I bought the USA version of Soul Calibur Broken Destiny today, and I've been playing around with various methods of hacking all night trying to get it to work.

Right now I DO have it working with saves included. I used a combination of different methods.

PSP 2001 TA-085v2
5.50 GEN B-2

and my 5.00 M33-6 PSP 2001.

You'll need:
5.55-6.00 Games Decrypter v4
and a hex editor.

1) Backup your bought UMD of Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny on your computer.
2) Open it up in UMDGEN.
3) Export the PARAM.SFO in PSP_GAME to a folder on your PC. Extract the EBOOT.BIN inside of the PSP_GAME/SYSDIR to the root of your memory stick ms0:/.
4) In UMDGEN go to File > FileList > Export. Export it as filelist.txt to somewhere on your PC.
5) Copy the GameZDecryptZ folder to your ms0:/PSP/GAME folder.
6) On your PSP run the decrypter from games, using the X option to decrypt the eboot.bin. Let it run and return to your main screen.
7) Reconnect your psp/memory stick to your PC. You'll see a DECRYPTOR folder on your ms0:/. Now open up your hex editor and open the eboot.bin file in the ms0:/DECRYPTOR folder. Make these changes:

from 0x00399AF0 to 0x00399B0B replace MEMSTICK.IND....MSTK_PRO.IND with zeroes.

0x00399B10 to x000399B23 ms0:/%s.ExitCallback replace with zeroes as well.

at 0x0039A1C9 change text SAVEDATA to PAVEDATA
at 0x0039C095 change text SAVEDATA to PAVEDATA
at 0x00399DD1 change text SAVEDATA to PAVEDATA
at 0x0039C04D change text SAVEDATA to PAVEDATA
at 0x003A2871 change text SAVEDATA to PAVEDATA
at 0x003C64D5 change text SAVEDATA to PAVEDATA

Save the new eboot.bin.

Open up PARAM.SFO with the hex editor. Find the VERSION 5.55 portion and change 5.55 to 5.00. Save the new PARAM.SFO

8) Now go back into UMDGEN. Delete the PARAM.SFO inside of PSP_GAME and the EBOOT.BIN inside of PSP_GAME/SYSDIR. You can delete the UPDATE folder as well to save a small amount of space. Right click inside of PSP_GAME and choose to Add an existing file. Add your modified PARAM.SFO. Go into PSP_GAME/SYSDIR and do the same with the modified EBOOT.BIN.

9) Go to File > Filelist > Import and import the filelist.txt you saved at the beginning.

10) Save your iso backup in whatever format you wish.


This works on both my PSP 2001 TA-085v2s, one has 5.50 GEN B-2 the other 5.00 M33-6. I did not have to change any settings in recovery and it is running on NP9660 on both. Saves are working, etc and so forth. So far I have yet to find a function that is not working.

Good luck.