Pandoras Battery

Just thought i'd make a little description of a Pandora for all you noobs who don't know how to use Google and who don't know what a Pandora is.
Unlike what noobs seem to believe alot, a pandora isnt like a memory stick, u cant put stuff on it to make it one persay. A Service battery is a special battery that was used by professional psp repair men to repair psps until the concept was leaked and people learned how to make them and started calling them JigKick batterys. Now there is a common misconception that a jigkick alone is a pandora but only combined with a bootable memory stick aka a magic memory stick is it a pandoras battery. I used to believe this until phrotac corrected me. Thx phrotac ! A pandoras battery puts the psp into service mode so it can boot a firmware install off of a memory stick so that it can modify the firmware in the flash memory of the psp.

Now there are 2 ways known to man of how to make them

1. You can hardmod it which involves cracking open ur psp battery and breaking a certain pin. For fat batterys and for the slim batterys follow this this way you risk ruining a battery and possible frying your psp. this way might be reversible, it depends on your skillz.


2. You can softmod it. You take a friends already modded psp, and run OS Pandora Battery Tool 0.52/0.60 off of it to make a pandora. which basically it changes some coding in the batterys circuits which then the psp reads and it tells it to boot into service mode. this way is reversible if you back up the eeprom first. Only works on certain slim motherboards and most if not all phats.


You could just buy one. id recommend the one in clee290 found. cheap and it works

hope this helps
good luck and godspeed,