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Thread: Guide to Hardmodding a PSP Slim (2000 Series) Battery

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    Default Guide to Hardmodding a PSP Slim (2000 Series) Battery


    Hello my fellow communions of Console Discussions. This is your soon to be new hacking friend, Deathscreton. Most just call me Nimu. I have seen countless post on Pandora batteries and downgrading the PSP SLIM but none on the Pandora battery. Now I'm am Deathly sorry if this tutorial has already been posted somewhere on this site, but i searched for something similar to this, and found nothing. So gladly, I will continue with this tutorial in high hopes that this will help you out if you have a PSP SLIM (2000 Series) with 3.71 OFFICIAL FIRMWARE or higher.

    (Official Firmware is Firmware that is created by Sony and not by another Unofficial user. You can check your Firmware by going to your PSP's XMB(Xross Menu Bar) and going all the way to the left option. Then You scroll all the way down to System Config(Configuration) and then scroll back down to System Information. If you System Software states any number with a special code behind it (Such as M33 or OEA or GEN or anything else,) Then you have a PSP with Non-Official Firmware, or as we like to call it, CFW(Custom FirmWare.) If you have just Numbers, Such as 3.50 or the newest, 5.01 and just those numbers, you have Official Firmware.)

    Now what this Tutorial is going to show you, is how to Create a Pandora battery without files. In other words, I'm going to show you how to "hardmod" your PSP SLIM (2000 Series) battery. (If you are looking to hardmod your PSP Phat battery (PHAT as in the first PSP's Sony introduced, the PSP-1000's) then i cannot help you there, at the time.) If you follow my steps STEP BY STEP, I can promise that your PSP Slim Battery will come out as a Pandora and back! Get ready! Lets hack!

    Things needed for this hack:

    A PSP Slim Battery Pack X1

    A Sharp Exacto Knife, razor blade, or a Sharp Kitchen Knife(You only need one of these items, not all three)

    A Sharp Pencil or Lead pencil will do

    Time XInfininte

    Patience XALOT

    Hacking Skill :Moderate

    Step 1
    Here is your standard PSP Slim battery, both front and Back views. Get used to the look and feel of it, because your going to be using the hell out of it. (Sorry for the Image Quality. Not the best, I know.)
    (This is the front of your Slim PSP Battery Pack)

    (This is the Back of your Slim PSP Battery Pack)

    Now, what you want to do is take your Sharp object and cut around the battery as shown in this picture. Remember, When you do your cutting, Not too cut too deep. And add only enough pressure to break the seal of the top and bottem part of the PSP. (This is why i suggested a very sharp object.)

    Once the PSP battery is open and exposed to the open world, It should look something like this,

    (The green looking flat piece is the controller for the Lithium batteries. All Lithium batteries have a controller attatched to them. It just so happens, that the PSP Slim Battery controller board has a copper wire that when cut, causes the PSP to go into service mode. Also, When you first open you battery, it will have an extra black piece protecting the board from the thick shiny silver covered lithium cells from direct contact. For the sake of saving space on this Tutorial, I've removed this piece already, once removed, your board should look as such.)

    Now that your familiar with the psp battery in the inside, bend back the circut board, no reason for worry, the board will not snap fromt he strain. Just pull it back until it looks as such.

    (Your Battery should look somthing like this once the board is bent backwards away from the lithium cells.)

    Now, these steps are HIGHLY important. I cannot stress how much you should follow these rules and not stray from the path they take. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THEM and you'll come out just fine.

    Step 2

    Once the board is backwards and facing away from the lithium battery, turn the battery so that it the Circut board contacts lay to the left of the battery. The circut board should now be closer to you and should look like the picture shown below. Once finished, read the instructions below that picture for the steps in what to do next.

    Now, the picture above is of horrible quality, and i'm sorry that i cannot make them any clearer,(I will update them with better pictures as soon as i can.)but, i will use my vocabulary to the fullest extent to show you how to do what you need to do in this step.

    If yor veiwing the battery as the picture shown, then i'm sure you've noticed the two chips sitting on the board itself. You need to focus on the chip to the far left sitting closest to the Conducters. (Don't know what the conducters are? They are the black part my fingers are holding the board down with in the above picture. The Chip to the far left has 4 pins above, and 4 pins below. The 4 pins below are what you need to focus on. Nothing else. With these 4 pins, they all have 4 copper wires leading from them. Look to the FAR LEFT i repeat LEFT pin on that chip, See the wire leading away from it? Thats what you need to focus on it now. It should lead to something that looks a little like a capacitor. Between that capcitor and the pin is the wire you NEED TO FOCUS ON. With your knife or razor or sharp object, you need to cut a segment of that piece out. You can cut pretty hard down on the board, but do not cut through the bored. You'll need a surprising amout of pressure to cut through the metal...because it's metal. Make sure you only cut that segment, and nothing else. Once done, you can refold the circut board back to normal, replacing the black piece beofre you close the battery. You can tape the sides need be if you need to. Place the battery into the Slim PSP do what you need to do and hey, what do you know, you have a Pandora battery. Congrats!

    Now, What you don't know, or what most people don't know(because the fact that the PHAT psp battery was irriversable) that the Slim PSP battery can be turned back into a regular PSP battery."Oh dammit, I threw away that little metal piece....What now?" Don't fret, You don't need a metal piece, because you have no saudering to do. Yes, that's right, it can be done without saudering crap. Remember that Pencil i told you, you needed? This is where it plays its part.

    Step 3-Revamping the PSP Slim Battery

    Re-open the PSP battery and Pull back the circut board excatly as before. Now go back to that wire you cut before and fill in the missing space with a lead pencil or regualr sharpened pencil. Erase the marks and do this 3 more or 4 more times to make sure that the battery is restored. Place the battery into the PSP and if the PSP does not boot by it's self, then you've remade the PSP battery back to normal. Congrats! You are now knowledged in the making of a PSP slim Pandora battery and re-vamping it back to normal!

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