. Any clicking on the program will cause it to freeze and you will have to close out and start over.

    After completion you will have a working Magic Memory Stick DCv7 ready for use with a Pandora Battery (Service Battery).

    To run place mms into PSP, hold down on the LEFT Trigger and insert Pandora Battery, continue to hold for no longer than 20 seconds. When menu comes up on screen, follow desired options.

    After installation if you wish to install the 1.50 kernel addon go to Games, memory stick and run the 1.50 kernel addon program. Warning: AGAIN THIS IS FOR PHATS ONLY!!! DO NOT RUN ON A SLIM.

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    does this work with a new black psp slim with firmware 4.01 out of the box?

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