Here's how to edit iRShell to work with CFW 5.02 GEN-A.

Minimum requirements:

-Having already installed the Custom Firmware 5.02GEN-A
-A hex editor >><<
-Having already installed IRSHELL 4.8

Procedure to follow if you want to patch your iRShell yourself:

1.Connect the PSP with the USB cable
2.The switch to USB if it does not happen automatically.
3.Launch hex editor

It will be necessary to modify the following files with the hex editor. They are all in MS0: / IRSHELL / BIN /

-irshell500.prx: Change 00 in 02 at 0x2869
-irshell500s.prx: Change 00 in 02 at 0x28F5
-irspops_500.prx : Change 00 in 02 at 0x0BB9
-nethostfs_500m.prx :Change 00 in 02 at 0x1E75
-nethostfs_500sm.prx : Change 00 in 02 at 0x1E75

Once done, you have a IRShell which starts on our Custom Firmware 5.02GEN.