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Thread: [TUTORIAL] best Dual Nub / Analog Tuts

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    Default [TUTORIAL] best Dual Nub / Analog Tuts and Guides

    the purpose of this thread is to combine together a collection of the best duel nub tutorial threads around.

    i'll get it started with my favorite, and then i'll toss in an old stand by. please post any duel nub tutorials you find usefull here in this thread.

    Sony Erickson Nub used instead of razor x:
    on the bad side this method sticks up out of the case approx. 3/8 of an inch, however on the good side, YOU DO NOT need to remove the yellow power plug.

    Razor-x Duel Nub:
    on the good side this method looks official and is almost seemless, however on the bad side it requires an additional mod in order to center it self after being pressed: ( ) and you must remove the yellow power socket in order for it to fit.

    heres another razor x tutorial:

    heres a List of duel nub capable games:

    and heres what my first attempt (sony erickson) ended up looking like:

    this view shows the hottness

    in this veiw you can see all the flaws

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