Hello all
Alot of people who have fake ms have troubles making them mms to downgrade/unbrick

Well you have entered the right tutorial

1-Rain's IPL MS tool here
2-A MMS maker + Pandora battery here

the fake ms is the ms with magicgate unsupported or unknow
to know : In your PSP Go to photo - scroll down to memory stick - click triangle - Press X on information

if magicgate is supported , then no need for rain's ipl ms tool , just make the MMS via PSP GRADER 008
if magicgate is unsupported or unknown , then both steps are needed

Note : For making a fake MS a MMS you need windows 2000/XP for MSP format

Follow this picture :

if you don't have windows 2000/XP , then you need to use hellcat's pandora installer
Quote from dc8 guide:

Quote Originally Posted by DemonChild
Download : http://fserv.skill-club.com/get_750_68c0.html

Note: After doing this section, you can also create the DC install from here as well.

1)Extract the Pandora Installer, and move the 'pan3xx' folder to X:/PSP/GAME. Launch it from the XMB.

1)Extract the 1.50 EBOOT to the root of your MS. Rename it to 'UPDATE.PBP'. This is necessary. If you don't do this step, Hellcat's Installer will fail to work for you..

2)When it loads, go down to 'Memstick and MS-IPL options''.

3)Then go to Repartition and format MemStick (DESTRUCTIVE!)

4)Acknowledge the warning if any, and repartition the MS. When done, shutdown and reboot
After repartitioning the MS , You are now ready for step 2 to create a MMS using the tutorial I linked to

Thanks for just reading my mini-tutorial and hope it helps you

Credits go to :

1-RainMotorsports for his Rain's IPL MS tool , PSP Grader
2-The entire PSP community.