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Thread: Mac2468's Wallpaper Tutorial

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    Default Mac2468's Wallpaper Tutorial

    Here's my technique that I've been using for about a year now to get my backgrounds for my psp, no photoshop, you don't even need a computer.

    Things you're going to need:
    The latest PSP Filer
    An Image you want

    Step 1. Acquire your image.
    I chose this badass picture of Obama because Obama rocks.

    Step 2. put it on you PSP
    No picture needed I don't think you're that dumb

    Step 3. Using view mode line it up so it looks good on the screen, you should have something like this

    Step 4. Set it to be your background

    Step 5. Launch Filer

    Step 6. Go into hacker mode (R Trigger and Left on the D-Pad)
    Don't really need an image here

    Step 7. Go into your Flash1 and go to VSH/THEME

    Step 8. Move your background to somewhere on your memory stick, PICTURE or PSP/PHOTO is a good place and go check it out

    God I hope this doesn't turn the wallpapers/backgrounds section into even more of a shithole than it already is.
    And no political discussion over what image I chose.
    I don't know how my language got changed to German on filer.

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